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  1. A26 has come with many new interesting features. My problem is that many of them I cannot find how to use. The one I am more interested in is to bring things to the front of the production line, how is this done? Another one: Now armies move in batalions, which is nice but if I want to select only few units to do something else, how can this be done?
  2. Yeah, I can. It will take some time though. Do you have suggested bibliography? I will start in Wikipedia. Another issue I experience quite frequently which is probably related is that I host a game, people can connect without issues (up to 8 players) and it works absolutely fine for about 30-60 minutes. Then, suddenly, one by one players loose connection and cannot come back. This process takes between 5 and 15 minutes per player, and does not affect all players but some. BTW, yesterday I knew about other player that was experiencing the port connection issues with all games except mine, don't ask me why. Of course he did not come to the forum to report this.
  3. Why can this problem be random? I.e. some days it works, others not, even with the same host. I am not aware of changing anything in my side, nor in the host side.
  4. Hi, I am gui456wSERTDYF and my nickname represents this:
  5. I am an example of such people. I don't know anything at all about those network details. I am getting to know at this very moment that "stun" (whatever that is) is the quick'n dirty solution, if I am getting the point properly. Does this forwarding port thing affect all online games/apps? If so, how do other games avoid this to be an issue? I don't play others so honestly I don't know, but all other apps that use internet connection work fine...
  6. I am still facing this problem and it is frustrating. It seems to be completely random, some days I can play (join or host) any game I want, several games per day. Other days I cannot join any game at all and people cannot join my games, but they can play among themselves (not always anyway). Other days some games I can join, some others I can't. Today I played a game some hours ago, no problems; now I wanted to play again and just keep getting this. So I didn't play. What can I try to debug this problem? Things already done (because sometimes they work): Restart 0AD. Restart computer. Connect via a VPN. I don't have a router. I always connect via the hotspot of my phone with 4G.
  7. I would suggest as a top priority to fix the issues when joining a multiplayer game in the lobby, see attached. I have no idea what is the reason for this, but I know a lot of people experience this, even though very few of us post about it in the forum (1 2 3). This is probably a barrier for newcomers (1 2 3, these links are just the tip of the iceberg, most people never come to the forum) when they get this error a few times they just abandon 0AD. I have been dealing with this since I started playing 0AD back in 2018-2019 (different 0AD versions, different computers, different countries and continents, different internet connections). A solution for this is needed, either automatic (i.e. this does not happen anymore) or non automatic (like Android when it requests permissions for apps, or a link to an easy, complete and up to date troubleshooting guide). I know this is not a cool game play idea, but I would give this top priority.
  8. You cannot just demolish your buildings by pressing "delete" for free, to demolish a building should be some time/resource consuming process. It is hateful when you are stealing your enemy's city or CC and he just destroys it in your face. It also does not make sense. A nice implementation would be that when you demolish a building, something similar to what happens when you upgrade a wood tower to a stone tower happens, but instead the health of the building gradually decreases. You may also need to pay some resources, or even garrison some workers. The cost and time would be a function of the building. Even more, the more resources you pay the faster the building is demolished, so you can decide this depending on if you are in times of war and in need of speed or in times of peace and you don't care to spend some time and save resources. Some unit/technology that can be garrisoned into stone walls to burn rams (like throwing fire down the wall). This would make stone walls much more attractive (or at least attractive). New building complementary to walls: "trenches with water and crocodiles" that block the passage of siege and make the movement of soldiers slower (well, the water and crocodiles are not necessary haha). This would be nice because you can place them in front of the wall to avoid rams destroying it (like it was done in real life). Soldiers cannot attack buildings, except some "arrow with fire" or so. It just makes no sense that a bunch of soldiers with arrows and swords can destroy a building, and it is annoying when your enemy does this... Elephants cannot attack buildings, instead they are very strong against soldiers. It just does not make much sense that a bunch of elephants destroys a fortress... Rams that cannot move unless you garrison soldiers, and increase movement speed/power as soldiers are garrisoned. Make rams very cheap to build, but add this feature to use. Also, rams belong to gaia when no soldier is garrisoned (of course they cannot move or attack in this case), so then if I bring my rams to your city and left them unattended, you can just garrison your soldiers into them and they are yours. Randomize the attack of units. In this way it is not obvious that 100 soldiers will defeat 99. The distribution gives more freedom to tune units, consider for example the attached `damage_distribution.png` for some unit before and after it is trained (increased rank or whatever). Ranged units that switch to sword when very close to enemy (at least optional this). In the movies this is always the case. They are weaker than sword soldiers but anyway.
