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  1. Tim, I saw you tried to call me some days ago - sorry, I wasn't at the PC at that time. But it seems to have worked. Let's try it again some time
  2. Hmm. The relationship between two countries (in your case, Netherlands and Germany) are always a good topic, but I guess there's not *that* much to say about relations between Netherlands and Germany. But, how about the "Hanse" - which was a medieval alliance of several wealthy cities in the area of Northern Europe which grew pretty powerful over time. It included cities in your country, too, I think, and German cities (Lübeck, Hamburg, Bremen...) played a significant role in it. Otherwise, if you are more into recent political developments, you could get onto a topic like the introduction of tuition fees in Germany, the recently introduced highway/road-toll or the reforms of the German welfare system. If you have any questions concerning one of these topics, don't hesitate to ask them here. @Sukkit: Hehe. I would not say that Viva is the perfect place for trying to learn German, though, because the language of that channel is pretty strange and often far away from everydays German like you could hear it on the road. Probably it would be easier to have a look at the news on a public-law TV channel (ARD, ZDF), because they are usually in a very good language and the people aren't talking too fast.
  3. If I get this correctly, you mean renaming them using triggers? That is planned for sure, it in fact is one of the most basic features planned for the editor - while Bobby (Cheezy) made the editor concepts, he always had those things in mind, because they were missed by the community in AoM.
  4. Yes - right now. I personally believe it's shifting to 1280x1024, though - at least for modern monitors and TFTs. My family started off with 800x600 on our first Win95 PC (before, on the DOS/Win 3.x PCs everything was text mode or 640x480x16, anyway), then got to 1024x768 as default resolution and then with the first TFTs, me and my mother switched to 1280x1024 (my little brother and sister keep 1024x768 for now, because they are using the old monitors ). The most recent development was switching over to 1400x1050 for me, though. Interestingly, I always came to dislike the smaller resolutions after a week on a higher one.
  5. Hmm, there are some white lines around the WFG logo on top - looks like it doesn't blend properly with the background. Besides from that, I do not see anything offensive to my eye - pretty good work, Tim I like the idea
  6. Ah, you mean a "talk"or a "speech"? That would be called "Vortrag" in German - "Sprache" is meaning "language" and only that. Also, as a matter of interest, what is the talk going to be about? http://www.ponsline.de/cgi-bin/wb/wb.pl? is my preferred dictonary, but the site is German. You need to change the dropdown field at the top to "Engl. -> D" and you'll be able to do do lookups English -> German
  7. At my school, I enabled a joke application that displayed random fake error messages on all running clients at random intervals ... pretty funny thing, and some people (mainly teachers, though ) fell for it, and I even got a message along the lines of "There is a virus in the network!"... most smarter people got it, though, at latest when the a fake message told them that water was pouring from their floppy drive or something like that
  8. I have added you, Tim. Seems to work for me, at least I can see your profile But now, I've lost my headset on a recent LAN party, and I doubt I have a replacement one at hand... so I guess I'll have to live with the integrated laptop microphone and my normal headphones
  9. Well, you took a difficult start there... I won't even know myself which tense that would be supposed to be... "Futur II" or something equivalent, I guess Anyway, correct would be: "Ich denke nicht, dass mein Deutsch gut verstanden werden wird.", so the mistake is only minor. Es ist gut zu hören, dass noch jemand hier Deutsch lernt!
  10. Yepp, the contents author-cell left of each post are aligned to the left now... doesn't look too great if you ask me
  11. I've got Skype, and I'm using it from time to time (but it's not constantly running). Feel free to add me and phone me at times when you know I'm not too busy (ask on MSN/ICQ before). My Skype-Name is malteschwarzkopf (Oh, and I do not have my headset with me all the time, so probably you won't manage to get me into talking to you when I'm at school or somwhere where I do not have my headset or don't want to make a fool of myself talking English into a computer ).
  12. 1) No, and it will not be done for a long time. Expect the engine to be done by the time 0 A.D. is completely done 2) If it was done, I doubt that would have been possible, because we're not giving out any binary/source code before beta stage. Also, if we wanted people to build their own games using the 0 A.D. engine, we'd have made 0 A.D. an open source project, no? You will be having some great possibilities to do modding on the final product, though, so you can in fact create your own game out of it. 3) See above, but I think we won't like a commercial game based on 0 A.D., since the primary principle of 0 A.D. is (and has ever been) to create a freeware game. So yes, I think we would mind.
