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Wildfire Games Application Form


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Application Form

General Questions

Q: What do you look for in a candidate?

A: We're looking for hardworking and motivated individuals with a good temperament, the ability to commit 10+ hours a week to the project, a passion for RTS gaming, and an interest in working on one of the most ambitious free, open-source games to date. You will mostly create your own schedule. Working as a team means that everyone has a say in what goes into the project, and everyone has their piece of the puzzle.

Q : How do I apply?

You can apply by starting a new thread in this forum ("Applications") according to the following instructions. No need to take this the wrong way - we're still a small team of volunteers looking for some more volunteers, and we keep things pretty informal. This application system is just how we keep things organized around here.

Don't worry if you don't have a lot of experience. We value a person's characteristics and social qualities, their ability to learn, and their aptitude for teamwork more than their particular skill sets and experience.

To apply, you will first need to register on the forums if you haven't done so already. Once you have registered, copy, paste and fill out the form below to create a new topic in the Applications Forum where you can receive direct feedback and current staff can direct questions regarding your application.

We ask you follow a simple format for the title of your application to keep things organized:

"[position] application - [name or alias] "

Example: Texture Artist Application - John Doe

You can use your partial name or even a forum alias only if you insist, but we prefer to work in first-name terms at WFG.

Now comes the actual application. Copy the form below and paste it into the the thread body. Simply respond to all the questions and post the thread. Scroll down to view a description of the positions available on the team, what you can expect to do if you had that position, and also what positions we are currently seeking to fill.

Copy, paste and fill out the form below and create a new topic to apply.

After you post up a thread with an application, you'll get contacted and may get interviewed by a Wildfire Games team member.

If your application is accepted, you'll immediately be able to settle into your new team environment and start work as soon as you're ready for it. Each member is given his/her own personal task manager forum, in which they can post whatever he or she likes, such as absences, game ideas, source images, progress reports, or ask for advice from other team members. Until the game is released, there will almost always be something for you to do. These things are extremely flexible and everyone usually gets to work on parts of the game they're most interested and capable of working on.

We look forward to your application and we welcome you to our team!

Application Form

Position: The position or role you are applying for. See the list above for the current available staff roles in Wildfire Games.

Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes/No

Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes/No

Are you sure you are not wanting to work on something programming related? (Then you don't need to send in an application form.) Yes/No

Name: Your full name (A nickname is ok, but we prefer to work on a first-name basis at least).

Email: your email (at) provider (dot) com

Location: e.g.: Stockholm, Sweden/West Cost US/Eastern Europe/Goa, India/etc. (helps us to calculate GMT for real-time meetings, can be as general as you like, though it should be enough to get an idea of what time during the day you are available). Where you currently reside.

Availability: How many hours per week on average do you think you'll have for Wildfire Games? What about 6 months from now?

Age:(Optional) How old are you? Not because it matters, but rather we ask this to anticipate your availability and other factors based on where you are in life.

Occupation: [(Optional) What keeps you busy in your day to day life? Student, work? etc. 

Skills and Experience: What qualifies you for this position? What experience have you had in the past? 

Motivation: Tell us what motivates you to pursue these skills and experiences.

Personality: Creatively describe the way you see yourself in one sentence.

Short Essay: How and when did you find out about Wildfire Games? What motivates you to be a part of the project? What do you seek to gain in being a part of Wildfire Games?

Interests and Hobbies: Tell us briefly about some of the other things you enjoy doing your free time. We ask this to get to know your background a bit better

Staff:(Optional) Do you know, or know of anyone on the team? 

Community:(Optional) What communities, websites, or forums do you frequent that relate to your interests and the gaming world?

Favorite Game: What’s your favorite game currently? What about your overall favorite?

Work Examples: If applicable to the position you're applying to, please include a few examples of your experience.


