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  1. I heard physics was hard from my other friends at school... I dont have physics yet. I guess thats a good thing?
  2. WoW DA! Take it easy man! Mine would be : - School finals Um.... thats it hehe.
  3. My worst subject would be English. (Even though I am pulling off a B ) I HATE reading books that I have no interest in such as "To kill a mocking bird". :-( Yet I have no problem with the actual reading I just prefer to read on subjects I have interest in that’s all. What about you?
  4. I voted "Hahahaha". But At times I use . BTW King Tutankhamun this is a great thread. Well done my good man.
  5. Yes Black Op, and Shogun 144 indeed, I am truly lucky. Thank you King Tutankhamun you sir are a good man. I am very happy that you guys were interested in that story. Sorry, that’s my fault. I apologize akya. Thank you for correcting me.
  6. No worries Brian NOBODY is useless. Everyone has a purpose I think. If everyone didn’t have a purpose then I don’t think they would have been created. For me I think my purpose it to live the best I can. I don’t count on being the president of the United States. Meaning that I am sure that I have a very special purpose in life just as equal as anyone else. If you don’t mind I would like to tell you guys something. I was born in a third world country the country of Jordan. Jordan is located in the Middle East. When I was born I had a MASSIVE ear infection. To the point that I was unable to hear! My parents went to the BEST doctors in all of Jordan. (My dad’s side of the family was VERY wealthy.) Nothing worked. So they decide to move to America when I was one year old. Then tried again they went to one of the best doctors in California. The doctor said that they must do the operation NOW or it would be too late. He said that if we wait longer then I would be def for life. After an operation I was able to hear. Sometimes I just imagine what would happen if I never came to America. I would not have the life I have. I would not have a quarter of the things I have such as friends and education. I would be in Jordan a third world country and def with no friends and no education. I am VERY lucky that I have an education and great friends like you guys! Even thought I don’t know what I am to do in this life I do know that I have a purpose. I am sorry I went kind of long but I hope maybe you guys can appreciate your hearing.... your speaking...your education...and you friends. I thank you all for being my friends. Thank you. - The Prophet
  7. Happy birthday Mythos_Ruler! How old are you now?
  8. Hello Silent-Thunder! Welcome to the WFG forums!
  9. Speaking of work. This summer I plan to be working on computers (building, repairing, etc.) I love working on computers.
  10. I have gym every other day. We have "Block schedule" at my school. If you don’t know how that works you go to periods 1, 3, and 5 the first day and the next day you go to periods 2, 4, and 6. (Then you go back to periods 1, 3, and 5 again the next day.) I love block schedule because that gives you 2 days to do your homework. (we only have 6 periods at my high school.)
  11. Happy birthday! I want a Ferrari too. j/k I like my Mercedes. ( ok Back on topic! )
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