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  1. Ok, that is good to know. Maybe I could work with Zaggy to get something working in Blender then? Thanks man! I'll check those out hopefully by the end of the month.
  2. Apologies, I just haven't been able to make this a priority - though I know many of you are very interested in furthering this. I'd recommend this option. A blender rig / template needs to be made based on these models: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15552&view=findpost&p=234092 Snap these bones... http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15552&view=findpost&p=233126 to match this structure (if they don't already). Then take the prop points helpers in the second link and reconnect them to the bones in the first link. It is critical to kee
  3. Nice work Fexor, that is great. Neat shapes How do the scripts do if you ran it on a map that wasn't flat?
  4. Hmm, is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? This RMS logic could be replicated for play in game to allow simple wall shapes to be auto placed by the player (through the UI) as well as the computer AI.
  5. It has been a while since I gave a report. The current balance is $5,178.19. Philip's last payment for his second week of work was Dec 15th, 2011 and it looks like he is close to receiving another when he completes his day 15. A notable donor was Steven Fuchs who gave $500 on 1/29! Here is to you Steven
  6. I respectfully disagree. 0 A.D. already is filling in a niche market as a free open source RTS (with a small number of competitors). If 0 A.D. could get on the Android it would be without comparison to any other strategy game available in that market. The Android community would eat that up, and surely run with this bringing more publicity and attention to the project - with the hope that more programmers/animators would be interested in joining as well.Also, people who volunteer on this game tend to do what they find to be fun and enjoyable work to them. Self satisfaction is often the gre
  7. Sounds like a good excuse to implement Level of Detail in the game. Replace existing (now very high poly - by standards 5 years ago) models with low poly versions. Remove animations, and make units move around like chess pieces if needed. Use mip-mapping features, and change the defaults for shadows and water rendering.I'm sure you guys can get it to work, and it would be an awesome platform to add to list of compatible OSs.
  8. That looks a lot better than 2.6 Thanks! I can see where the prop points are attaching and the bones are actually in the right direction. I'm going to be on vacation and away from a computer for 10 days starting this next Thursday, but I'd like to try playing with those files when I get back. I see potential! What kind of errors was it giving you?
  9. Maybe this has been pointed out somewhere else... but, just in case, it is kind of odd how when the origin of a particle leaves the screen it makes all of the particles disappear that are attached to it. Is there a way to treat particles different than models for when they are clipped from rendering in the view?
  10. Ben, that sounds like a great suggestion. I attempted importing into 2.6 and I got this: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15552&view=findpost&p=232869 Those results in 2.6 are... not cool. Could you post a pic of how the bones look in 2.5 (I don't have that version of blender installed)? About the horse - I don't understand the difficulty of exporting a .dae file from Max (and all the Max horse animation files are in the art repository). I exported all the time... I thought it was pretty well documented here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtDesignDocument#
  11. Eh.. I don't have that kind of free time It looks just like it looks in blender When your talking about redoing animations I think there should be a serious commitment behind that. It is going to take some considerable time to do that (much more than it would take to make a common/cross compatible rig). If there isn't a commitment and proof that the feat is possible, I fear what has happened in the past will repeat itself. A decision is made to go a different direction (for one reason or another), then people who were behind that decision unfortunately have to leave the project due to oth
  12. Here you go, I've attached, just unzip into public/art and maintain folder structure.EDIT: On a side note, this blender animation will only work with the blender exported mesh. As I figured would happen, when you try to load this animation with one of our existing skeletal animations it turns the mesh into something that looks like a moving mass of crinkled up paper. This is because the rigify structure (bone lengths, coordinate location of the joints) doesn't match the 3ds Max and XSI structures we have been using for the game. So... the choices I see are 1) put forth just a little bit mo
  13. It works! Nice job Now we just need to get prop points working and you need to work on those wrists! Way to go
  14. Daniel, while you see if you can make any headway with Ben's suggestion... I'll see if I can get a custom rig set up in blender by exporting through motion builder. It may be a long shot, but worth a try. Otherwise, I'd recommend creating a custom rig in Blender and not using rigify preset tools.
