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  1. That's what I heard, too. Even the Roman fortresses on the Limes frontier had this kind of white stucco (the ones made of stone, of course), to make them look more impressive. I also remember that the insulae in the poor areas of the cities had this stucco, but it was often of poor quality and crumbled from the walls soon.
  2. Hehe, well, it isn't grammatically wrong - the problem is that "also" can mean a lot of things in German. In this case, you wanted to express a consequence of something, and in that case, you do not seperate the "also" and the rest of the sentence with a comma. You can do that if you want to say something to the direction of "Well, it happened ten years ago..." and you start to tell a story. It's a "starting word" for a longer explanation like "well" in that particular case. Oh, and another little mistake in your last post (the whole first sentence is correct): "Als" is a word of comparison here ("than"), so you either need "mehr" ("more") or you need to say "Wie ein Affe." ("Like a monkey").
  3. Haha, that's funny. I think, though, that the technical reasons for this behaviour might be the fact that Googlebot is a spider which follows any link on a webpage, and therefore also the "posting" link - but since it can't perform POST-requests (sending the Post-FORM), it won't complete the posting action. The user system recognizes that it followed the post-link, though and therefore shows it on the active users page
  4. I see. Well, tests aren't an uncommon pratice at school, but it sounds like that one is a centralized check of your achievements? It's quite good considering you're not a native speaker. Still, as you wish, I'm correcting your mistakes: Only a spelling thing - it's "An meiner Schule" ("at my school", indicating the location here), not "Um". Sorry, I had to laugh on that one. Don't make it that difficult - it's much easier to say "Ich dachte mir, dass Französisch blöd ist." (simple "Imperfekt" tense, also note the pronoun "mir", which indicates who thought it). Bravo, correct! Word order - this sentence isn't wrong in a sense of language, but nobody would say it like that. Rather, we'd say "Also habe ich Deutsch genommen.". @Argalius: Well, at least something
  5. What do you mean by "regents" ("Regenten" means rulers like kings or dukes in German, but I believe that's hardly what you want to say )? "Practice" is "Übung" in German. Hehe, nice to hear that. When I went to France during the last autumn vacation, I met some people who spoke some German. Some of them were older people, some were younger students; but the majority did only speak English and Italic or Spanish. Besides, I guess your German is probably better than my French
  6. Hui, ich glaube, dies ist das erste Mal, dass ich im WFG-Forum etwas in Deutsch schreibe Da ich in Deutschland lebe und aufgewachsen bin, spreche ich Deutsch, seit ich überhaupt sprechen kann. Ich finde es sehr interessant, dass anscheinend eine ganze Menge Personen hier im Forum sich mit Deutsch als Fremdsprache beschäftigen (oder beschäftigt haben) - uns wird hier immer erzählt, dass kein Mensch Deutsch lernen will, weil die Sprache so schwer sei... aber anscheinend ist die Annahme falsch Falls irgendjemand Hilfe mit Hausaufgaben oder so in Deutsch brauchen kann, bin ich gerne bereit, zu helfen... natürlich auch, falls jemand nur einmal ein bisschen "sprechen" will. Ah, und falls ich Fehler korrigieren soll, sagt es... Und, @Adam: Du sprichst nicht nur ein "bisschen" Deutsch, sondern ziemlich gut für einen nicht-Muttersprachler ! --- Translation: Wow, I think this is the first time I'm writing something in German into the WFG forums Since I'm living in Germany and have been born there as well, I'm speaking German ever since I'm able to speak. I think it's very interesting that obviously quite some people in here are studying (or have been studying) German - we are often told over here that nobody wants to learn German because the language is quite hard to learn.... but it seems like that assumption is wrong. In case anyone could use assistance with German homework, coursework or something like that, I'll gladly offer to assist him/her... of course, also if someone only wants to "speak" a little German for fun. Ah, and if you want me to correct your mistakes, tell me... And, @Adam: You're not only speaking "a little bit" of German, but rather good for a non-native speaker !
  7. Pounds are worth much more than dollars, I think... a pound is like 1.5 €, which is like 2$... so he's getting 7$ or something around that, which is pretty good for the first wage with being 14 years old - I remember to have worked for 5€ per hour back then (which is roughly the same, but the job was computer support, which is usually quite high-paid here in Germany).
  8. I vote for the opposite . It has been much easier for me to learn English than it is to learn French (still, I need to keep in mind that I've been doing English for six years now, while I've only completed one and a half year of French ).
