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  1. I hate longterm Assignments. I always wait for the last minute to do them.
  2. I voted Burger King . I don’t eat fast food too much but when I do that’s where I go most of the time.
  3. I voted yes just for all those people that would want a forum on movies and tv. I probably will not post on that forum too much because I dont watch many movies nor do I watch tv really.... Unless it is a movie or documentary on history or WW2.
  4. I do it all the old old style. 1 Window. 1 Reply at a time (not fast reply). 1 topic at a time. B-)
  5. I just clicked "Null vote" Because I dont know to much about these clubs. Tell me about them. Would they just be little clubs inside the WFG community? Sort of like school clubs?
  6. Welcome to the forums! B-) Herzlich willkommen!
  7. American football (I also like soccer but I dont play it as often)
  8. I like being single. (You get to flirt all you want! ) Plus I am going to wait till after high school. When I go to Germany Maybe I can pick up a German chick there. Now THAT IS THE BEST way to learn German baby.
  9. Happy birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! (I dont know if thats right heh but it should say Happy birthday in German.)
  10. I dont really care about the posts at all. In fact I would not mind being the guy with the lowest posts as long as I have GREAT friends like you guys! Thanks for being my friends. I really enjoy talking with all of you. Thats why I will never leave.
  11. Ich versuche...hehe...Ich Lernen. ( I try...I am learning) (Please correct me if I make mistakes) B-) Danke schön! ( Du kann pm mich) Back on topic!
  12. LOL guys I am sure there is enough to go around there is no need to argue...heh Besides I called her first anyways! j/k
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