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  1. @badosu why don't you play only the final? It would be good to have one fair winner.
  2. @Dizaka feldfeld and borg didnt play their game so its like they both lose and its your win because you were next. If @badosu doesn't want to play his game I refuse to go to the finals because its not fair me going to the finals winning only one game and losing two and all the other wins are for people who didn't play.
  3. @badosu but you have to play your game too. I don't want to go to the final like this I was one of the worst players in this tournament its stupid to have me on the final. The final should be you or @LeGenDz against@Dizaka.
  4. Hi @user1 rutto left our game without resigning. commands.txt metadata.json
  5. I've won all my games but the one against @DerekO by WO I don't think that is far and now I will have to play against feldfeld again or borg I'm so unlucky XD.
  6. @user1 Hi, tingeltangelbob was losing our game and he ended the game without resigning. commands.txt metadata.json
  7. @Stan` Well its a normal QWERTY keyboard but I dont think that its the problem because in the vanilla the idle units options work well and with the autociv mod all the hotkeys work but the idle ones.
  8. Hi, the idleonly, idleunit, idlewarrior and idleworker hotkeys doesnt work for me, I tried with different keys and I even tried uninstalling the mod but it doesnt work. I only use fgod and balanced-maps mods. Edit: Now its working I only had to clear the selection.nowondedonly and without that hotkey everything was perfect.
  9. @badosu I have to play against @Lorenz11 but he doesnt appear if he appears in sunday I only can play 21:00-2:00 (GMT+2). The other days I can play whenever he wants but 2:00-10:00 GMT+2.
  10. @user1 i was playing against Queen_of_Persia and he ended the game before surrendering. commands.txt metadata.json
  11. Yes I noticed it too 2 persons wanted to fight me but in my group we are only 2 and one of us is borg and I dont know what I have to do
  12. @Dizaka I can play during 18:00 to 2:00 GMT+2 (Spain)
  13. @badosu can i play? Im low rank but i want to play if its not full.
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