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  1. One of the things I love in this style of game is the feeling of starting from scratch and progressing as time goes on. 0ad definitely has this, and one of the parts I love in that regard is the transition between three different phases (village phase, town phase, city phase). I feel these transitions would be even better if visual modifications were made to units based on the different stages to further emphasize the changes, making them appear more solid and upgraded when a new phase is reached. I'm mainly looking at buildings here. Civic center at the very least, maybe houses, possibly all building types that can be built at a certain phase and will carry through to the next phase. The general theming I had in mind is something among the lines of: Village phase: Buildings look dirtier and pretty rough, little detail in the structure, gives the feeling of small establishment. Reliance on plain wood. Town phase: Buildings look more solid and clean, some additional detail is added, gives the feeling of a growing establishment. Reliance on plaster. City phase: Buildings look clean and fancy, pretty and detailed, gives the feeling of a massive establishment. Reliance on sculpture and painted walls. This would require some artistic effort by the development team of course, considering how many unit related assets we'd have to modify. One way to make the process easier would be creating simplified versions of buildings for the early phases based on the existing ones: Take each model, remove some of the detailed parts of the mesh, save as town phase version... now take that version, delete more unneeded components, save as village phase. Afterward do the same with the texture, adding a bit of cracks and plaster then saving that as the town version, then adding more structural instability with some wooden planks and saving that as the village phase version. As a bonus we may do some minor resizing especially vertically, so town phase models look a bit more crumpled and short whereas village phase look even shorter and more crooked (mind the UV stretching). Is this a detail we can hope to have at some point? What are your thoughts on it? How do you think this should be done and look like?
  2. I noticed that for some of the random map types, the faction can be placed in a completely isolated hole in the ground (fully surrounded by mountains). This seems like an issue that may make levels unplayable due to impossible navigation. I took a screenshot as well as a savegame of the map which I posted below. 0ad a24.b7 (OS package / Manjaro). Map Type: Random, Map Filter: Default, Select Map: Ambush, Map Size: Medium. savegame-0001.0adsave
  3. One of the things that makes 0ad great are its gorgeous graphics and breathtaking environments! Yet they're limited by a factor I couldn't find much discussion of and was curious to ask if there are any plans for: Lack of a dynamic time of day and weather. I had 3 different questions: Is a dynamic daytime cycle going to be implemented at some point? I've looked at the shadows closely and the sun never moves during a game, it's always a fixed time of day. Even with a static daytime I haven't ever gotten a mission during a red sunset or night time, it's always day with different sun angles. I understand a night option was implemented in 0.24b; Is there only day and night, or are times such as red sunrises / sunsets possible as well? Will weather ever be supported? I noticed that on some maps there are particle clouds in the sky, but there's never any raining or snowing or sandstorms going on.
  4. I really enjoy some of the unique mechanics in 0ad, including the ability to capture and hold enemy buildings (even if they're of a different faction) instead of downright destroying them when attacking. This inevitably begs the question: Why not have the ability to do the same thing with people and other enemy units? Wouldn't it be fun if workers or enemy soldiers could also be made to join you? Here are a few ideas I was thinking of: Capture units on attack: At rare random intervals, when an unit being attacked is close to dying, the unit may choose to join the attacker rather than take the final blow. This could be connected to how loyal your units are to you... if you're doing a poor job and the town is under-developed or you lack resources, you could have a greater chance of your units deserting. Capture units by bribing: You can already bribe spies to share their line of sight. With this mechanic you could also bribe an enemy unit to become part of your team! The more developed your enemy is, the more the bribe could cost. Capture units by destroying their city or defeating the faction: When an enemy faction is defeated its remaining buildings are transferred to Gaia. In case the game is configured so you can take down an empire without killing all its units, any unit left alive surrenders and becomes yours. Trade units with allies: You can already send or receive resource donations to and from allied factions. It would be cool if an ally could also opt to donate soldiers when need be, meaning they allow some of their units to chance become your units. Just like buildings, captured / donated units would retain their original faction but change color and become part of your team. If the received unit has the ability to create buildings, it could additionally be allowed to create the buildings of its faction rather than of your own: This would allow the interesting circumstance where your team can have units from multiple cultures at the same time despite starting off as part of just one (eg: Romans), which is already part possible by conquering enemy buildings. What are your thoughts on having this even as an option?
  5. Hello there! I'm not sure if this forum is the best place for an OS related issue, but I'm presuming the group that handles the openSUSE build may be here to read this and perhaps take a look. 0ad is presently broken on openSUSE Tumbleweed: I have 0ad installed from the official openSUSE-Tumbleweed-Games repository. As of recent, it seems to have been broken by two package related issues. The first is a bad libicu version: The game is packaged for libicu67 which no longer exists, now having been replaced with libicu68. Trying to run the engine without the deprecated lib installed will crash with the error: /usr/bin/pyrogenesis: error while loading shared libraries: libicui18n.so.67: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory The second issue is that although the engine remains at version 0.0.23b, the data was just updated to version 0.0.24b. The two are incompatible; I had to downgrade the data package from another repository to fix. Can both be bumped to 0.0.24b please? Looking at the build page I'm noticing some compilation failures for Tumbleweed. Maybe that explains the inconsistencies? If the openSUSE maintainers are available, please let me know if and when a fix may be possible. Thank you.
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