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    I'm ascended, so... everywhere and nowhere.
  1. Well, I'm Trevor. There are multiple Aliases that I call mine, my current being Politus Aquila in most places. I enjoy... hmm... I'd say what I enjoy, but I'm afraid that the servers that hold up this forum may not have the capacity to keep up so much info. To sum it up, though: History Writing 3D Graphics Creation Strategy Games (Turn based and Real Time) Role playing Pardus (Screen name on the Artemis server: Camun Haja) XBox and its accoutrement. Target practice with my BB Gun. Lotsa other stuff. I come from the mysterious GMT -5 Time zone! OOOOOOH! And, finally, from what I've seen of 0A
  2. From what I know, Nessalk, they're starting it from scratch, like their engine and coding. No copy cat for the 0AD team!
  3. Note: I've been observing and learning about this game for darn near to 2 years now. Only recently have I decided to USE my forum account. I'd LOVE to help. I can write really well, and am good at finding out historical facts. Heck, I consider myself a treasure trove of knowledge about the various Mediterranean states, and everything I forgot, I have the material around to find again. I'm pretty good with Photoshop, and even know some cool tricks, such as imprinting a set section of a picture into another shape, e.g. a side of a bus, and stuff like that. I can pick up on computer languages
  4. I can not believe no one added this: "LEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!" "You fail. With a PH." "Ugh, what was that stuff I just stepped in? Oh, my, it seemed to be your entire economic infrastructure... sorry!"
  5. I <3 the Dacians... a shame those Romans had to erase any trace of them, as much as they could. The Dacians also sat on a rather LARGE gold mine... literally! Also, maybe toss in the Goths, or some Norse faction. That would rock, hard.
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