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Where is the "back to work" button gone?


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In previous versions of 0AD there was a button (with an engine icon if I recall correctly) that would send units back to work. It was super useful. I cannot find it now.

I am also wondering whether the "delete button" is useful to have it there at all. After all, a delete operation is so intuitive that even my grandpa could figure out that the "delete" key is the shortcut for this.

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I seem to remember this issue arising a few other times, mainly the one about it not being present when you expect it to be there. I think the usual problem is that if you happen to make a stray click or give an additional order to some units, the "back to work" button disappears. The button only appears when you go directly from resource-gathering to fighting without giving them additional orders after the fight. Once you've given additional orders after the fight, you no longer get the "back to work" button.

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@thephilosopher I went directly from resource gathering to fighting, I'm sure I didn't give additional orders - and still the back to work button didn't appear when the trespasser was dead.

Edit: Maybe my "mistake" was that I didn't de- and re-select those soldiers; I did that with those horsies above.

Edit2: Nah, tried that too; guess it doesn't feel like showing up this game...

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18 minutes ago, gui456wSERTDYF said:

In my case I have never seen it since the latest version of 0AD.

I think that "three swords" button was added then.

For all I care it could disappear again. I never use it, and especially for ships I don't think it makes any sense.

I have never seen a discussion about, but maybe if more people stated that they would prefer other buttons....

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