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  1. @DNAS: you misbeliever! It's not a fish smiley, it's a TROUT! (we have a *troutslap* smiley too, for those who call it fish! )
  2. Well, for now you can donate your currency (wich you earn either by donation or by posting, but beware of spamming....) Later on there should be a "wgf shop" online where to spend it (but i do not know what it will "sell"... ... and welcome aboard, dude!
  3. the 6th and 7th from the second series are hilarious... But i don't like those with cats too much: even if funny, they are not supposed to be our jesters... ...imho.
  4. I think the fifth is the best one... lol...
  5. Humm, are you sure that it will be a problet to reach 100.000 posts?
  6. Yeah, welcome man, and beware the !
  7. One never knows what people can do in certain situations... Lol!
  8. Ohhh, Timbster? Who's he? Welcome aboard, i hope you'll be active in the community and not one of those spammy gnomes that pop up here and there in the forumsa... Nice photos though (wich brand of beer were you drinking?)
  9. When i applied to TLA, i thought i had to change my nick for this environment (on the net i'm also known as rasputiza), then i immagined that i could relate it to a civ i like, the Horse Lords (Eorlingas), but i decided to use the elven term Rohir and mix it with the Eolrlic word Wine (friend), so my nick means: Friend of the Eorlingas...
  10. Classical Fencing? You mean, sabre, sword, fioretto and the rest?
  11. ROFL, this is really funny! I'm curious to know how they settled that outing situation though...
  12. Well, huuu. the fact is that i'm basically behind with my studies, so those are the last three courses i need to attend (but i have four more exams still to comply with...)
  13. Eastern Europe History History of the risorgimental period Contemporary Spain History
  14. Tsk, tsk: it's summer time Tim... BTW, i'm @ the university, hence i have no homework to do... P.S. There should be a ] more before the URL... *where's Bernd Nitpicker Sceptre?*
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