  13. A messenger brought in news today that snow in Germania is melting - the legions in the Rhine camps start to gather supplies and refresh their supplies, repair and refine their equipment. It's an all busy atmosphere, and you can see messenger riders on all the streets, and the patrols on the frontier are getting more attentive again. Everything seems like there's preparation for a larger campaign going on. No one knows who will be the adversary or where the "Roma Victor" legions will strike, though - that secret is being kept between the emperor and the high military commanders.
  14. Hmm, taste seems to differ here - I personally prefer the European cars over others any time, but that might also be due to the fact that I grew up in a Volkswagen family - we've had VW Passats ever since I was born... it must have been at least four generations of cars already. And the newer Passats are quite powerful, too - my fathers one with a 130 PS Diesel engine can do 200 km/h on the highway with no problems
  15. Hmm, my maths application (Derive) calculated for about 200 seconds with no result - therefore, I doubt it's possible to get a numeric solution for it using normal ways of calculating Sure you got the starting formula (x^2x = 2x) right?
  16. Whoops, wrote the wrong post in here... updated. Quite a good and impressive list - I'll remember it and print it out before my next french exam
  17. Usually, I'm coming home, putting my schoolbag into a corner of my room, boot my PC and check email, instant messenger and various sites of interest (spiegel.de, heise.de - those are German news portals), then it differs: Some days, I'm getting something to eat (not that often, since I usually return home during the late afternoon), or I read the newspaper or I do some more random surfing. After that, I'm thinking about getting started on my homework, and one or two hours later, I even manage to really get started on it. Usually, it keeps me busy until late at night and when I'm done, I'm going to bed at once.
  18. Welcome, comrade. The Empire is delighted to see that another illustrous person has decided to join it's ranks and proudly announces that its forces are now not only superior to the other faction's in discipline and valor but also in numbers. Oh, and just to mention it - the legions are preparing their new campaign already, since the military season starts again within some months. All those barbarian states which don't deserve to be called "empires" at all should pray to their strange gods that the wrath of Rome will not be directed towards them (i.e., you better shouldn't provoke the RVF ).
  19. Ah, okay - I wondered already where the smilies had gone
  20. Bah, the plebs always wants bread, games and... screenshots
  21. You did quite good, but there's still some flaws in it - as you asked me, I'll point them out (but I don't have much time to explain them in detail), so here's a corrected version with minimal explanations: Don't hesistate to ask if you'd like the get some particular point explained - I just don't have enough time to write explanations for every one.
  22. Hmm, I don't think it's quiet in here - just got seven pages (yes, *seven*) of topics by using the "View New Posts" link, and I've only been away for two or three days - but sure, a good part of these is in the private forums, where there's lots of things going on Also, the HOI topics seem to be pretty busy again, as well. Ah, btw, welcome back, Tim I know this Diablo addiction - two of my friends suffered from it back 6 months - fortunately, I got spared from it so far, as I've never player Diablo extensively
  23. Hmm, that's a little problematic, since I'm not a dialect speaker - in fact, I've grown up with Hochdeutsch, which is considered to be slowly superseeding the local dialects in our modern society. Also, I've no real idea of what's the difference between "Schwäbisch" and my language - since I've never been to an area where people speak that dialect. I can tell you, though, that the Bavarian dialect is quite different from our language in the norther parts of Germany - they have a very different pronounciation down there and also use different words for many things (like "Semmeln" instead of "Brötchen" [means: roll], "Grüß Gott" instead of "Moin, Moin" [a greeting formula, the first literally means "Greet God" while the second is just an abbreviation for "good morning"] and "Matura" instead of "Abitur" [which both mean the German final exam after 13 years of school]; yes, they even have words which we don't have an equivalent for up here: "heuer" [meaning: this year] is just one example). Also, there is a dialect called "Platt" in the northern coastal areas of Germany, which is a colorful mixture of German, English, Dutch and Scandinavian languages, but only few people are still learning and practicing that dialect. Hehe, but I wouldn't consider my english exams to be too interesting, too As said, the difference between "Sie" and "Du" in German is much of a matter of politeness and formality - "Sie" is being used for talking to (other) adults and people you don't know too well, while "du" is used for personal conversations and also became the general way of speaking in German speaking areas on the Internet. Besides, I personally prefer "du" over "Sie", since I'm not yet that old and it always gives me a shudder if someone refers to me as "Sie" - I simply don't feel like that right now Exactly.
  24. Holding Ctrl and scrolling changes the font size in Firefox. It's quite annoying sometimes, for example as I'm someone who often opens links in new tabs by Ctrl-clicking, and therefore often accidentally changes the font size. Ctrl-0 solves it, though
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