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  1. Up Up Up ... Some support please ?
  2. Well, there is no hurry from my side. Just want to know how we do it.
  3. @DerekO, any news ? Can't reach the player I have to play against for next round. If Pitapoison see this, I'll have some time tonight
  4. Is it open for players under 1500 ? I'm +1300 ... Would like to join a team of three players if two others need someone (can't play 4v4).
  5. Is this open to player under 1500 ? Would like to play in a team of three (can't play 4v4 for now).
  6. I'm alone having a problem with this ? :O By the way, I'm not sure it's conform with the RGPD not being able to delete our account. So if we could (and we should), be able to delete our account, we could do a new one with a new playername... Though I understand all the problems that could create, I think we should have strict rules of how to create a new playername. For example, we could be able to change it only once (so It should be said when we create an account). And it could be shown in our profile our previous name... Please please, can I change my playername ? :'( If nobody cares about that thing, it's not a problem to allow me to do it no anyway?
  7. Okay, so. I have my answer if someone else will try to find as well if it's possible, I post it here. It's not possible... It's not allowed as well to create a new account and delete the first one. So Im stuck playing with my name and first name, and it's REALLY a problem for me. I keep the same name on the forum to not disturb visibility of who I am, and that's a problem for me as well. Would be nice to debate a bit about this no ? I understand that it shouldn't be allowed to do it by ourselves (so other players might be fooled), but for some conditions, it should be okay to change our playername. Again, when I signed up, I didn't understood my login was going to be my playername (so, would be cool to say it first, with a BIG : you won't be able to change it). So they will be probably less people annoyed by a situation that I have. As well, why there is an option to change the playername in the settings (which doesn't work obviously). Was it something that worked before and was locked ? Or a future upgrade? I'm really sad about this situation :'(
  8. Hello @user1 Have you seen my message about that ?
  9. Hi! Is there an alternative to send results? I don't want to use Skype, sorry.
  10. From my point of view, it's when I'm in an actual game. If you want, I can reproduce the bug for you and give you files you need (if there is something I can find on my computer).
  11. If that can help, at some point, I couldn't see any games when I installed mods. I removed them and installed again and it came back
  12. Hi, When I created my account, I used my lastname and firstname as I thought it was only to log, but then, it is my player name in the lobby as well. I would really like to change it, but it appears it doesn't work. I thought it was possible with a mod, but I can't find how to do it. Is the only way asking to have a new account or no ? Thanks for your answer (couldn't find a similar question with the searching tool).
  13. Great! It works, thank you very much. Sorry if the info was somewhere, I tried to look via the forum search, but didn't find... Well, now I can see it in the first message. I wasn't looking with the right term x)
  14. Hi I have a problem with the mod. Now, the image ingame is pixelate. Yesterday was fine when I installed it. Now, it looks like it's always the case. Is there something I have to do to for it? Here is the screenshot :
  15. I guess not. But if it happen, you can report it here : https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/20600-ratings-disputes-and-offence-reporting/
  16. Hi, This is to report Negraco player. I was winning, and he told me gg and quit the game. My lobby username is : jeromescherer @user1 Sorry to see you have to do too much of those things lately... Thank you! commands.txt
  17. I'd like to know the record against the players I've played already. Would be nice as well to make some personal lists of players, so we could "blacklist" some players we don't like to play against with or like, whatever Even when they are not online. Like friends as well. Now, we see the dot when they are online of course, but would be cool to find them even when they are not here. The possibility as well to send private message in the lobby would be useful, instead of creating a game to talk I really like the ideas of leagues that was talked about. But I think it should be longer than 3 months. If we are having record of our results, imagine after few years, there is gonna be a lot in a player profile. I guess some stuff can be made to open/close the historic so the main thing is not overwhelmed. Just a point of vigilance. Thanks!
  18. Is there any open statistics on that affirmation ? Or this is your feeling ? I might downgrade the level of FR speakers
  19. Hi ! I'm from Besançon, France. I discovered this game thanks to my friend and co-worker from that city as well. We even played against two guys from here we didn't knew before. Small world! My pseudo is my name ... I did it too fast, though it was going to be my login Thanks to the people who worked on that game, it's great! I'm at GMT+2 (summer) and I think it's +1 in winter ^^
  20. Hello I played today against dandiertie, and he left the game as I was winning with any doubts. I thought maybe it was a connection problem, but he didn't rejoin even after some while I was waiting. Can you do something about it? He was 1264 when we started playing. @user1 My lobby username is : jeromescherer Thank you very much commands.txt
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