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  1. Ah, I forgot - sorry. Here it is and in a zip instead. Unfortunately it is just an .exe no source code - so I'm not sure how much help it will be (and it looks pretty poor on this computer - maybe a driver issue). Florian Brede (aka Daywalker) was the programmer. It looks like he could be contacted here. WaterTest.zip
  2. Looking really nice I was wondering if you had considered another pre-shader method that might add a little bit to the atmosphere of where water meets shore. A really long time ago (2003), a WFG programmer created a demo of some waves that were similar to how AOM did their effects. It lives here: http://www.wildfireg...s/WaterTest.rar (there is even a wave sprite texture I created years ago in there). AOM basically used a wave sprite that would move, expand and fade on an edge detected shoreline. You can see it in this video here: It isn't perfect, but I always thought it looked nice. It might be a nice addition, especially for those that can't use fancy water.
  3. I would assume so, but couldn't tell you for sure. Philip could tell you for sure, he was just making some improvements to the system 6 months ago.
  4. I'm not certain how it works right now, but I think you can get 4 textures blended into one tile right now. See this pic.
  5. Cool thanks, that is not bad, I'll carry on. I'll make a specular and illumination map too. I think that would look nice with the marble and the windows.
  6. Alright, I've started working on the Romans. The roofs are really important because it is a large piece of what people see. Could you show me how this looks? Also, I was looking at that Brennus texture a little bit and it appears to me that it is in an inverse direction (what is sticking down should be up and vice-versa). I'm going to see if there is some way I can convert it back to a height/elevation map.
  7. That celtic texture looks very nice, I think that did well. I was hoping for a little better results with the unit texture, but I'm afraid I can't do much about it because I didn't make that one. I also don't have any more elevation maps. Though I could make another to demo. Is there one you had in mind you would like to see? I think all the shield textures have some benefit from both the specular and normal mapping.
  8. Could it be applied to an unanimated actor just to see what the affect might look like on the unit? I'm attaching the black and white elevation map, maybe I didn't convert it correctly - or maybe the brightness and contrast needs to be greater. Sorry for pestering you so, I'd try it myself but ... well you know that story.
  9. If someone could... would you please test these two normal files? The celt_struct_1_normal should work with any (over a dozen) celt structure actors that still uses celt_struct_1 for it's base texture. binaries\data\mods\public\art\actors\structures\celts The other is a test on a unit, it should work for actor: binaries\data\mods\public\art\actors\units\celts\brennus.xml Thanks PS - as someone mentioned here... Would it be reasonable to make a distinction between dynamic an static objects. Apply SSAO to the dynamic ones and prerendered AO to the static ones?
  10. Cool, thanks for looking into it. With the advanced search and using the dates I was able to find what I was looking for. There seems to be some broken images however. Please check this thread out: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10269&st=0&p=174179&hl="normal%20map"&fromsearch=1entry174179
  11. Cool, though I'm guessing that it hasn't made it's way to SVN yet. https://github.com/myconid/0ad/blob/terrainalpha/binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures/terrain/alphamaps/blendtex.png Does it work using the alpha channel or the black/white levels of the RGB on the .png file?
  12. I'm having difficulty with the search tool. The search doesn't seem to bring up posts before 2011. Also, when I look at a member profile (part of the retired group) and go to look at their posts, it won't pull any of their posts or topics. Can this be duplicated and possibly fixed?
  13. I think we are getting closer! Zaggy I took a look at the blend file and your right, those props are messing up the hierarchy. So I excluded them from the export. Now the bones all come in a lot cleaner into blender 2.5. My question now is, how do I attach a ridged object to a bone to make it follow the bone? Once that is answered, the prop points just need to be attached to the appropriate bones and we can try exporting again. Please take a look and see what you think now dude_3.zip
  14. Playing around in Atlas, you can paint with the left mouse button or the right mouse button and get different results. You can make block like patches and more organic shaped patches, depending on how you paint. You should be able to smooth out some of those zig-zags in the beach screenshots, but I'm guessing that was from a random map?
  15. Great thanks, I just got back from vacation. I'll take a look at this in the next few days
  16. I think this is an art issue, not a programming one. If someone has the means - they should grab the terrain blends from AOM and throw them in the game to see if the issue is as noticeable. See here for a method on making another set of blends from scratch. http://trac.wildfire...t#TerrainBlends Like Philip mentioned in the trac ticket, it would be good to have blends for different purposes, roads, sands, grasses, rocks... etc. That would also improve the look. Atlas used to have the ability to turn on the grid lines on the map which would make it easier to pick out which blends need some improvement.
  17. Are there .dae files for the horses yet or are they still .pmd/.psa files? If so, I'd like to get those exported as .dae files. Making a horse stomping animation wouldn't be to difficult with the existing models. Adding more geometry to the existing models would be easy as well.
  18. Nice! Could I get a copy of that .blend file after you fixed the origin. I'm not sure what your looking at deleting, but I don't think you want to delete the prop points for the model. So just be cautions of that. There are things like "nubs" that are a 3ds Max thing that could be deleted. I'd like to work the skeleton xml file. I would think they would be there, wouldn't they? Because the animation works in blender at the shins and forearms? Or are you talking about in the game after the export?
  19. 0 A.D. will be compatible with any 3D software that is capable of exporting a .dae file. It is just as easy to export from 3DS Max as it is from Blender, Maya, SoftImage XSI, sketchup, etc... Bryce might even be able to export .dae files? If not, it could probably export a .obj file which could be imported and used to export a .dae file from another program.
  20. I use 3DS Max, if you have more specific questions please let me know.
  21. Aye that is impressive. It would be most impressive it moved with the trees Would performance be helped if it was thinned or the quantity of it lessened? Or perhaps if instead of applying directly to terrain, it could be applied to an object that could be placed on the terrain by a map designer.
  22. Great! Do you think the mini bones would be hard to lengthen without disrupting the skeleton/rig?
  23. I forgot about this but I thought you guys might find this interesting. I had some copies of an old game developer's conference that was held in 2005 with the AOE3 lead and senior programmer. They were talking about the new graphical engine features prior to the release of the game. You can see the slides in my attachment. There is more commentary here: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fgamepro.tistory.com%2Farchive%2F20060329%3Fpage%3D1 If you had a membership and access to http://www.gdconf.com/ you could probably see the whole bit there. There are some details shared there about AOE3 cliffs that might be applicable to the terrain displacement discussion going on here: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16197 About the grass... how would that work, you won't want to have grass everywhere? Would you have to have a grass masking map for terrains that would get the grass? Could you color the grass to match the pixels of the terrain, and perhaps use RGB pixel values to define height variation (greener = taller)? These are the questions that popped in my head when I saw that video. aoe3gdc2005.zip
  24. Ah, yep... that was it! I thought it had something to do with the new "My Media" button - but I guess it doesn't. Cool, thanks Erik - I think I'm good
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