  • Gameplay, AI, Sound and Graphics Programmers
    • If you dig 0 A.D., and you can write code, just come as you are and start contributing. We don't want to hinder your progress with any application forms. People who make good, substantial contributions over time will be asked to be a part of the official team anyway. (All contributors will get credit for their work, though). Check out our intro in 0 A.D. programming for more info on how to get started, checking out the code from SVN, submitting patches and more.
  • 3D Modelers and Texture artists
    • If you are experienced at 3D modelling, have at least basic texturing skills (know how to use Gimp/Photoshop and have some photo editing experience), know how to UV unwrap something, and have some experience creating low-poly assets - just read through the legal waiver and take a look at the open tasks. If you see anything you're interested in, just post to let others know you are working on it and start working on it. Asking for more references/posting WIPs of your progress is highly encouraged. If what you create is good enough it will be included in the game and if you keep creating good content you will eventually be asked to join the team in a more official capacity.
  • 3D Animators
    • If you know how to animate 3D models, please just read through the legal waiver and take a look at the open tasks. If you see anything you're interested in, just post to let others know you are working on it and start working on it. Asking for more references/posting WIPs (either create a quick Youtube video or GIF file and link to in the task thread) of your progress is highly encouraged. If what you create is good enough it will be included in the game and if you keep creating good content you will eventually be asked to join the team in a more official capacity.
  • Documentation writer
    • With a project this size documentation is a must, if you think you have what it takes, please head over to the wiki and help out. If you feel that you don't know enough about one of the more technical subjects there is always use for user documentation, so as long as you have played the game a couple of times there is something you can help out with. (And you can always use the wiki to document your own learning process on a subject, if it's something you've found useful - chances are someone else will benefit from it as well.)
  • Illustrators/Graphic Designers
    • Draw, paint and design various parts of the game in 2d graphics within 0 A.D.'s established art direction. Please provide a portfolio - even a Photobucket slide show will do. As part of the interview process, you will have to complete a simple test project (most likely a 256x256 unit icon). Some experience with 3D modeling and animating is a plus, but not required.
  • Video editors:
    • Create several promotional, educational and other videos for 0 A.D. These may include an intro scene for 0 A.D., a general promotional trailer about the basic features of the game, an ad targeted to OS developers to join the project, and videos that document the development as new releases come out, perhaps explaining how certain parts of the game mechanics work. Candidates should be able to demonstrate past work in a portfolio. 3d graphics capabilities are a plus, but most videos should be perfectly doable with 2d graphics and in-game recording.
  • Scenario Designers:
    • Create playable scenarios from descriptions within the Design Document using our custom Atlas scenario design tool. Emphasis is on playability and balance. Must be able to match the quality and style of existing custom maps. Good eye candy work is appreciated, but the emphasis is--again--on playability and balance. Willingness to collaborate and take constructive criticism is a must. When applying, please post screenshots of some of your scenario design work from other games, as well as at least 3 screenshots of map work done from within Atlas.
  • Sound Lead
    • You should have
      • A solid understanding of sound creation/editing so you can guide other contributors, and edit sound clips yourself. Preferably documented.
      • Previous game development experience is a huge plus
      • Any teamwork experience, especially in a leading position, is advantageous
    • Other tasks may include
      • Keeping documentation up-to-date
      • Putting the sounds into the game via XML editing
      • Interacting with the programmers to make sure that sound is implemented in a way that makes the most sense.
    • You are most encouraged to make original sound contributions of your own to 0 A.D., and that is, of course, a huge plus.
  • Documentation manager
    • One or two volunteer contributors to oversee maintenance of user & developer documentation on the Trac system.
    • We're looking for someone with:
      • Very good written English skills are needed
      • Very good expression skills are also needed
      • Technical knowledge is a plus
      • Previous experience with documentation of open source or other software is also a big advantage
    • Familiarity with the game is not a big issue and can be learned as you go along, though is of course an advantage if you have it. Please provide expository writing examples.


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The scenario design stuff and campaigns will occur later in our development process, but yes Alex we'll eventually start a little sub-team called the Design group which will be using our tools (both editor and modding tools) and basically working with them in their early states. We'll have people just do fun screenshots for awhile and gauge how they're doing and progress some of them into members of the team, eventually assembling a small group of map designers. This will likely start taking place in mid-late alpha with campaign design starting alongside the beta.

Yeah we definately should update that list above to include the scenario design role - basically you can apply with anything that you think you can bring to WFG or 0AD, the positions listed above are just general suggestions of what roles are among the team, though there are many many more.

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When Atlas is deemed to be at a stable scenario editing stage, we will hand-select scenario designers to join to aid in the creation of the campaign. We won't be choosing that many of you, since most of us on the team already are capable of scenario design.

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This thread is intended to clarify the application process. It is the wrong place for posting an application or asking questions about a position. If you are interested in a position but unsure if you meet the full requirements, you may still post an application here in this forum (but not in this thread). Whether or not you are the right person for the job can be determined there.

Thank you for your interest and welcome to 0AD! :)

To submit an application, post a new topic here in the applications forum using the same format as the example shown in the main post here. (Look at some of the other posted applications there for additional examples.)

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Yes, and yes. Depending on what you mean by scripting we might actually need some help sooner rather than later. It will be quite some time until the editor itself is finished, but someone with good scenario/trigger scripting knowledge and also good planning skills could definitely be useful quite soon to help set up the base system.

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i'm a very experienced web developer,

advance knowedege:

- PHP (i'm work with Kohana Framework)


- javascript (jQuery Expert)


- HTML (obvious...)

im know java2 EE (JSP, Servlets, and so fort).

if you want to keep this project for free, y can work with you for free too, my aport to the FOSS comunity.

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Just recently, early december I believe, I stumbled upon this page while looking for reference on google to model a Hoplite. I must say I am pleased to see such an ambitious Indie Game, kudos for that.

I am really interested in joining the team, I haven't filled an application because of the amount of university work I had over the past month, but after a couple of months it should be easier.

I have one question before officialy filling the app though, I see you mention 3dsmax and Blender listed in the 3D Artist opening, but my current software of choice is Maya, does your exporting scripts support Maya?

Back when I was learning 3D on my own from the web I used 3dsmax, I really enjoyed it and its not until recently that I had decided to give it up because where I study they only teach Maya, and for that reason I have not used 3dsmax in at least 2 years.

I also have Photoshop and video editing/composition knowledge.

Aplying for the Animator position is also a possibility in the future, I have very little first hand experience with animating because most of the models I made were for games that already had their skeleton rigged and ready to be weighted.


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They're not currently supported by the graphics engine. (It should be possible to add them, but the problem is making sure all the art is consistent and good in its use of the available features, and we also want it to be easy for inexperienced modders to make content that fits into the game, so there are fairly high costs to adding new features.)

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