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  1. Erik, I wish you the best on your writing and future endeavors. 0 A.D. is turning out beautifully - you have a lot to be proud of. And Mythos, I'm sure you'll rock it and do wonders in your new capacity and give the team the leadership it needs to finish strong. Best wishes from a longtime fan.
  2. That looks awesome - very realistic!
  3. Congrats WFG! It does look very nice.
  4. My brother loved Boulder, so that would be my suggestion. He only stayed for a year because he missed his girlfriend, but he loved the academics and social life. Everyone on the hall left their door open and just walked in eachother's rooms to hang out and everyone went to the football games, and that's not the case with the school he transferred to.
  5. It was nice of to eat like a local and dig into America's healthy delicacies. Hmm, this isn't really the case. Pedestrians do have the right-of-way but it can still be their fault if you hit them. For road workers, you should always slow down for construction zones but they should be far enough away and there should be enough warning cones that you don't have anything to worry about. There was a case not long ago when a football player was driving/speeding drunk and hit, and killed, a person and got off scot-free (except for a short suspension from football) simply because the person was jaywalking.
  6. I remember learning about this. The term soccer came from the English, not the Americans. They set up a national football association, which decided to refer to football as "association football." Somewhere along the line, this got shortened to "assoc" which, was often referred to as "soccer" in slang. So don't blame us for the name. As for football, there is some logic behind it. American and Canadian football is deeply routed in rugby and football and it took its name from its origin. Also, in its earlier rules, American/Canadian football had a much greater emphasis on kicking, which was eventually changed to passing.
  7. Excellent advice! ^ I *believe* there's a larger mall in Canada and a good amount spread throughout Asia. But all the same, it's a lovely mall with an aquarium, theme park, movie theatre, lego center, etc. And if you're driving through the DC area, always keep some change on you. There's a lot of toll booths around here.
  8. Sleeping in your car... in most places, it shouldn't be dangerous but that all depends on where you stay. And you should check local laws first, in many states, it is illegal to sleep in your car outside of designated rest stops. You can get pretty cheap hotels outside of the really popular areas during peak season. Or there's always hostels. And like Mythos says, it's a pretty darn big place. I personally think the northeast (Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont) and the northwest (Oregon, Washington) are beautiful - especially in the Fall. Some popular locations... Washington D.C., Times Square in New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans (or what's left of it?), Florida Keys, the Alamo, San Francisco/California, Mount Rushmore. Obviously you can't expect to see a whole lot of the country in two weeks.
  9. Nice work! The water video is a treat as well.
  10. The ramming and everything sounds great. Nice to hear it will be more realistic than most games. I do want to see more screenies of 0 AD ships though.
  11. Definitely the Celts for me. They look like the most innovative faction.
  12. Voted again. Congrats on getting this far.
  13. Except don't make it like the published AoM, make it like the earlier drafts with dynamic lighting and real heroes who can cast their own powers. Speaking of that, does 0 AD have dynamic lighting, by any chance?
  14. My, my, quite a birthday present there. Happy Birthday, Mythos!
  15. I hope so, but my gut tells me other wise. Hopefully they'll approach the alpha stage or be at the point they can hire scenario designers.
  16. I certainly wouldn't object to you just releasing the game.
  17. Ah, sounds great. Hoping things will stay that way. Thanks for showing the Maccies some love.
  18. In your FAQs, you guys said you wouldn't consider making a Mac version of 0 AD until well after release. But on moddb, Mac is one of the platforms listed. Does this mean a mac version will come out at the same time as the pc version? PPE must've gotten to you guys...
  19. Google never ceases to amaze me. Nice find.
  20. You keep making the wait harder, Mythos!
  21. Happy New Years. Here's to a bright '09 for 0 AD.
  22. I was waiting for when the main site would get updates. Nice to see they're around though. Fantastic work!
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