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  1. I think you can add bones and it will still be able to be used and shared as common between all existing humanoid animations and models. I think you may run into issues though if you try to delete or modify (lengths, positions, orientation, or relationships) the existing bones. Any new bones added for IK purposes would simply be ignored by not calling them out in the skeleton.xml file.
  2. Sure, can do. So, no moving and do you want it to rise and fall - or just simply to undulate?
  3. Try this - Sorry I didn't convert them to a normal (maybe somebody else could?). CrazyBump kept crashing for some reason. I came across this which I thought was interesting: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/715/entry-2249487-ocean-rendering/page__st__5 http://www.outerra.com/forum/index.php?topic=544.0 Waves.zip
  4. Just to see if I follow you correctly... you would like an animated height & normal map of a full (single) wave cycle - from it's rise, then crest, then break? Wikipedia has some cool info (and animated images): http://en.wikipedia....iki/Water_waves
  5. If it was 3ds max, I could set up IK/FK in 10 minutes. But, this is the best I can do in blender, I can barely navigate the UI. There has to be some tutorials on how to add IK/FK on youtube. It would be nice if a blender user took the iniative to apply it to this rig if it is needed (and I agree, it would be nice - I use it a lot in Max).
  6. Thanks for the tip guys, I think we have template! Does someone want to try animating this with something more usable/practical, and we can do an export to see if we can get it applied to the standard skeleton? dude_4.zip
  7. Excellent thanks, I'll give this a shot when I get home.
  8. Can anybody else answer the above question? How do I attach a child object to a parent objects, so that when I move the parent - the child will follow. Perhaps point me to a good tutorial? I think a template for blender humanoid animation is almost there! Just need a few more tweaks.
  9. I agree, I think that though the bulk of the remaining must have artwork is in animation - expanding on the new capabilities that Pyrogenesis will offer has potential to take on a life of it's own and generate a lot of interest with some pretty stunning visuals.
  10. I saw this the other day and I was pretty impressed with their water: http://dear-esther.com/?page_id=37
  11. Cool thanks. I think the light map will work, but I need to make some tweaks to the diffuse texture. It is hard to tell the specular from a static photo, do you think it looks OK in motion? I'm not happy with the roof textures. The texture was created from a photograph that was not taken perpendicularity from the roof, so all the tiles look funny. I guess it will work for showcasing the capabilities, but it doesn't look quite right to the eye. The pediment and those statues in the arches sorely need some more help too. I have an idea for that, but it will require some more work.
  12. Sounds like a great list. Could you throw on a post processing affect for altering hue/saturation, gamma affects?
  13. Looking good - try this file. Would it be possible - instead of using an animated file... to take this sprite and cause it to start from a squished state (for example 16x128) fade in, advance to the shore (expanding to it's full size 64x128), linger, stretch it even further (maybe 96x128) in a retreat and fade back into transparency. Meanwhile, another wave would be starting it's cycle behind it.
  14. Lets try this one. Sorry, no specular yet - I got distracted by the water thread.
  15. Nice updates. IMHO, the battlements / crenellations deserve their own unique texture or shape to make them stand out a little bit more.
  16. Cool and thanks for the tip, I'll get that fixed up this afternoon. Looks great!
  17. Ok, sure, here you go: http://www.wildfiregames.com/users/art/wijit/newwater.zip
  18. I've seen comments here, or somewhere else that there is some complaints about the quality of the water texture. I've taken the liberty of regenerating 60 frames of animated looping water. The photoshop plugin outputs a color map in the RGB (maybe useful for adding white caps to waves?) and then uses the alpha channel to store a bump map. If I gave you 60 of the attached files would that be something you could work with... or would you need that bump map extracted and turned into a normal map for you? I was also thinking... I could generate more animated maps if they might be useful? Waterfall or maybe an animated caustic light map that could be applied to the terrain below the water? water01.zip
  19. Sorry, I should explain more. I guess what I'm trying to do is to... for example - attach that head mesh to the head bone, so that when the head bone moves, it will move with it. I'm not talking about doing any vertex deformations, just a ridged attach. I'd like to do the same thing with all those boxes (prop points) too. If you'd like to give it a shot please feel free!
  20. Cool, that did turn out pretty good. I see some fixes I need to make to the texture and the artifacts you mention (I'll need to modify the UV mapping on the model to fix that). I think there would be a big benefit to do some mapping to some of the things I avoided like the pediment, eagle, and statue too. Q, does the AO generator take into account the normal maps?
  21. Its kind of tedious, you basically remake the entire texture with lots of gradient work. Lets see how this works out. Next up will be a specular and light map for it.
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