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  1. Well, I'm Trevor. There are multiple Aliases that I call mine, my current being Politus Aquila in most places. I enjoy... hmm... I'd say what I enjoy, but I'm afraid that the servers that hold up this forum may not have the capacity to keep up so much info. To sum it up, though: History Writing 3D Graphics Creation Strategy Games (Turn based and Real Time) Role playing Pardus (Screen name on the Artemis server: Camun Haja) XBox and its accoutrement. Target practice with my BB Gun. Lotsa other stuff. I come from the mysterious GMT -5 Time zone! OOOOOOH! And, finally, from what I've seen of 0AD... if it were a human being, I'd kiss it. XD
  2. From what I know, Nessalk, they're starting it from scratch, like their engine and coding. No copy cat for the 0AD team!
  3. Note: I've been observing and learning about this game for darn near to 2 years now. Only recently have I decided to USE my forum account. I'd LOVE to help. I can write really well, and am good at finding out historical facts. Heck, I consider myself a treasure trove of knowledge about the various Mediterranean states, and everything I forgot, I have the material around to find again. I'm pretty good with Photoshop, and even know some cool tricks, such as imprinting a set section of a picture into another shape, e.g. a side of a bus, and stuff like that. I can pick up on computer languages easily and know SOME J#. So, to organize my functions: Writing: I am quite able, have the highest marks in my class, and have a thing for writing long, informative essays. History & Facts: Me+My Dad=Able to fit your needs. I, personally, have studied a lot of history from around that era, as I really like the Greco-Roman time period and its contents. I have also studied a little bit of Egyptian history, and very much Indian history, culture, and social social structure, both from the Indus Valley civ., the Hindu time period, and the Muslim time period, in case you have need for information on those cultures. Programming and AI: If given, say, a week to experiment and learn on my own, I can pick up on the methods you use to program certain functions and AI. While not my strongest point, I wouldn't call it my weakest either. Plain old number crunching and Math: To say the least, I simply rock here. I play games where number crunching, and the ability to do complicated math, are REQUIREMENTS for efficient use of the action points available. Graphics, Imagery, and the like: I have extensive experience in DoGA L3 (A 3D graphics program), Photoshop, Paint (woohoo!) and though I wouldn't call myself an Artist, if you give me some pictures I'll be able to make pretty banners and stuff Music: I <3 Garageband. Give me some clips to use, and you can bet your rear I'll have a beautiful track in no time. I have made multiple songs using Garageband, all from the preloaded tunes, that my friends have said I should try and get onto iTunes. Overall awesomeness and stuff: I'm learning Latin, have awesome dance moves, and can sing. Why wouldn't you want a strapping young lad like me? I'd say that my only problem, really, is lack of resources. That meaning: Computer programs, and computer hardware. No Mac, unless you can magically tell me that Garageband can be for windows, means my music capability is effectively crippled unless I use the school Macs in study hall, which is where I make all my other tracks. Contact me @ Elciddecompeador@yahoo.com Thanks for reading! Politus Aquila Primus P.S., Long and winding,right?
  4. I can not believe no one added this: "LEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!" "You fail. With a PH." "Ugh, what was that stuff I just stepped in? Oh, my, it seemed to be your entire economic infrastructure... sorry!"
  5. I <3 the Dacians... a shame those Romans had to erase any trace of them, as much as they could. The Dacians also sat on a rather LARGE gold mine... literally! Also, maybe toss in the Goths, or some Norse faction. That would rock, hard.
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