  9. For now, we've set things up like the first solution - but that's not a final decision of course. Still, there will a free camera rotation in 0 A.D., but once you release a key, it will snap back into default view (at least that's how it was planned last time I checked ), so there's no real need for fancy things like rotating or three-dimensional minimaps.
  10. Right, but not for such a long time - see, the "sea" there will be like -180°C cold, and I guess the probe won't have survived long in fluid, -180°C, methan
  11. Hmm, I guess that one derives from an accomplishment line I wrote in the internal month summary. I didn't write the hard part of it - i.e. the actual network code -, though, I only provided a graphical interface to Simon's networking system
  12. Yepp, Schröder was there, too. I saw the ceremony on TV, and as being an Airbus fan (see below), I was very glad to see the baby is finally constructed Right, the cabin installations and inner parts of the plane are being made in Hamburg, about 20 km from my home, on a large Airbus area in the low-land around the Elbe river. There were some quarrels about the planned extension of the runway, and some farmers living near to the Airbus site refused to give away their land for the runway extension, but in the end, the government managed to "convince" them to sell it (well, I guess they simply couldn't resist the enormous amounts of money any more ). So everything's great now, and A380 will come to Hamburg in 2006. Most people here in Hamburg are really proud of Airbus, and I have to admit that I am, too. I haven't been to the Airbus factory site in down there in Hamburg-Finkenwerder in person so far, but I guess I'll be there watching when the first A380 arrives
  13. Let's say: They do not move around any more Remember the old build in summer where you could send houses to walk (or probably better: "hover") around the map?
  14. Well, at least we won't see anything being "digged up" by Huygens any more - due to the extreme temperatures on Titan, the batteries of the probe collapsed after some hours (but that was still much later than everyone expected). What I think is really funny is the fact that the ESA put a CD with "human" music from earth into the probe, just in case some kind of aliens comes around and finds the probe on Titan (well, the aliens would use the same CD standard as we do, of course, and understand our language as well ).
  15. *gives all the ones who had days off a envious look* We haven't had off school ever since I'm going to school - and that's quite some time already. In fact, living in a mild-climated coastal area of Europe doesn't only have its benefits I've been having the probably most stressful weekend of the last two months, but now, it looks like the worst is over - though there are still four homework assignment reminders pinned to the board above my desk... *returns to work*
  16. Uhh, I smell an opportunity to ask someone for help with my french homework No, seriously, that post wasn't easy to understand - I got it wrong first, too.
  17. Exactly, and I think this is the first evidence of large amounts of water (though in frozen form) on another planet/moon in the solar system (on Mars, there is only evidence of water existing a long time ago). I have to second Curu's post regarding this mission - it was a great success for the ESA and for European Space travel (which had suffered some downs like "Beagle II" in recent times) in general. We can be proud of this.
  18. Yepp, I meant that - the fact that English is not my native language and that I literally translated from German has taken its tribute here again
  19. Well, if you consider the time that all people here at WFG have spent to make the game what it is right now, and you then calculated a normal hourly wage for that, I guess they'd be VERY VERY expensive
  20. I think we do not really have an answer for this right now, because we don't know it ourselves. You will of course be able to rotate buildings before (and even after) placing them in the Map Editor, but I think we will try to implement it into the actual game session as well - but if it shows up as annoying and unwanted during testing, we might as well take it back out
  21. Hmm, I saw one just three days ago The thing is, that many recent boot-CDs use ramdrives, which they (for - to me - unknown reasons) mostly put on A:, and if you want to access the floppy drive during using such a CD, you have to use B: (since DOS can use both A: and B: for accessing the floppy drive if you have only one FDD)
  22. I'm pretty sure that's planned to be in the game - at least I think I saw it in the latest version I played already (though implemented in a yet simple way)
  23. Well, how did I get here? That's been quite a long time ago and WFG has already become a part of my life, so I have to make myself remember those days in Winter 2002 and the first months of 2003... I think I found the RaW mod in the AoKH Blacksmith, then ended up on the old WFG website, found that they were doing another antiquity-related project (still a modpack back then) and got interested. Some time in late 2002, I started to post on the old forums (no, not these, and not the ones that were there before, and not the ones we have before that, but the old HG ones). Some weeks or months later, I applied for a small position on the team and then somehow got into the whole crazy business here. I've - with interruptions - been at WFG ever since that
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