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You mean like clicking on a building and being able to click the individual units on the building? No, that probably won't happen.

Filage: We can't say yet however for a few things we use our own original formats, and some of our scripts are converted to binary so that the engine can load/use them faster.

Any tools you need to decode files will be distributed with the game.

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@Curu: Oh you mean to attatch them as a prop for a building? Nah you can have as many prop points as you want. But the more you have the bigger the load will be in CPU and Ram.

You can make 1 box, and then just make 3 prop points and attatch that box there and save yourself from having ot make 3 different boxes :)

We re-use ALOT of material in the game through prop points, it's really great. Another cool thing is that all the art we use to decorate buildings (which are added on through props) will also be placable individually in the editor.

I think for textures that the best would be to use the same texture for several buildings ... like roofs

Would it surprise you to know that all the building art for a civilization is contained in 1 to 2 512x512 textures? Prop textures are included in 1-2 256x256 textures, that's where we have things like door and window textures, which are added on through props. Like I said, we re-use alot of material and are very efficient with the resources we have.

@Argalius: Maximum texture size: It's so big that we don't know what the maximum size is yet. Most of are textures are between 32x32 and 512x512, it would be rare to see a 1024x1024 texture, though you can definatley have one. The biggest textures we've used were 2048x2048 to test some skyboxes, we've had no trouble with that.

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The maximum texture size should be limited only by your graphics card -- my GF4 can apparently go up to 4096x4096 (see e.g. glview, Extensions...Capabilities...Various limitations...Max. texture size). I can't see any obvious limits in the game engine lower than 2 billion x 2 billion, and I wouldn't want to download a mod with textures approaching that size :)

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In the picture, it says: "to switch to biomes press "ctrl+alt+tab" By default, biomes will be only used in RMS. However, a user can choose to place terrains through biomes to increase performance." Does this mean that RMS can be done through the editor? BTW, that editor looks great!!!

Petsuchos Ra

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As of now, no. Theoretically maybe. We're working on it and seeing how possible it'll be :) Its definately an interesting and promosing idea allowing improvement for both RMS (hard scripted things that would be very hard to do manually) and Scenarios (Randomized things that would be very hard to do manually).

Whether it will work or not or if we'll have time to do it all, we don't know. For now I can't say that the editor will work like that.

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Welcome to the forums :)

As it stands now, yes unfortunately you will have to have a copy of 3ds Max R6 to use the plugins. We would like to expand model format to other software packages, but we currently don't have any staff that is capable of doing that.

However, if you have a buddy that owns a copy, you can use gmax to make content and after jumping through a few hoops, you can get it to 3ds Max. From there, they could export the files for you.

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