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  1. Triggers. That is what makes all the user made scenarios neat. The rest is extra and the more stuff you add to the editor the better.
  2. I haven't posted for two reasons: 1. I haven't been in school because of the summer and therefore have not had homework. 2. Sometimes it takes a while to respond to the questions and i need to find the answers quickly. If i do encounter anything that stumps me this year, particularly my Spanish homework, i will post here and maybe someone that speaks native Spanish can help. Is there anybody here from Spain. I believe SUD is.
  3. You want to know what i think. I think that we will all spontaneously combust when we sit down at our computer boxes. There, i said it.
  4. Excellent. This time it worked. I must have come earlier when some people had just looked at it. It said, "This site has exceeded it's bandwidth limit." Now i see it and it looks great. Good work.
  5. Maybe you guys should all come to California. It rains here about 5 days a year and is usually always sunny. It gets hot during the summer (80-100 degrees F during the day and 60-70 degrees F at night). During the winter it can get to 60-80 degrees F in the day and 30-60 degrees F at night). Once during the winter i had ice on my grass from the morning dew. And like i said, it rains here about 5 days in a year. But on second thought you may not want to come here on account that the real-estate is VERY EXPENSIVE. For a three to four bedroom house it costs about 500,000 - 1,000,000 US dollars. The lesser expensive two bedroom houses and such go for a slight 300,000 - 400,000 US dollars. Mkay.
  6. When i get bored i get tired and then i fall to sleep until i wake up. Anybody else like my idea? And no, i am not kidding, that is what i do, unless i have to do work or have plans. Then i wake up and clean out my pool. Then i go out and do errands. Well, yes and that pretty much does it for me.
  7. He seems to be the best swimmer so far. Nobody has really been able to beat him as far as i know.
  8. Yes, i totally launched myself 600 feet across the map. Look. No cheats and no tricks.
  9. I use Windows XP 99% of the time and linux 1% of the time.
  10. The pyramids are by far the most famous and most amazing accomplishments.
  11. Wow, that must have been xtreme. I wish i was there. Why didn't you invite me?
  12. Its true. They would have said, "The United States have declared war on Japan," back in the day. But like they said, if a whole group is thought of as a single group, then it is has. Amgen has made many pharmaceutical drugs. Perscription drug companies have made many pharmaceutical drugs.
  13. That is the worst thing ever. Terrible. Glad i don't have one.
  14. It appers that the site has exceeded its bandwidth limit.
  15. Yes, it is true. I am like an hour and a half drive from USC which has the best swim school in the country. Mkay. My dad went there.
  16. I must admit that it was original and the fact that it was true made it funny.
  17. Sure, i am with the maybe, but i still lean towards the side of them being there. After all, there is no proof that they don't exist and there is simply too many sitings for us to believe that they are faked.
  18. I would buy a new computer and then I would save the rest for college and for my family. You know, just 2-5 grand for myself and the rest for my family and for college.
  19. California, USA I would be the forth person with the exact same reply for this thread. It is hot here too CO. Today was chilly. It was only in the 80's (26-31 degrees celsius). Gosh, better find my jacket, i had better play it safe and make sure that i don't freeze to death. Last week it was in the 90's and 100's (32-46 degrees C)
  20. Is it me or has anyone noticed that everyone on WFG who has an avatar that is hosted by angelfire has had their avatar replaced with a picture that says, "Image Hosted by Angelfire." Does anyone know what is up with this? Angelfire must have done some software/client changes so that the images couldn't show up on sites other then theirs. Does anyone have any free web servers that they would recommend? I also wanted to add that it seems to be intermittent.
  21. Never heard of it until Sam mentioned it to me one time.
  22. Yes, looks nice Sam. It would be cool if you passed your camera to a friend so that we can see you do some sweet tricks.
  23. Way to go Timbo. But you aren't done yet. You have to still be careful for the first year. People usually crack after the first year, but then again, Tim isn't usual (in a good way). One to reduce cravings is to reduce your alcohol consumption. I am not saying don't drink. I am just saying not so much so often. Alcohol is known to increase peoples' cravings for a cigarette.
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