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  1. I am typing from my phone, so I will be breif. Steve I think what you have going is good enough for this task I asigned you to. Michael's request is valid but he will/can create a seperate task for that specific temple. It isn't fair to you to redo something from the start. What you have is great eyecandy (the purpose). It can be used as a shrine. The texture scale for the roof is great. Keep matching the references. The walls were made to do as you did.
  2. Unfortunately, the plugin only works for R6. I should have made that more clear in the documentation. The image looks great though!. What defines what is a prop and what isn't is basically what texture it uses. If it is the normal building texture, then it's building, if it uses the fancy texture with all the added stuff would be going to a central prop.
  3. I checked out the files and fantastic, looks great Also, feel free to use File=>Merge to pull in the buildings from the reference file and use more parts and pieces from them to make your UV mapping job a little easier.
  4. Excellent, I'll look at them in more detail tomorrow The best way I've found to do pillars is this: Select the temple - go into editable poly mode and then into element. Select the pillar. Detatch as Object (not as a clone and not as an element). Next exit the poly mode of the temple and select the pillar. Go to the heirarchy tab and click "affect pivot only" - then click "center to object", drop the z depth down to the bottom if you'd like. Then deselect "affect pivot only" Next with your column select hold down shift and drag your gizmo, a little dialog will come up and ask you how many
  5. Looking great! Some things are easier for me to fix than explain with text. Have a look at the new file I committed (v2a). I really like the new pillar buildings, very stately - good choice. Also the inward sloping roofs - nice! Here is briefly what I did: *I added the geometry in the back door for those 2 buildings. *Fixed the smoothing on the roofs *Made the Pediments flat *Fixed some potential zdepth-fighting with the rails I added some references for you. The roof might be helpful. There are some pillars on the temple you could use - Already UV mapped. Your pillars are pretty high
  6. Welcome Becky, I don't have you down for a task yet, have you chosen one? If so, let us know in the Academic forum please.
  7. Ok, well I had a chance to look them over and here are some tips Please don't take the feedback personally. I was going to do an image of each and try to show you with pictures the issues with each one, but it took me an hour just to do one... so I'll try typing a description and I'll clarify as needed. I'm going to number you buildings from the photo you took, 1-4 on the back, left to right. 5-7 on the front left to right. Here are a few generic comments that apply to most all of them: Roofs can be detatched and be enlarged just a touch to drop down over the building, it give an appearance
  8. I took a look at it Steve and just had time to open up the file (realized I had to install Max R9). I'll look at it in more detail, but one thing I noticed is that you have extra geometry showing the 'bottom' of the building. You can cut that off because it is never going to be seen in the game.
  9. Looking good Steve, I'll check over the files today after I get home from work and give you some feedback
  10. A big Ditto on all of Bobbo's comments Just a few quick comments - Nice work! I like the wireframe images you posted - it is easier to help give feedback It looks like you rescaled the door and window? That is a no-no per the task description document. If you would like to use that door, you will need to either raise up the roof line or remove the decorative triangle piece from the top of the door frame. Like Bobbo mentioned - the decorative caps on the edges of the roof lines goes a long way. Your pitch on the roof looks a little steep.
  11. He doesn't have those files. He can work to the other roman structures for consistency sake. We can modify them all as required at a later date.
  12. I think for a concept and to get started modeling - what you have here is good. Scale will take care of itself as you model it and compare it to the other roman buildings that you will use as guides for scale. Note these concepts and how different they are (in scale) than what is used in the game (and in your max file): http://www.wildfiregames.com/0ad/album_page.php?pic_id=6256 http://www.wildfiregames.com/0ad/album_page.php?pic_id=6252 http://www.wildfiregames.com/0ad/album_page.php?pic_id=6251 Oh, one thing I forgot to note in the task instructions .doc file is that you need to maintain th
  13. It is a nice concept - reminds me of Michaels art :)It is a nice concept - reminds me of Michaels art I like the shape of the building. I like the details you added in your first concept though (the porch roof, the roof over the door). Technique wise, it looks good. The building looks a little modern and doesn't quite fit in with the theme of our existing roman buildings. Especially the roof. Try something like this (Top view) --------------------- │\ /│ │ \ / │ │ ›―――――――――――――‹ │ │ / \ │ │/ \│ --------------------- this ---
  14. Yeah, we can work that in for you. I wouldn't want you to spend a lot of time doing it but it would be some good practice.
  15. Yes, hold them tight as you have in you image. There is more comments I might make, but as it is a WIP - I'll wait till your ready.
  16. Awesome - perfect! The Phonetics will help so much (even then it would be good if you could listen to the audio files once they are made to make sure the emphasis is placed on the correct syllables) It is true the Celts do sound a bit Latin to my ear as I was trying to speak the words aloud. I think it has to do with the numerous phrases that end in -os.
  17. Doh - Seriously, I have heard a lot of great things about this magazine and highly recommend signing up for this raffle. Good luck to the entrants.
  18. Anthony, thanks for taking the time to post all of this valuable information in a format that could easily be used by the design of a game. Unfortunately, much of what we have based the design of the Celt is based on interpretations of Celtic history books (by myself) - and looking for specific information for the purposes of the game that sometimes didn't exist. It is sort of a 'best guess' by an amateur Celtic enthusiast (me). I believe you filled out an application form, but we would be happy to have you review our Celtic material/design within the game to check for accuracy. In most c
  19. The Gaesata will be included in the game as a Celtic infantry unit armed with a javelin.
  20. Welcome to the forums! Yes the Celts with have chariots. In fact the chariot is the Celt's unique unit.
  21. Yes it does, but without the visibility of the wireframe we can't give you feedback on how we could help that poly count decrease. So if you want ideas on how to do that, you'll need to post a wire/edge view.
  22. Posting a wireframe view is also useful to help you optimizing your poly count.
  23. Nice choice, I owned a '54 ford myself with a '55 deluxe grill. I'd love to see pics
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