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  1. Sorry, didn't see that I was not on the last page of the thread and posted a senseless reply. Forget it and fine me (why can't I delete my own posts ?!)
  2. Hey Sud... wow - that guy still exists ?! I doubt you'll know me as I joined WFG after you left, but I saw some of your art and was impressed. Welcome back !
  3. Hey John, I got your mail several days ago and will reply when I find time... it's just that I'm quite busy cause I'm beta-testing ES's AoM expansion-pack "The Titans" for the premier german AoM website (AoMN.de)
  4. Oh, didn't see this topic... forget my question about the currency system in the other one Good idea, DA ! Shouldn't we rename the currency for our forums to "Denarii" or some Roman name ? I guess 0ad's isn't a great name for a currency...
  5. Windows XP Professional. The one and only great Win32 OS
  6. Great avatars, Ryan *praises him* But the theme is awesome, too
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