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  1. Nice choice, I owned a '54 ford myself with a '55 deluxe grill. I'd love to see pics
  2. Here is an idea to troubleshoot, if you have a Nvidia card, sometimes the newer drivers have some messed up video overlay settings that you need to go in the advanced panel and return to default. That might correct the problem. But, if that was the problem it would be on other .avi videos you play with windows media player too. So, play another .avi and see if you still have the problem. If you do, try tweaking the video overlay settings.
  3. I believe R6 is supported also isn't it Philip? Maya and XSI as well.
  4. Awesome Joshua, that is a great accomplishment. I hope you are able to do some more articles for them (a little cash is always nice)
  5. [img center]http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/movies/thumbnail1.png[/img center] Download The Video (11.7 mb - 1 min.) Wildfire Games is proud to announce the release of a video featuring gameplay from 0 A.D., a historical real-time strategy game currently under development. This is the first dynamic glimpse of our flagship title in its present state. When completed, 0 A.D. will be released to the public for free, with absolutely no strings attached. The game is powered by Pyrogenesis, a game engine built from the ground up by Wildfire Games. 0 A.D. is being developed by an all-volunteer, all-online team with members from five continents and numerous countries such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, and the United States. A fun, yet focused, atmosphere brings the team members together to complete the serious task of producing 0 A.D. We are constantly recruiting more members. If you are inspired by the work completed so far, we encourage you to visit the 0 A.D. website and find out how you can get involved (Applications are HERE). Wildfire Games is looking (Job Openings are HERE) for self motivated, ambitious, skilled programmers and artists who thrive in a team environment. If you can program, script, animate, or model and have a love of video games and an eye on learning new skills in a diverse and determined group of likeminded individuals, then check out the Wildfire Games website to learn more about the game and apply to the team! Several of our members have gone on to lucrative careers in the game industry, while others have further honed and rounded their technical abilities, adding valuable entries to their demo discs and portfolios. You could be thrust into the thick of game development before you know it. As the great Roman poet Virgil wrote, “Fortune favors the bold!” - 0 A.D. is as bold as it gets. Thank you for your continued support of the project. We welcome you to visit for more information in the future reguarding special community releases such as this. If you have trouble with the video, try downloading the XviD codec HERE. If all else fails, THIS link to the smaller resolution video on Google Video should work. Share this news with your friends and help spread the word about 0 A.D.!
  6. Yep, exactly. We will have a way to host those files on our website.
  7. The goal is to have the ability for all text (excluding text that is in an image) be modifiable. All we need is someone who is capable of translating, do the work of translating all the text (which would probably be a large job). Short answer is that we will provide the public the capability of making a translation, but we will probably lean on the community to do the dirty work of translating for us once the english version is released.
  8. Hmm, not sure where you read that... but structures can be constructed on command.
  9. The hold up at the moment is laying out the cinimatics, triggers and placing the video bits into a compilation that would include sound, introduction, etc... Remind us to keep you updated and we'll let you know where we stand.
  10. I saw that on slashdot the other day. But, you really need to see this after reading that article: It is video of the maker of that suit
  11. Here are some better dates: Winter of 2001/2002 - the idea of 0ad as a game was born (previously a mod for Age of Kings). Summer of 2003 - actual game development started, up to that point is was mostly design on paper, prototypes, and proof of concept work. I know we aren't as fast as a game studio that has an army of professionals pouring 40+ hours a week into their games. This might also help put some perspective on things if making comparisons: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_development#Duration
  12. Unfortunately no. But, you should be able to find bank gothic for free (at least I have in the past)
  13. Akzidenz Grotesk BE Ex ... but that is hard to find. Bank Gothic is similiar
  14. I made those, and using them is fine by me I'd be curious to see how they look in your usage though. Link us to your forum once your done.
  15. Thank you very much for your donation Kumar, I just saw that today. It is very much appreciated. The money you gave is going to go towards helping pay our server fees and continues to keep our webpages advertisement free. We'll make ya proud! Thanks again
  16. Yes, both visually and (at higher rankings) statistically between the common shared units.
  17. Sweet, there are some issues with it... but thats mainly compression and video card issues that are probably out of your control. We'll get you some triggers soon hopefully and then you can go make all sorts of nifty movies
  18. Very nice Christoph I'm really liking that. Yeah a tutorial would be great.
  19. I think it is a turn for a showcase.
  20. No reason to run away We always need a little spur to our sides, it is plays one small part in what keeps us going. A few of the team members have been toying with some alternate distribution and developmental plans that might get an earlier form of the game into the hands of the players faster. We'll see how things look in the spring, but I was just playing the game last night and I am quite proud about how much like a 'game' it really feels like now vs. something that just makes pretty screenshots or shows off some programming tricks. Things are coming together , with the help of the community (based on one of the proposed new plans), it might come together faster.
  21. It is still in the process of being made, and is not playable for the public.
  22. The winners have been announced - check out the 0 A.D. Homepage
  23. For the past few months the 0 A.D. community has taken part in a community activity. The goal was to complete the civilization emotion icon set for our six featured factions. The competition was over last week, but the judging was finished today. Here are the results! Greek by FirePowa8 Persian by FirePowa8 Carthaginian by omicron1 Iberian by Undo Your work will forever be immortalized on our forums. Thank you all for your participation!
  24. Very helpful indeed! Thank you very much
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