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  1. Little offtopic: Eh, where are you from, CT ? That's German... (sehr means very)
  2. LOL, what a question... 10 of course THIS GAME RULORZ TEHM ALL
  3. LOL, look at the Carthargian translation of "Yes, great one ?": That seems to be linked to the qualities of our lead designer and proves his superiority
  4. Option 2 of course ! (As most of you know, I'm Roman-fanatic ).
  5. @SUD: Okay, thanks for the offer. I'll see what I can do with stag's legionary and perhaps ask you again if I need anything. @Stuart: Well, just an idea of mine. I will probably never realize it, but due to the fact that I can do rather basic 3d things (like pulling around things and rotating them; just not model anything) and that my computer can turn into an evil render-machine if needed, I thought I'd give it a try @Jason: Okay, I'll try stags one first. Will tell you if I need anything. @stag: Thanks, I'll get it at school tomorrow (yeah, I'm paying per traffic) and test around in the afternoon. Can you give me an URL for StuffIt (otherwise I'd search for it) ? @legio: 0ad is a full game project and its engine is still in the basic development. You can already see some screenshots on the website, but it will surely take a lot longer than Christmas to finish anything play- or testable. Perhaps expect something at Christmas 2004
  6. Wow, great stuff SUD ! I like them all Though here's a minor point: If possible, I would not have the Roman Legionary walk around with a sword in his hand, pulled out of the sheat. I rather would have him only use it if fighting. Also, IMO the sword is too long for a roman infantry one. Besides that - great work ! Hmm, some annoying question - I have no good props for Poser, and not much experience with it, but recently got hit by the idea to make some desktop background pictures containing various 0ad units (high quality and not low poly of course). So, my question would be if you could send me some of the units (probably only the legionary for now, I would have enough work with him already) ? That would be really great
  7. Yeah, for me the font size is okay, too... Great article, Paal ! I loved reading it - though most things weren't new to me, but I think I'm not the average user Perhaps you could do something about ranks in the Roman Army and their uniforms ? Like, the helmet crests had some special meanings (like in Imperial Legions crosswise for centurion, straight middle sized for Tribune, straigt large and different coloured for Legatus, I think). That's a thing that would be interesting I think.
  8. Yeah sure... I don't believe a total conversion would be feasible with only a few people working on the project - I made this sad experience myself, when I still was the leader of the AoA-project. We had only 3 skilled modders and no real community - so we finally gave up in mid-2002 and founded MWD, which is a running much better. Our replacement plans were (finally found the documentation in the deep of my HDD): Huns - Scythians (or something like that ) - UU: ? Goths - Macedonians - UU: Makedonian Spearman, Elite-M. S. Teutons - Greeks - UU: Hoplite, Phalanx Vikings - Romans - UU: Legionary, Roman War-Trireme British - ??? (Scoths or something, don't know the english name) - UU: ? Celts - Celts - UU: Something equivalent to a celtic warrior Franks - Gallics - Axe-Thrower, Elite-A.-T. Spaniards (sp?) - Iberians - UU: Mounted Slinger, Elite-M. S. Aztecs - Goths - UU: Huskarl, Elite-H. Mayans - Germanics - UU: Barbarian Warrior ? Mongols - Persians - UU: Elephant Archer, Elite-E. A. Japanese - Sassanids/Jews - UU: ? Chinese - Babylonians - UU: ? Koreans - Assyrians - UU: Siege Wagon, Elite-S. W., Catapult ship Byzantians (sp?) - Egyptians - UU: Chariot, Elite-C. Persians - Carthargians - UU: War Elephant Saracen - Phoenicians - UU: Mounted Javelinist, Elite-M. J. Turks - Nubians - UU: Slinger, Elite-S. That all fitted well with the techs, units, bonuses and so on - but I doubt anyone can do it without lots of helpers So it's here just to give you some ideas.
  9. Hmm, if it's only for Scn design, that's okay... but if you also want to use it in SP and MP random map games (what surely would give you a greater audience), you should think about the replacements. I'll see if I can dig out the big word document where we used to place all the replacements we were going to do for the old AoA-project. We really had some quite big thoughts on it, and in the end, everything seemed to work quite nice - only we didn't manage it to do all the artwork EDIT: Just saw it's your birthday today, SUD. Congratulations !
