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  1. Miopy? I have -0.25 on the right eye, and -5.0 on the left (the right eye is the dominant one, hence it healed from hipermethropy, the other one not). In any case, here we have a decimal measurement, hence i have 10/10 on the right eye and 4/10 on the left. The right eye usually compensate for the left, but i tend to have some 3D focalization problems at very close distance (it seems that the jeweler profession is forbidden to me... )
  2. Yes, i think i could perfectly live without it. There is a bunch of things to do IRW... *goes to fletch a new whistling arrow...*
  3. Hmm, even so it's a bit too expensive, imho. BTW, does he have a site to take a look at his work?
  4. As stated before: every country has very beautiful girls (somehow African ones have been left out: i consider african people the most beautiful ones on an average basis). The point is beauty isn't all: you should find some personality and brain into someone to consider it hot, imho (this is true for men and women as well).
  5. Hmm, 10,000 bucks? Do you know wich kind of materials does he use? Wich kind of bows does he make?
  6. Lol, Erik, i bet a has no problems at forging anything
  7. Uppy! And did that little donation make you smile? Thanks a lot Uppy, i wasn't begging for a rep+, i just said to Amy i gave her one. You're a very nice guy, Uppy, thanks one more...
  8. @Randy: ok, let's start a petition in the US then...
  9. Yes i did, it talked about "faint hearted", not about "frail stomached"
  10. Desmond, please, since i usually browse the forums early in the morning, pics like that can cause me to get seasick for the whole day...
  11. FTF = face to face. Sorry i used a bit of Boardgamers slang...
  12. Keep an eye open, because i'll ask you to forge the arrow tips for me Adam...
  13. Bah, Holliwood is there to make precise kind of films: those who sell, and who enlist Holliwood stars. The only think i'd do is going on with Dark Angel series...
  14. Amy! You aren't the president of PCC for nothing! I wouldn't have said that better..
  15. Not more than one with MSN, more than one with forums, only one or two FTF (but i hate this: it's not so nice for people you're talking to).
  16. Hmm, i thank you, because i understand that the forearm and the hand are prone to slapping-greazing from the bowstring/arrow feathers. Anyway, i should underline this: no sinthetic materials allowed... ...hence i cannot take advantage from fiberglass, carbon fiber, alluminium, ant hte rest. Only wood, hemp/tendons, linen oil and stuff like that...
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