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  1. Been looking at the screenshots and it all looks rather buff! Wow, came across the 0ad forums randomly while searching for pictures of Hoplite armour... good to see some familiar faces are still around here! I think I first started working with 0ad when I was 16 and addicted to Age of Empires, and I'm 21 now!!!! Memories...
  2. tee hee, tee tiddly tee. Developments are fun!
  3. RAW was the only one I ever played, just before I joined WFG. But I thought it was a little pointless because it was only a graphical change in the game. That said, the graphics were superb
  4. Take your sweet time, and never ever carpe diem, ever. Don't start cracking the whip...worse than before *gets whipped*
  5. I read it on April 2, and I'm, pretty slow anyway, and I was heartbroken. Then Acumen told me that it was an April Foll's joke. Man, was my face red? Was it?
  6. Trust _real to rush straight to the Vestal Virgins scan
  7. Well, the three bananas represent the three corners of the globe. Um, yeah I like the scans too! Yay! Got any good Persian scans?
  8. I just barely got to reply to this! I used to be able to post at WFG from college, but now it's blocked. I don't get much time online at home. :'( *straps self to nearest tree*
  9. I am really, really sorry I have been inactive (read: "dead") for a g e s. I couldn't help it. I have a hugely busy timetable at college and find it very difficult to fit 0ad time into it. I am really truly sorry, and I can't help but feel guilty for this. This is why, I believe I should a) leave the team [if I'm even still on it !] or sketch at a really slow pace, until this summer when I can go "boom" I literally will go "boom", like a bomb of some sort. A bomb which, when it explodes, makes sketches. For 0AD. Good sketches! I'd prefer b because I have way too hectic a school timetable to r
  10. Hooray! But I reckon this doesn't compare to my earlier work. I'll revert to that style for future drawings. Oh, and I only knew what a kopis was from reading your awesome article
  11. I'm from... England. That's no reason for me not to say sehr.
  12. http://0ad.wildfiregames.com/~art/ct/bactr...xilia-elite.jpg This isn't one of my better sketches, but I have been away for a while, eh? I'd like to know what style of concept art people prefer around here. I'll stick to this style for now but as you may know it isn't my only style. I can adopt almost any style you can think of, and I'd like a little bit of variety. So, which art styles would you prefer for my conccepts? Cel-shaded? Anime? Marvel Comics? Pencil rendering? The style which I used often when I first joined WFG (the whole ballpoint pen, hatching thing - or as Wijit said, "that ///
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