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  1. Excellent work Alexander! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next!
  2. Yeah, that is pretty much the extent of the sprites we made. There might be a few more, but I don't think they would be very useful to you. Let me know if you had something specific in mind you were looking for, I probably have it.
  3. Sorry, I don't have my computer to test this out. Is it context sensitive? If so, I applaud the minimalist GUI. Only showing what is necessary as you interact with the game world. There should be a way to make this, and other modifications to the GUI into a mod package - for those that would prefer it to the game default. Philip could likely provide more guidance on this.
  4. Cool, very creative screenshots
  5. Excellent addition Notice Michael's mockup. The map icon, and the figure by the computer screen? I think it would be great to see those icons included into atlas, and when selected - your menues would pop up. Aside... I'd also like to see the text buttons that Philip put in place years ago, replaced with icons as well and placed in that toolbar that spans the screen.
  6. Great info and links here as well: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/13
  7. Nice guide(s) More info: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/XML.Entity.Traits.AI
  8. Awesome, a summary statistic screen is a great addition to the game. Excellent contribution! For UI appearance and theme, I'd suggest replicating the colors and textures in the UI activity found here: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.p...ndpost&p=212325
  9. Here are some old ideas on repair: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/XML.Entity.Actions.Repair
  10. The design (from a few years ago) required that wild resources of timber, stone and metal were collected within the aura of Civic Center or a Resource Center. So, the idea was pretty simple - if the resource was within the aura, then you could collect the resource. This was further constrained because you could only build Civic Centers and Resource Centers in a territory that you had ownership of. The citizen soldier or female citizen would collect the resource a entity defined rate until the resource slowly depleted into the player's bank and reached a quantity of 0 - then it would move on to the next nearest resource. There wasn't a "shuttling" feature where the unit would move back and forth between resource and drop site. Hunting and foraging were excluded from these restrictions. The feature was already implemented (as well as territories) in the past versions of the game before Philip's rewrite. It should be easy to reconstruct the feature. Here is some more info (not sure if these are up to date for code, but the design likely is): http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/XML.Entity.Traits.Auras http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/XML.Entity.Actions.Gather
  11. Thanks Philip - yeah the difference between green and red is my issue, but every colorblind individual is different (I believe a smaller minority of the population are yellow and blue color blind). For me, it would be sufficient if the green hue color was edging towards a yellow (a lime green color) and if the red was darker towards a maroon color. Example... pure red and green RGBs such as #FF0000 and #00FF00 are contrasting enough for me because the green appear lighter to me than the red. However something like #808000 and #FF0000 is very hard for me to distinguish the difference, especially in a small health bar.
  12. I'll throw in my 2 cents again... IMHO rank symbols are important if the player isn't familiar enough with the other visual indicators (textures, helmets, etc). If there was a simple system such as basic: no helmet, advanced: silver helmet, elite: gold helmet - then I agree, it wouldn't be needed. But, I don't think units are that simple anymore? Knowing what units are ranked and what aren't (without single selecting in the UI) is important in gameplay as you make decisions on what units should engage the enemies units (for leveling up or for fodder or for a sure victory in a skirmish) If the player is familiar enough with the unit's plain appearance, then allow them to toggle off rank in the config. I would assume that most first time players won't know 0 A.D. and they won't know history to the extents that the people reading this forum do. Westwood RTS games have them, I personally never had a complaint with using them. Yeah, I'm color blind, so I'm speaking for a minority. The outline I'd recommend would just be a simple 1px border around the health bar (it used to be a sprite - I think, but I could see how some would think it was bulky)
  13. They used to have a little black outline around them (and the stamina bars). I liked this because it helped outline them and 'pop' them out of the terrain.
  14. Topping this to make sure it doesn't get missed. There is also a new Czech version too.
  15. Check the IP of the people posting the malicious content. If they are in a band (which they have been in the past), you can do an IP ban from the administrative settings.
  16. I'm not sure how complicated this would be vs. the benefit. I'll let you decide if you haven't considered this yet. I would recommend the automatic compression to different dxt types based on the folders they reside in. dxt1 - Ground textures (except water - that is something special if I recall correctly (rgb are ordered differently, or something like that)) Could save a little bit of file space because you don't need alpha channels with ground textures lossless dxt - UI and Skybox Use the lossless dxt format, or don't convert them to dxt textures (use .png or .tga files). These elements look incredibly bad if you introduce artifacts. dxt3 or dxt5 - Everything else Inteligent ar@#$% could select the most appropriate for a particular instance, but if it is all automatic - doesn't matter I suppose.
  17. I find it odd that you say we don't have the originals... I believe they should all be in the art SVN repository or files folder on the server. I think this was the main drawback of why we didn't do this previously. 7 years ago, internet connection speeds and bandwidth were not what they are today.
  18. Philip, do you still have your nifty little .dds tool in the binaries that artists can drag and drop a variety of file types over the .exe and with some minor command line tweaks it spits out a .dds file that is optimal to what the game uses? For GUI graphic elements are the artists using the lossless .dds format or lossy or were those inefficient?
  19. If you get Max up and running - this will be helpful: http://www.wildfiregames.com/~art/wijit/0adtemplatev5.zip
  20. There is a branch of the SVN server we used for the game that is separated and used by the artists. That server has the majority of all the .max files used in the game. I'm guessing that your looking for original blender files though, eh? (We don't have many - if any of those. All the source 3D files were made in max)
  21. On a similiar topic... I was thinking about that map edges issue the other day. I think you could make the boundaries of the map black by simply coloring lower half of the side skybox texture black - and putting some geometry to the bottom of the skybox, and make that black as well. Give that a try - I think it would give the illusion of black edges.
  22. Congratulations - a very useful tool indeed! Is the plan to create multiple plugins specific to the 3d software packages or will this be a single stand alone tool that simply converts the file to a .dae file? Is there a way to recover smoothing groups from the .pmd in addition to the texture coordinates?
  23. DXT5 worked in the past, if my memory serves me correctly. Each format has a purpose. There is a nice bit of instruction on choices and application found here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtDesi...GraphicsFormats
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