  9. How do I know the dates of my matches?
  10. I also have very often problems to connect to games. In my case, however, it has a random nature, about 70 % of the games work fine and 30 % have problems. It also happens that I join a game without any problem and just in the second the host clicks "start game" I am disconnected and then I cannot join again. As I said, with about 70 % of the games it works fine, but there is roughly a 30 % of the games which I cannot join, even if the host is the same person always with the same computer and configuration. These are the 3 errors I usually receive: When I get the next one, it just stays there forever and I have to close the game:
  11. My 0AD user is "pelotudo" and my Changelog user is "imbecil".
  12. I am trying to annotate for the tournament. I created an account in Challonge but they never send me the "account verification email"... I have already tried "resend email" like 4 times.
  13. I am trying to install 0AD 24 in Ubuntu 20.04. When I run `sudo apt install 0ad` I get version 23 however. How can I install 24?
  14. Just want to let the world know that this is not working anymore since 0AD 24. I don't know if something changed or is it just random.
  15. Today I was playing a match and at some point I was disconnected, and never able to connect back. The problem was:
  16. Today I played a match without any problem (in fact I won). After this I joined a new one and just when it was about to start (seconds before the host hit "start") I was disconnected and could not join again, nor any other game. Now I keep receiving this message: It is not the first time this happens to me. Now I know will have to wait for some days until I can play again, which is really bad. In the past some times this was solved by resetting the internet connection/computer, but today (and some other days) none of these things worked. How can I avoid this problem? My setup: 0AD A24 build Mar 17, 2021 (24937-release) on Ubuntu 20.04.
  17. I have just played a match in A24 and destroyed many towers using mobile towers. Aren't arrows way too strong in this game?
  18. Good one. If this is a feature that you can choose to activate/deactivate instead of a technology, what you say is something like an "auto activate if resources exceed X". Then you can set everything to 99999999 so the feature is practically deactivated, you can set to 0 if you want to activate it at all times or you can set any intermediate value. However, once you started sharing your resources it becomes diffuse to decide which ones are yours and which ones are not yours. But there may be a clever way to implement this.
  19. The other day I was thinking in a hypothetical technology (or feature) to develop (or activate) in the market that makes each member in a team to automatically share his resources with the other members that have developed (activated) this technology (feature) too. So for example consider a team of 3 players with the following resources: Player 1: Wood = 1000 Food = 0 Player 2: Wood = 0 Food = 1000 Player 3: Wood = 1000 Food = 1000 When players 1 and 2 develop this technology (or activate this feature) they start sharing their resources so they will both have wood = 1000 and food = 1000, and now they collect and consume from the same stock of resources. If player 3 does not develop this technology then he keeps playing normally. Otherwise the whole team will have access to wood = 2000 and food = 2000. It is in some sense similar to the "Carthograpy" (the pidgeon that makes you see what your allies see) technology but with resources. I think this would be interesting in team games, so you don't need to "pause" your playing and send your resources to your partner when they are needed. And if this is kinda feature that you can activate/deactivate (maybe after developing some technology) you can turn it off in case your ally is wasting resources. What do you think?
  20. I usually connect through my phone using the hotspot Wi-Fi. I discovered that if this problem happens, restarting the phone is a solution. Restarting the computer does not solve the problem for me. I guess that, in analogy with my solution, restarting your modem or whatever device you use to connect can provide a solution.
  21. I am not a developer, I am a user, so sorry if this does not go here. I really enjoy the game and usually I experience no problems. However, sometimes I cannot connect to multiplayer games and I keep receiving the message that is shown in this screenshot: This happens completely randomly (to me), and it lasts during a whole day usually. When it happens I cannot also host a game, the other players receive this message. But they can connect to other games or host their own games. If this happens on one day, the next day usually there is no problem at all, I can connect to any game and can host games with no problem. I have googled this problem with not much success. I have tried all the possible combinations with a friend: Me hosting with "Use STUN...". Me hosting without "Use STUN...". My friend hosting with "Use STUN...". My friend hosting without "Use STUN...". and none of them worked. I am using this version of 0AD: in Ubuntu 20.04. EDIT: My solution (NOT WORKING ANYMORE) I have found that if I restart my phone then this problem is solved. I usually connect using my mobile hotspot.
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