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===[COMMITTED]=== Mauryan Docks and Ships

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It's in

Has anyone started on the Mauryan Docks yet? References (from Mauryan Thread): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

thickening up the thing and opening the thingy and stuff, might do away with the flare on the pier columns to save polys

Posted Images

you know about plugins for Sketchup?


that i say. thsat way you can show more realistic Textues and light Effects.

Oh you mean a renderer plugin, yes I know about those. It's just a bother finding a good one. When I need a nicer looking picture It's easier to just take a 0ad screenshot or to do a 3DS Max render.

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I messed around with the dock again while cleaning the model


That's a fine looking boat josh :D

Alright, if everyone agrees this model is complete, could you upload the skp LordGood? I'll see if I can clean it up, texture it and get it in-game.

Also, thanks for your comment on my boat. :)

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Naga Muchalinda - Buddha is said to have spent fifth week after gaining Enlightenment under a goatherd's nygrodha tree and later went to Muchalinda where he was protected in a storm by the naga king Muchalinda. In upper part of panel we see a Bodhi tree topped with an umbrella, surrounded by worshippers. Below it is shown Naga king Muchalinda with his hood and retinue. Below panel shows a royal couple in vyala-shaped prow and fish-tale stern boat. The water is indicated with wavy lines, and lotus flowers and creepers are seen in it.

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The Boats themselves are of exactly the same build as the Boat in the Sfi,nchi Sculptures. The Bharhut examples, however, are about three centuries older ; but as the very same pattern of boat and the same oars are still in use at the present day, this bas- relief only affords us another example of the unchanging habits of the Hindus. Such as their Boat was in the days of Asoka, such it is now. The planks are notched on their edges to prevent their sliding, and they are fastened together by iron clamps. The oars are shaped somewhat like large spoons : each has a long bambu handle, with a flat piece of wood at the end to hold the water.





Small boat with iron clamps.

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