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  1. Sombody said that we should do a topic on unedited pictures of themselves. So here goes. The posture was very necessary. Yes, i was born in 1988, making me 15.
  2. Yes, true, but i still have that potential, you are wearing it out right now. Besides, i wasn't doing a hardcore angry face like you were and my picture is not out of focus.
  3. Ha. Here is mine. Sorry, the pose was necessary. That is what bobby meant when he said that we had the same mustache.
  4. Who knows Tim. Maybe he hates himself? Happy new year! I was in CT this new year.
  5. Why the despise Sam? I took some great pictures from the airplane if they came out good. I took pictures of the Mojave Desert, Big Bear Mountains, canyons over Utah, the Rockies, Chicago, Los Angeles and the coast, and some of the plane wing itself. You know, just the usual everyday pictures.
  6. Hey guys. I am on vacation and i just got to New York yesterday. I am visiting my family. I am going to try to stay active, but it is hard when you are on vacation. They want to take me to places and do stuff with me too. I just wanted to let everyone know. (It isn't that bad, they have a 600kb per second cable modem ) How many of you are going on vacation for the holidays this year?
  7. Happy Christmas and a merry New Year!- Just because i felt like switching them around.
  8. Two acres Quacker. Here in California that is unheard of. Two acres here would cost you several million dollars. That is because the land here is very expensive. Even so, i still have a half acre sized yard. Nice house though.
  9. Well. Like they said, you could always help around the house. The stores will be open tomorrow though and if you want you could always get her something then. I can't believe the stores aren't open on Sundays where you live Tim. In the U.S. stores are open every day of the week except they close earlier on Saturdays and Sundays. Tim, your mom's birthday is the same as Bobby's birthday
  10. Nice work Tim. I like it. @ Desmond: That isn't a crazed wolf, that is an evil Pinky. He said so himself, you know, the pinky from the cartoon. I forget what cartoon though.
  11. Excellent. Another Guardian to help out in the forums. WOOT!
  12. Welcome Jasper. I am glad that you have done some posting. I look forward to seeing you in the forums regularly. @Matt: Don't post the same thing twice Matt. You are spamming the forums.
  13. Thanks for the currency Sam. Yes Tim, better late than never.
  14. Yes, it can, especially when you are not sure what you want and since what you want usually involves the "big bucks" and requires you to save up for it.
  15. And a happy birthday to me too. Thanks guys.
  16. Same here, i have tons of video games. The only thing is that a video game only entertains you for so long then you have to get a new one. Another thing that i like is free softare which is really the best. I also would really like office 2003 and I believe that i will be getting it soon since i use it for most of my homework.
  17. It reminds me that i have to finish my English homework.
  18. Yes, Matt does have a good point there. I have noticed that myself.
  19. No, Maddox is great. Here is a link to a really cool topic that he has. You have to read the commercial skit, it is hilarious. He explains his opinion on all those stupid douche comercials. http://maddox.xmission.com/douche.html
  20. Well, i have so much work. I have to get better with graphics anyway. It's not like it's hard or anything, i just have to get used to the filters.
  21. @Matt and @ Desmond, try to stay more on topic and stop flaming me.
  22. Yes, the graphics weren't the best, but i think that the gameplay was pretty ok and it was a 3D game like AOM.
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