  10. Well, it's quite easy if you use the right software - I got an application called "ResHacker" (not easy to use properly, though), that can edit the stringtables in Win32-DLL files. After opening the file, it's just a matter of finding the right string to edit
  11. Hmm, that's a pity... we already had some Barbarian buildings done - but anyway, most likely they would not fit your expectations. So you are going to make the late-game all-roman ? Just because you said you wanted to make the halberdier a roman auxiliary infantry... and the halberdier is available for a lot of civilisations. If you're interested in it, there's a big image of the AoK techtree with all the changes we planned for the "Age of Antiquity"-mod - we had really a lot of thoughts about how to change the units with being historically accurate and so on - would be great if all that effort wasn't wasted
  12. Wow, that looks pretty good, Sud Just because we are on this topic now... I once lead a German AoK modding project that was going to transform AoK into antiquity, but it got canceled because of lack of interest in the community. I still have some work me and others did back then - including some building graphics (but no 3d files or such, only plain MS Paint edited 2d graphics). Any interest in using these ? Also, I'd give the Hoplite a spear and let it replace the Pikeman, while making the Halbardier (sp?) a Phalanx. That'd be more accurate considering history and also should not be hard to do. BTW, I recently found a way to edit the AoK language.dll without having the character restrictions - so if you need some language.dll-mods, tell me, I could do them
  13. Hmm, if I may give this critical remark: In 168 B.C., Roman troops under Aemilius Paullus fought against the whole greek phalanx (about 25,000 men), and the Roman Legionaires cut the greeks to pieces with great success - mainly because the phalanx was not very mobile in battle and the Roman Commander was a wise one and did not waste his troops running against the Greeks spears. This was the battle at Pydna, on the foot of mount Olympus - it took place on 22. June 168 B.C. and set an end to the remains of the post-classical greek empire of Alexander the Great. When the two armies, the Greeks slightly superior in numbers (four Roman legions vs. the whole greek army), met in the dawn of the 22. June, the Romans first threw their pila and then attacked with the sword. The Greeks were standing in a narrow formation with their spears pointing to the Roman front. When the pila hit them, many got slightly hurt or the pila got stuck in their shields and they couldn't remove them without putting down the shield and spear. Now, the Roman lines advanced, but didn't try to break though the wall of spears - though the first line crashed into them on purpose, so that the Greek spears were fixed to the Roman shields and the Greek men could hardly move. Now, when the Romans attacked with the sword, the General commanded the Centurions to advance with their units on their own command. The Centurions then used the elevation of terrain and points like trees to get around the greek spears and attacked the flanks. While being penetrated by the Romans in this way, the Greeks still could stand the attack. Now, general Paulus commanded one more Legion he had been holding back to attack the center of the Greek formation. Now, being attacked from three sides, the Greek phalax broke and the Romans got into the Greek lines. The big spears now only hindered the Greeks and they started to flee the battle. When the sun got down behind the mount Olympus, general Paullus commanded to stop the interception of the few remaining Greek troops and ordered to count the fallen soldiers. The Romans lost about 100 Legionaires - while there were 20,000 death Greeks lying on the plain in front of mount Olympus. Greece had fallen to Rome.
  14. 117 AD: The Roman Empire reaches its greatest power and expansion under the rule of Trajan, who conquers Armenia, Dacia and big parts of the Parthian Empire. My preferred area of history
  15. Yepp, most units have several attack-anim - but not all. The are simply selected randomly when attacking an enemy.
  16. Well, I like the AoM ones more... btw, did you ever get a look at the AoMH Pretty Town Cinematic Design Contest Maps ? They were a great example of what AoM's cinematics can do (though I shouldn't say that because my map is one of the top ranked ones - and self-praise smells bad ).
  17. Cyclopses ! I just played a scn of the new TT campaign and killed of some 20 bowmen with a large group of cyclopses who have this instant-kill attack agains normal units But seriously - I doubt that will make the game easier to understand for a novince player... see, ES also had the idea of having a bonus if you attack units from the back or flank them, but they took it out in order to keep the game simple and understandable.
  18. Yes, I do mean that one... think it should be easy to cut off by adding some CSS tags to the stylesheet But as I said, this as a personal opinion only.
  19. Nice work, Jason I like it. Will there be a roman/hellenistic skin in the future, too ?
  20. Looking good, Jason Only one thing I'd like to remark: We should avoid having a members counter and a register-link on the website - because the website accounts will only be used for content administration, but visitors could mix them up with forum accounts. Therefore I would suggest to remove the "register"-link (or replcae it with a link to the community-forum registration) and have Staff-Accounts being created by admins only. Ah yes, one more thing: If you click on "0 A.D Website" in the navbar inside an category (like screenshots), it doesn't send you to the new portal site, but to another site... I really like your work !
  21. Not sure - but: The Pianist ?! Anyway... what am I reading... - "The Roman Army" by Peter Conolly (quite an old book but very interesting) - "Developing a database driven website using PHP and mySQL" by Kevin Yank, mostly using it for reference on my PHP scripts.
  22. Wow... great job, Poya and Jan ! You guys spent really a lot of work into the engine already (remember that most low-level-code things are not visible on screenshots) and will surely do in the future, too. I can't wait for the first buildings, trees and units to get into this world ! I feel like we will make some really great progress in the next months
  23. 753 B.C. - Rome is being founded due to the legend
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