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  1. Alrighty, the 0 A.D. staff will judge the entries and we'll have the results posted up by next week at the latest Thanks all who contributed.
  2. Did you send it to all of us? I know it may sound very strange, but I still haven't received anything from you. Is is possible your email is being caught by a spam filter? If you could perhaps share an instant messenger account with us via a forum private message or some other means - we could perhaps troubleshoot this disconnect. I'm really sorry for all the trouble you are going through to get a simple application pushed through
  3. Sorry that it isn't working for you... jason@wildfiregames.com jan@wildfiregames.com matei@wildfiregames.com stuart@wildfiregames.com Hopefully someone will get it
  4. Tomorrow is the last day to be immortalized in our forum smilies. We will be choosing one from each - greeks, persians, carthaginians, and iberians.
  5. Hmm, your test one you sent came through fine yesterday, but I haven't received anything from you or the application form via email today.
  6. I still didn't get anything So sorry to make you do it over again - could you perhaps fill out a copy of the questions in a text file and email it to jason@wildfiregames.com?
  7. Less than 2 weeks to go! You wouldn't have to do heros either, you could always do just regular soldiers.
  8. Arissa, welcome to the forums. I just received notice about this topic so apologies for the delay. I am not aware of any applications that have came through from you, are you sure it was successful? Please try again (sorry for the inconvenience), and if we don't receive anything forward the information to me via email: jason@wildfiregames.com
  9. Nice Bernd! That is a pretty exquisite suit Looks like you two were having a great time on that special day
  10. Few more weeks away. FirePowa8 has made some dandies, anyone creative enough to do an Iberian or Carthangian?
  11. A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in an interview with a group of guys that started creating their own podcasts about games and movies. Apparently, they found us through GameDev.net and wanted to learn more about our project. We are briefly featured in their third episode. There is also a written interview available on their website. I'm not sure how much of the information is new to you fans, but please support the people that help spread the word about 0 A.D. Thanks and HERE is the link.
  12. Hey Jan and Paul you two are looking pretty sharp there I'll post up an image too just so you guys aren't the only ones This was taken at my Brother's wedding the summer of 2005. Not really my color but what can you do
  13. Yes, thank you for spreading the word Illyrian and Leonidas. I have been trying to gain a foothold in the RTW community for over a year and I never get very far. When developers post, they view it as 'advertisement.' But, our game is free! Though I suppose it could be viewed as taking away sales from competitors
  14. Congrats Joshua, eat a piece of cake for me in your honor. So, what is next for you?
  15. Those are excellent FirePowa8. Thats the sort of thing we are looking for
  16. I have a project for you guys. Some of you may have noticed our lonely and icons (roman and celt). Well, they need some friend! I am looking for someone or a group of you to make the following emote icons: Persian Greek Carthaginian Iberian Rules: 1) You have to use the IPB smily as a base: (you get the idea) 2) Head and helmet only.. no arms, no weapons 3) No resizing of the round head 4) Must be a .gif image 5) As historically recognizable as possible 6) Front view 7) No members of WFG allowed to participate directly You can have as many submissions as you want, just post them up h
  17. This probably isn't the proper forum to ask for it... Vit, start a topic in the 0ad modding forum with your idea and see what kind of a response you can get
  18. Hey Drew, good to see you found the forums and now all registered Keep in touch with Michael or myself as you are trying to figure out what is going on. We can answer a lot of the questions for you that I am sure you will have.
  19. Well, not sure if we can do it 'now' (need to write tutorials, make a special version of the game, etc...). But, I will see what I can do to expidite the process.
  20. actually... jason@wildfiregames.com would be prefered. That hotmail address is never used and I don't think it accepts emails anymore?
  21. Hmm, that isn't a bad idea - Definately something we should consider. I will talk it over with some of the team and see what they think. Maybe put together a small modding sdk kit for you guys to get a head start using our tools and game engine.
  22. Yes, there will be various configurations that you will be able to alter to optimize the balance between the look of the game and the performance on your computer. Instead of us telling you what we have planned, how about you tell us what you want?
  23. Hehe, I was just about to say... how about you help us out and we'll give you all the concept art you could dream of to make 3d stuff. Application Form: http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/appform.php
  24. Darius, I sent you an e-mail. Check your inbox. If you don't have my messege, let me know and I'll resend.
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