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  1. After the sixty times you said it...
  2. 1) The Forum is inactive because it's a bit early to start Modding. 2) I'd limit it to mebbe 7, in all honesty. 4-5 provides a small scope, and 10-15 is just too many to balance (unless we can have a 15 way battle). 3) That is the plan. No Faction has all of the Classes, I think someone said that Rome had the closest, but the Carthaginians have more with Merc classes included. The troops also get Names (as in, Jonius Blogsimus, Sagitarii (Name, Unit Type))
  3. The cheap way of doing this would be to add it as... I don't know, a different height. Then add bridges as "dynamic" terrain, and hey presto. This would also enable Scalable Walls, and Siege Towers, etc. For Garrison add an 'if" command and have the game check if someone is on-board. This would make Navy intensive games lag much, but meh.
  4. They've always been pretty slow, but yeah I'd say they are just a tad slower than before...
  5. Wrong Timeline. Think more like... Hannibal (not Lector, but hey guess who just came up with a Cheat Hero!).
  6. No attacks. Be quiet, and that goes to the both of you. DoD_<insert name here>, if you want to donate, Donate. Just don't expect preferential treatment. Donating has been discussed here before, and I'm sure if they wanted to buy an engine they would have taken the necessary steps. And not made the whole open source thing a 'selling' point. Belisarivs, graphics may not be everything... but they do make a whole lotta difference. From what we've all seen, there won't be any Aesthetically Dis-agreements. Everything looks shweet. To both of you, talk about StarCraft 2 on a StarCraft 2 Forum. People come here to talk about (and listen to people doing the former) 0AD and the Pyrogenesis Engine (and to a lesser extent TLA). If you want to make a suggestion, make a feasible one... or at least one that multiple people (in differing groups, before the DoD people rebut) have disscussed. That is all.
  7. You would be amazed by the millions of times that question has been asked. No, sorry there is no demo available. As of such, no linkie.
  8. If possible could I have my name changed to Justinian. Typing out Scipii_Alemanus becomes a pain after the 10 billionth time.
  9. I don't know. It's been such a loonngg time man. Eric and Michael are still pluggin' away, Vit (Belisarivs) is still here ("somewhere")... Firepowa comes back now and then. Apart from that I don't know who you know...
  10. I'm more sick of Half-Life 2 mods. I mean seriously, I know it's easy to mod but there is nothing but HL2 mods. There are more HL & HL2 mods then there are mods of every other game aggregate.
  11. They controlled Imperial Rome by the testicles. Considering the Romans had one of the largest empires EVER, that's a pretty gutsy effort.
  12. For what? They were incompetents and some of them where stupid. Praetorian Guard.
  13. Europa Barbarorum is so much more epic! I'm slightly ok with these kind of games. RTW and M2TW are reasonably fun, Knights of Honor is good it's Real time, therein lies it's strength. But for me Empire at War (Star Wars, but still EPIK) kicks gluteals.
  14. It's real crazy down there... I've been near bush fires before, I know just how sheer nasty they are down here. It's probably double bad this time because that regions has been in Drought since like 2000.
  15. Something the Dev team has said repeatedly is that they won't go gold until a year (at least) after the beta.
  16. Sassanids = Parthians (more or less)
  17. Glory of the Roman Empire is a Caesar IV ripoff ripoff... It's really not that great. Caesar 1/2/3 are good because instead of building houses... one by one, you simply make a zone, like in Simcity (not Societies, that thing just plain sucks like a hoover...), and watch them go... man go. That's the main difference between the ripoffs and the Caesar series itself, or it was until Sierra decided to change the Traditional Gameplay mechanics. Even if nothing is in Latin, a month post release there will be a mod doing it. And Timaeus, they'll post a new one when they do it...
  18. I am downloading the Windows 7 Beta as I post!
  19. This is Imperial Age... Russia: "backwards" society, there was no progress after the 1700's and by the late 1800's it was plain to see. If possible you could make it so that they split into either White or Red Army Factions. - Brilliant Cavalry, Cossacks. - Hardier, raised in appalling conditions, stronger foot-soldiers. - Fast navy, though not necessarily better - Unique Building, Palace. Prussia: Unifying Germany, while Modernist would not be as liberal as England and France (Bismarck's dismissal via Wilhelm II), Good weapons and decent training for ground-troopers with good artillery. - Best Artillery, Good all-round Ground Soldiers - Weak at start severe penalties (ie. Less Population), Strong in middle and Good finish. - Strong, Heavy Battleships and Dreadnoughts. Das Kreigsmarine. - Unique Building... TBC France: Cutting Corners is a speciality of France. maybe not in the early 1800's, but by the 1910's their Guns where second rate. Their love of Liberal society keeps them strong. - Soldiers willing to fight and die for the country they love so. Poilu, High attack, High speed, bad range. - French Foreign Legion. Will decimate Infantry, but not invulnerable themselves. - Decent navy. - Unique Building... TBC England: THE POWER of the 1800's = England. The Empire has a good navy straight from the start, and receives Colonial troops in the end (Australian Conscripts, Canadian Conscripts, Indian Conscripts). - Recieves Colonials late on. Some of the best troops, Australians, High Attack, Canadians, High Movement, Indians, Low Cost. - Brilliant Navy. - Average all-round artillery. - Unique Building landing yards? (Where Colonials come to land) More to come later.
  20. It's better known as Scorched Earth and has been used by a plethora of Armies and Nations.
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