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  1. buggy123, I think by sickle axes you mean Kama(s).
  2. Been a while since I checked back up on this. I never crossed that street again. If ever, it was a small street or a street with a light. Never Shermer/Beckwith Again. All I remember from that incident was that I blacked out for a couple seconds, and remember touching my head and seeing a little blood on my hands. I was delirious all day. I blame it on the neck brace. Shermer is just a bloody busy street. And there's no darn lights because there ain't any stores nearby, so the gov. department won't waist money there. There is a light about Southward that street, but it's a tricky cross and I don't go there so often. @Emjar. I bike daily like a "Sunday Drive". I do it for kicks. Not going anywhere, not for exercise. Plus it gets me of the computer so much. Edit: There are two crosses for the trains. Both have had people killed on both foot and car. The most recent being about a teen(?) who had an MP3 Player or an iPod, couldn't hear the train coming, and early pancakes for the crows. (Too soon?).
  3. I was biking my usual route, but it was rush hour, and I was rushing a little, too. On my second busy intersection, Beckwith and Shermer, I hit a car. I hit it, on the side. It was going somewhere around 35 mph (Or at-least that's what he said), and when I got to the other side, I laid my bike down, span around for about 2-5 sec, and then regained consciousness. Two people pulled over, and asked if I was fine. I didn't really feel anything, and I was eager to keep biking. They kept me busy while the police came and took me to the hospital. I wasn't wearing a helmet. The good thing is that there was no serious injury, and it wasn't the first time I hit a car on my bike, and that if I didn't go into the hospital, I would've kept riding, and maybe hit the train that I always pass on my route. Lesson learned? Don't bike during rush hour.
  4. Mac OS x @ MrChocolatebear Probably because you can change your OS.
  5. Funny. I think I remember something like that on uncyclopedia or encyclopedia dramatica. Ah, that would be it. And to add to that, you have no idea how hard it was to get a clean version of a fake map of the world.
  6. Your like the name changing magician. "Can I have my name changed to bla bla blah ?" <poof!>"Done"
  7. You may be able. For example, in AoM, there are flying creatures, but ones that can be used in this game, take the birds that were used for embellishment.
  8. Currently Windows XP, but I'm going to high school soon and gonna learn 3-D art there, so maybe a Mac in about 3 Months.
  9. What I do remember from WoW... Don't trust people with your Money Or in WoW Dont trust noobs with ur G darn I wish I could use that spot for an ACTUAL language, like Old English. Above has been Edited so it would look less like crap.
  10. Define Overlapping: Being able to build two buildings in a place adjacent to each other so that they would act as one building, but still have separate hit points?
  11. Wow, now that I looked it over, yea. But that begs the question: Why the Hell is the Economy for World of Warcraft still good when the economy in real life took a dive?!? EDIT: Shouldn't people have learned by playing with an economy, or are there really only 7 year-olds doing the unthinkable in their head and in game.
  12. Which makes me realize, don't make this game TOO good.
  13. You know what? For the first time in Two Years, I started a little game of Wall-Ball (a little game we play down in suburban Chicago), and, well, I started crying. It brought back memories, that I haven't had when I was playing WoW. I just realized how much time it has taken away from my life. I haven't played European Football, Basketball, Baseball (much), Kickball (much), Dodge ball, American Football, Swimming (Much), Table Tennis (Much), Board Games with family (Much) when I was playing WoW. It was just great having those feelings come back to me. It reminded me of the Song "Cry like a Baby" by The Box Tops's first lyrics. "When I think about the good times I used to have, I cry like a Baby." I had no Idea how much Time I had lost forever...
  14. By making several different skins. Did you notice how most of the units where in the same position?
  15. I love the 3rd dimension. I which my brother could say the same. He's level 80 (I wasn't even level 71 when I quit) and is playing almost every day. What the problem is about WoW: The "Guilds" require applications, which is like a job, but only you can have one at a time. You need to learn a totally new language of slang, not the Facebook/Myspace kinda thing, like Org (Orgrimar, a big city) or TB (Thunder Bluff, another big city) There are porno dancers almost everywhere that there is a mailbox (I'm very religious). There are ingame racists. No, really. I played as a Hunter for about a year or 2, and just recently, people have been calling me "Huntards" for no reason what so ever. Yes, you can choose your own race & class, but you can't change it. There are people younger than me talking about Hannah Montana, spamming the trade channel. In one place in certain, if you say "Chuck Norris", you are bound to get a reply. A random Reply. Most people spend their money on Mounts (like cars), which have no combat use what so ever, cannot be bought by players so it screws the economy. People also complain when their gear doesn't look fashionable. Really, just the other day, my bro was in a group when this one battle mage (I think Battle is a spec, I forgot, i never played Mage) said that this tier 8 Gear (I'm guessing that's really good, since I never got tier 1) wasn't a robe, but a tunic. So People buy gear that matches for roleplaying (even in non roleplaying realms), which also screws the economy. Well, I guess they both even themselves out... There are 3rd party ads where ever I go, even on non WoW websites. What was a lot before the ex pack (which was 100) is now Avg (A lot is now 1000). There are mostly Male players in game. I've seen Male players playing Female characters. Even the ugly ones. If you've seen one music video about WoW on youtube, you've seen them all. People break the Seven deadly Sins of Video Games on a daily basis (As I said, I'm very religious). And more...
  16. After months and months of less and less playing, I think that I've finally decided to quit playing World of Warcraft. I closed my subscription and I think I am going to have too much time on my hands.
  17. @#$% uncensored but "darn" censored?
  18. Back in Poland, people would spray paint LKS (Łódzki Klub Sportowy) on every building. No, I'm serious. Every building at least twice. When I go back to America, people don't even know about soccer in Europe.
  19. We could make super units that are unique to one's civilization, with one being cavalry type, the next being heavy infantry type, the next light infantry, to keep tactical strategies in the game. Like: Hellenic: Robot Phalanx (Heavy Heavy Infantry) Persians: Tank Chariots (Countered by Robot Phalanx) Romans: USMC (Super Archer) Or something along those lines.
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