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Make a official discord server please

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Hello @DGMurdockIII,

ICYMI: There is a powerful search engine integrated in this forums software where you can research easily for terms. Using the normal forums design it can be found on the upright. Using this function—and after finding results answering to existing threads—may be healthy to this ecosystem.

My little bit frustrated reaction to your OP:

I filed a search request to the engine for you and after few seconds found several threads (13 pages search results!) concerning the need for officially accepted Discourse servers and explanations. Due to time reasons, I only lead you to two of them:

 Best wishes!


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50 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

I don't think it goes with the FOSS philosophy to make something official with a private company.

Don't get me started about that. I know a lot of people like Discord, but when open source communities use it exclusively, it's ridiculous. I ended up not working on Endless Sky because they only talk there.


I personally prefer the slower form of communication than real-time. It gives people more time to think.

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4 hours ago, DGMurdockIII said:

so people can find play with and also to do more real time development talk with people 

Are you aware that the game lobby server allows real-time chat and active game listings in order to find people to play the game with?

Are you aware that official IRC channels (#0ad and #0ad-dev) are available for real-time text chat with the active staff members and developers of Wildfire Games? They're most commonly used for asking for troubleshooting help and asking how to volunteer to help with 0ad development.

What other problem(s) are you trying to solve by requesting an official Discord server?

Are you aware that adding an official Discord server would create a large responsibility for moderation by an already stretched-thin moderation team?

Are you aware of the serious privacy invasions that Discord has engaged in and the calls to boycott Discord?

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21 hours ago, Stan` said:

Who has the ability to update this linktr.ee list? Can we please clearly mark which of the communication networks are official and which are not official? I'm moderating any communication networks that are considered official.

My understanding is that the official communication networks for WFG are those listed on play0ad.com: QuakeNet IRC, the forum, Trac, Phab, source control systems, and the lobby server .

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As far as I know only I can. I needed a simple way to share links at events in the form of one QRCode for those not willing to waste flyers and who'd rather just use their phones.

The reason I didn't qualify with official and unofficial is that it prevented some people from engaging at all, and in other instances caused me to have to join 15 discords :)

The next person managing this list can feel free do to whatever they want however.

I'd say the international discord link is the second biggest 0 A.D. discord after the hyrule one.

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  • 1 month later...

so, I was looking for 0ad civs and I found this:

Then I found this:

This made me want to help and actually make an account here.

I have very few friends who play this game.
2 of them sent me screenshots and videos.

I can't run the game on my pc.
Not even older version of the game.

But for some reasons I like it.

I liked it so much, that I kept on eye on it for 4 years.

I have a solution for your problem with discord server.

You see, forums > discord, because search engines can't index discord messages.

But people like to play in voice chat with others.


My solution to you is to create a official or unofficial (but supported) discord server.

Create ONLY voice chat channels.
No text. (not even a staff/admin text channel)

This way players can play with others with VC.
But nobody will choose to text there over forum.

This way everyone who wants to post, will come here.

When server gets enough members and gets verified by discord,
it gets featured on discord official guilds.
Means, more exposure for the game.

I was a discord dev and community manager in the past.

Allow me to be part of this


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