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  1. Wrong, Ykkrosh himself is legendary... he always amazes me with his ideas since he always does what you pretty much won't expect anyone to do
  2. It would also be cool if you could hunt birds and dig tunnels into the ground in order to flood areas of the map - what I'm trying to say is, that everything is theoretically possible, but sometimes it would cause a crazy amount of programming time to achieve only a little feature
  3. Don't tell that someone who has got a 56k connection - he'll get some strange feeling that he want's to hurt you A PNG has at least 1 MB in that resolution, that makes about two or three minutes 56k downloading ... not that cheap... I'm as well sitting safely on my broadband connection and when I design websites, I always have to remind me that probably not everyone has a connection like me and I need to watch my filesizes...
  4. I have Win XP Professional and Debian 3.0 on my PC, and Win XP Pro and Debian 3.0 with the newest KDE on my laptop - and I'm fully satisfied, since everything works fine with Linux (even WLAN, ACPI and the unusual display resolution) Required some days of handwork and kernel compiling, but it works just fine now
  5. Close ? The Byzantine Empire ended in 1435 A.D., and the foundation of Rome is set to 753 B.C. (that's what the legend says), or historically to the 8th century B.C. - that's about 2188 years...
  6. Historically: On 22nd June 168 B.C., where Greece lost the battle of Pydna, at the bottom of Mount Olympus to four Roman legions (Rome only lost 200 men in this, battle BTW, but Greece lost nearly all of its Phalanx - likely more than 20 000 men). And regarding Romans copying "everything": I can't remember having seen the fighting style of the roman army anywhere before... they did copy things, but the combined them in a way that made them superior - so, they improved things. Also, I can't remember Greece having an empire that lasted 1,200 years and covered all Europe (the empire of Napoleon didn't even last 100 years, BTW)...
  7. Hmm, sounds interesting. Though I do not like the idea of portraiting the Romans as evil, brutal, plundering and supressing imperialists who only want to make the inhabitants of the provinces slaves, which is unfortunatly used pretty often in such movies about rebellions against Rome.
  8. But RAR is much more effective at compressing files, so I do choose RAR whenever possible. Besides, RAR can preserve NTFS file permissions, and ZIP can't
  9. Hmm, the only problem I can think about regarding BitTorrent is privacy... if somehow the file hash is being leaked, everybody could download it, no ? That might be quite a kind of problem... either we have to be very careful selecting our testers, or we have to find another solution to restrict the users who may download the file.
  10. Nice pet No, seriously, I'd have imagined the Elephant to be much larger and carrying this kind of "box" where the warriors stand in - was that uncommon for Indian War Elephants ? (I might have missed something there).
  11. Stuart always keeps thinking about how to use things for the game I'm wondering wheter he's also thinking "oh, that box is a good inspiration for a skybox" if he walks over the street and sees someone taking a big box from a car
  12. PHP is a server-side language that is being parsed by a webserver. I think it's absolutely unusable for any 0 A.D.-game-related things except from websites. People have been using PHP for linux scripts, though, but I don't believe it'd work well with a game. And due to the big differences between PHP and JS, no, they won't be compliant, so you won't be able to write any 0 A.D. script in PHP.
  13. Hmm, they are all a little too "famous". You know, it sounds a little extreme self-confident to call your laptop "Athena" For now, I've used "Aglaia", because that's a less well-known name from Greek mythology.
  14. Well, this is just a little idea that hit me some hours ago. Yesterday, I got my new notebook (a Samsung P35), and I thought that this one should be a little more personalized than my past PCs (which were always called "p4-malte", "pentium-2" or "pc_malte"). So I need a name for my laptop. And I thought that a nice ancient greek or latin name would fit quite well, making the combination of modern high tech and my historical interest. When I searched Google for such names, I got mostly crappy sites that only offer modern baby names... So, as we have lots of ancient experts in this forum, I thought it might be an idea to ask over here if anyone got some ideas for me. The name should sound nice, be a female name (this laptop is such a great machine that it only deserves to be female ), and should not contain any special characters that I'm not allowed to use for a computer name. Oh, and it'd be cool to know the meaning of the name as well. So please help me with your creativity, I can't think of any suitable name from the top of my head...
  15. History (my second major), and Sciences, particulary Maths (first major) and Biology But I like nearly every subject, only Chemistry just got kicked from my timetable, as I always had crappy lessons/teachers there and don't like the subject too much.
  16. Huh, pretty many homeschoolers in here... I couldn't imagine being homeschooled, and I also don't want to imagine it. Nothing against you guys - I think you're pretty great people - but I would never want to miss meeting the other people and all the stuff going on at school. Seven years of time at the same school can make you feel somewhat connected to the place and the people - and it's still two more years to go for me Well, I guess I do not have any kind of role model - after all, from my family, it could be only my parents, and from all people, it'd probably be some great people of the modern ages - like Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds (the archenemies, but they are both great people ) or some of the ES guys.
  17. I hereby reach 500 Posts Well, and almost 200 of them have been written within the last two weeks - I was quite kind of inactive before... also, I do not post into "spam" topics often, so hence the "low" number of posts
  18. Wohooo, that was a great match... it's a pity that I missed the only goal (went down into the cellar to fetch something to drink, and when I came back up, it was 1:0 for Greece...) - I guess Greece is quite the underdog, but they might even reach the finals. Though they most likely have to play agains Czech, and these are quite good.
  19. Quite colorful, long and a big font --> there's room for improvements Oh, and @jackie: Just click "My Controls" on top of any page and then select "Edit signature" on the left. You can make a signature text for yourself then
  20. Yeah, if you remember how much the IRC channel was used when it was still public (well, it still is sort of - we don't have a password), I think it won't be any improvement. We had about 3 people who regularily checked the channel, and it was never used for anything not staff-related. So I'd say it's overkill as well. It's good like it is - a channel for staff meetings and nothing more yet. Probably we may change that as soon as 0 A.D. is being released - but who knows
  21. Hey Jackie, welcome to WFG community ! BTW, Tim, did you ever see that bug in the postcounter in first hours after the registration ? The numer of posts per day gets higher than the total postcount because the posts are divided through actual time minus joining time It says 39.1 posts/day for Jackie just now, for example
  22. The second Czech goal came just the wrong time - in a time when Germany was attacking and having chance after chance... but when odds where 1:2, they couldn't do much, especially due to the fact that the Czech went back and let the clock play for them (my point of view at least). I don't think it's too bad that Germany has to go home, as there are quite a lot of old and bad players in the team, but it's a pity that the youngsters (who IMO were *really* good) like Schweinsteiger, Lahm and Podolski have to bear this loss as well, though it wasn't their fault. Anyway, the german coach, Rudi Völler, just withdrew from his job and stepped back in order to make the way free for a new start - I'm quite sorry for him, IMO he was a good coach - and quite popular as well. We'll see how things go on - see you all in Germany 2006 !
  23. Nice article, Paul. I enjoyed reading it
  24. Nah, only Germany has to win, then it doesn't matter if Holland wins or if they do now
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