  15. Well, I updated and got the latest .exe after Ben fixed the divide by zero error. This is what you see now: <p class="error">ERROR: art/animation/test/fisherman_paddling.dae: Assertion not satisfied (line 87): failed requirement "animation must have frames"</p> <p class="error">ERROR: CSkeletonAnimManager::GetAnimation(art/animation/test/fisherman_paddling.dae): Failed loading, marked file as bad</p> Sooo, your animation is missing frames. Not sure why because I can see them in your blender file. Perhaps it is how the .dae was exported? On a positive note - I do s
  16. I cleared the cache and I get this in the main log: <p>art/meshes/test/fisherman_paddling.dae: Starting conversion</p> <p>art/meshes/test/fisherman_paddling.dae: Running FixBrokenXML</p> <p>art/meshes/test/fisherman_paddling.dae: Authoring tool: Blender 2.61.0 r42615</p> <p>art/meshes/test/fisherman_paddling.dae: FCollada 175: COLLADA document loaded successfully.</p> <p>art/meshes/test/fisherman_paddling.dae: Found convertible object 'Mesh'</p> <p>art/meshes/test/fisherman_paddling.dae: Converting 'rig'</p> <p>art/
  17. Hmmm... I'll probably have to check this out when I get off work. Your only placing the fisherman actor right? Not the fisherman on the boat? If you removed the skeleton stuff you had in there yesterday and replaced it with my skeleton I posted last night... it should work because it worked for me. Unless I was getting some advantageous caching error.
  18. What does it say in your log files at %appdata%\0ad\logs Also you have: <animation file="fisherman_paddling.dae" name="idle" speed="10"/> Is the animation file really at the root of your animation folder, or is it in a subfolder like infantry or support or test?
  19. A good call! Daniel try adding a texture callout to the actor I posted here (be sure the mesh and animation file are in the appropriate location - I put mine in the test folder of both mesh and animation). I didn't alter the .dae file, so you can use the fisherman_paddling.dae you shared earlier.
  20. Well, I think I'm closer. I need to go to bed, but here is what I got. I now get this from the log: CSkeletonAnimManager::GetAnimation(art/animation/test/fisherman_paddling.dae): Loaded successfully But, then immediately afterward I get this: ERROR: Failed to find file: "" Odd... I don't know what its asking for. Here is my actor: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <actor version="1"> <castshadow/> <group> <variant frequency="100" name="Base"> <animations> <animation file="test/fisherman_paddling.dae" name="idle" speed="10"/&
  21. That does sound easier, there is a lot of clutter in this rig Daniel try replacing the DEF- with ORG- <visual_scene id="Scene" name="Scene"> <node> <node name="root"> <node org="ORG-hips"> <node org="ORG-spine"> <node org="ORG-ribs"> <node org="ORG-neck"> <node org="ORG-head"> </node> <node def="DEF-head">
  22. Did your animation file have a mesh included with it - or was it all bones? I remember seeing a mesh. There is no difference between a .dae file that was saved for mesh purposes and those that were saved for animation purposes. When you call the .dae file out as a mesh in the actor it only looks at the mesh information in the .dae file. When you call out animation file in the actor it only looks at the animation portion of the .dae. It looks like you still have an issue with the skeleton. Humor me and give me your fisherman_paddling.dae file - even though you think it is the same as the f
  23. Ok, taking a look here: file="infantry/general/forage.psa" & file="infantry/general/dude/dudeidle.psa" Those animations aren't going to work with your .dae file because they are intended to be used with the standard skeleton. Right now your using some sort of custom blender skeleton (which we need to fix in the future). So that is probably giving you an error. You also can't use m_pants_celt.dae because it is also using the default skeleton (not the custom blender skeleton you made). I doubt your prop points are going to work either. So lets just eliminate that questionable variable as
  24. Alright, so row 393 means nothing in the .dae file: It is simply </source> So, what is 393 in your skeleton.xml file? Also, could you share the code of your actor file?
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