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  1. LOL, this made me have a good laugh! BTW: you forgot the hen to get the feathers for the arrows from....
  2. Hmm, imho it's not so necessary to have a skyrocketing post count. For wich reason should we have one? To be ranked among other sites? Imo, it's better quality than quantity (even if spamming here and there could be entertaining from time to time, it usually gets boring quite soon)...
  3. Well, i do nt know who's the best, but i surely support Brazil (out of simpathy for that country)...
  4. Hehe, i'll take care of my fingers... ...if this is what you intended
  5. Bowyer: an artisan wich builds Bows. It is a course intended to teach building traditional wooden bows (no fiberglass allowed). It's quite basic: only the longbow design will be treated (it's the simplest to manage), but after a while spent practicing i hope i'll get to more complex designs as recurved or even composite bows... ...hope this helps
  6. Yes, i think everyone understood it was a wise choiche, badly needed to preserve usability and friendlyness of the forums. After all, those who like spam threads (i agree: WFG gameshow is not among that cathegory) were not stripped from their amusement. Hopefully we'll begin to use this GC for what is intended: relaxing, chatting, and the rest... ...*warns BlackOp that the wine wasn't dropped: it had gone sour and he wanted to throw it away*
  7. Anyone has any experience in the field? Do you have some hints? Do you have any comments, histories, aneddoctes?
  8. Hmm, it's quite silent here, you can hear the neek-breekers singing (and the Ringwraiths crying... ....brrr ) Let's celebrate!
  9. What? I stay away for an eyeblick and when i return all things are subverted? Great work dudes, really great! me in the face if i come out with such misplaced criticism in the future...
  10. Auff, i finally reached 1300! But my posting rate dropped below 8/day, due my absence for vacations.
  11. Yes, i agree with Klaasy: vacations and holidays tend to turn people's attention away from WFG, moreover there is this general lack of interesting topics (even the HoI suffered a bit from it, imho) wich does not encourage to visit frequently. Maybe the mods should make a good injection of good topics, as long as summer reigns over partecipation (), and then we could check if this was enough to pass this swampy period...
  12. 8. The best community i've met sofar, but, as someone stated, not without flaws. Most of all is the high intensity of spammy threads. anyway, compared with other communities (Ambrosia Software one, as istance) it's a great one! And beware of the .... .....TROUT! (not "fish" you misbelivers )
  13. Happy birthday Cat! My best wishes to you, i hope you'll have a good one!
  14. Been working as 1) woodcutter (only for one summer) 2) naval carpenter (here again, only once, but for a racing minitonner) 3) Librarian (current occupation).
  15. Heh, it seems that the old "make love, not war" slogan has been forgot in the land that nurtured it... Anyway: i do not own a softgun, i do not want to. In Italy they aren't forbidden, but paintball ones yes (curious, i thought softguns were more dangerous...).
  16. Yep, but i like Zizou nevertheless...
  17. Hmm, this is prolly a difference between France and Italy. Anyway, here statal workers have generally lower wages than private ones.
  18. Yes, working for the state is not usually much profitable (at least if you do any ordinary task, managers are another issue). State workers tend to get more bona (health insurance, special indemnities fees, etc.), but hey: shouldn't this be the goal and the right thing for everyone?
  19. Wel, i must say i support no team, but i like some players: go Zizou, go!
  20. Kalimera Dest, Ti Kanis? Those are the few Greek words i know (some more being Kalà, Kalispera, Parakalò, Mia, Tessera, Nerò) Anyway, welcome aboard!
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