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  1. Yes, I have contacted your buddy and shared my msn with him.
  2. I believe a short trailer, 1 minute and a half to mention most features like the amount of civilizations, quality of visuals and effects, seige engines, hero system, whatever the game highlights are and finally a few lines of text with a link to let people know that you need more hands. I work with video edition and post production, if you figure its a good idea I will give a hand. There is simply not enough advertising, the way I found this site was while a I googling for hoplite images/concept art as reference to model it.
  3. If you spread the word about this on going project maybe you can get someone with the right knowledge to give a hand.
  4. It seems so, there is a .DAE extension and the next dialog includes some COLLADA options.
  5. Greetings, Just recently, early december I believe, I stumbled upon this page while looking for reference on google to model a Hoplite. I must say I am pleased to see such an ambitious Indie Game, kudos for that. I am really interested in joining the team, I haven't filled an application because of the amount of university work I had over the past month, but after a couple of months it should be easier. I have one question before officialy filling the app though, I see you mention 3dsmax and Blender listed in the 3D Artist opening, but my current software of choice is Maya, does your exporting
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