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  1. I got new speakers today! I got logitech z5300 speakers. 5.1 surround sound and 220 watt plus 500 watt peak power. I just put them in and they are absolutely amazing. They came with a control that controls the subwoofer volume, master volume, fade volume, and center speaker all seperately. @Dnas: Assembling a computer is a snap. Took me like 4 hours to completely assemble it from scratch and install the OS. The only problem is that i had to get a new graphics card, so that delayed me. I was going to use my 9700 Pro AIW but that wasn't compatable with my motherboard so i got an X800 Pro. After 4 hours of driving all over town, from Ventura to Los Angeles, I finally found one store that had an X800 Pro in stock. I bought it immediately and didn't let go of it. Then i yelled, "It's mine!" Then i went home and plugged it into my computer. Expensive, yes. It was completely worth it IMO and there is no game that has been able to stump it yet on absolute highest settings.
  2. 31+ Give up now and i promise to spare dee women and children! You are mine now, you belong to me! Yeah, that's all i can think of. I was going to say, "All your base are belong to us!" but then i looked up and realized i had been beaten to it!
  3. Yes. I finished it this week. I got a new computer and my mom is going to take my other one. Anyway, i bought all the parts of Newegg and assembled it myself. If you are curious it is a: AMD 64 3500+ Winchester ASUS "A8V Deluxe" Motherboard 2GB PC3200 RAM 200GB Western Digital hard drive 8MB buffer 7200rpm (Already had in old computer) 120GB Barracuda Seagate SATA II hardrive 8MB buffer 7200rpm ATI X800 Pro video card Pioneer DVR-108 DVD burner Sound Blaster Audigy 2 (Salvaged out of my old computer too) Thermaltake case with 420 watt psx and the computer has 9 cooling fans in all. I love it. So far i am so incredibly happy with it. The whole system cost me $1400 i think(the 400 dollar graphics card was so worth it). It is so xtreme. I get 60fps on Doom 3 1600*1200 resolution at Ultra Quality. I may give some pictures when i add some more lights to the case. If i had gotten the same system off Alienware it would have cost me i belive $2500.
  4. *Update* I found a few errors here is my final version, i did things like said bien when i mean to say bueno and stuff like that. Here is the final version.
  5. No errors other than that one thing with hay then. Ok, well you guys had better be right. So in that case this would be the final correct version.
  6. Puede alguien ayudarme con mi tarea de espanol clase.(?) Anyway, i need help with my Spanish homework. The point being is that here it is. I need it to have perfect grammer, sentance structure and spelling. If you can make any suggestions to improve my paper feel free to do so, but it is due tomorrow so if anyone can help me before it's due that would be great. Thanks
  7. Yeah, i don't speak French and by that i mean, i don't know any. I know how to say yes and that is about it. I only know English (American English) and some Spanish being a Califonian. As a matter of fact, i just went into these forums to see if any Spanish speakers could help me with my Spanish homework.
  8. That is silly. Nobody uses batteries with memory anymore. For those of you that don't know, batteries with memory remember how much they were depleted when you charge them. So the next time you use them they need to be recharged at the same point that they were at when they were recharged previously reducing the amount of time the battery works and the amount of energy it stores, but like i said, all 21st century batteries are memory free.
  9. Ok, so i was signing up at this mac forum just because they have some free disk space they give you and such when i came to the profile. As you can see in the posted picture, the selection i circled in black is clearly the best choice.
  10. Its true except that Thomas Jefferson is on the front of the two dollar bill so i guess that means that Regan can't be on it too. I guess the reason why we have green money is becuase we like it. The new money has some blue and red in it too though.
  11. The best is when they don't read your homework ever. After a while, you just right down anything and then when they glance at it, it looks like you actually did it.
  12. Well, the best was last year when we filled our vocab book's blanks with random words. You used potato chips and lunchbag. The best was the underlining too, because you just randomly underlined things. Ohh, those were the good old days.
  13. That is the bigest load of crap i have ever read. What retard wrote this? The best is when the teacher is like, "Oh god no," when he said that Hitler was behind him.
  14. During school today somebody pulled the fire alarm. It was about 2 minutes after the bell rang for lunch that the fire alarm started to go off. It was rather anoying because of the sound and the strobe lights. It went on for a couple minutes and the staff turned it off. Then it went off again about 2 minutes after they turned it off. So they turned it off again only to have it turn back on a third time. Eventually they got it off, but even the stobe lights were still on for a while after that. It was rather anoying but nobody payed any attention to the fire alarm and we would rather be burned to death before we would give up our lunch. So that is my interesting story for today. Anybody else have an interesting story?
  15. I dislike school in general. For example, as of right now I am mad at my chemisty teacher because tomorrow we have two quizes. Must be because one quiz is simply not enough.
  16. OMG OMG. You never told me that you had Gozilla as your pet lizard. You have to give me the name of your pet store.
  17. OK, this thread has been officially killed. :'(
  18. I have been swimming since i was like 4. I have taken more swimming lessons then i can possibly count and have even been able to use my xtreme swimming abilities to get out of a rip current once. My friend and I were caught in a rip current and we totally out did it after about 8 minutes of non-stop fighting (My friend takes junior lifeguard and is in water polo, just to let you know). The girls next to us had to be rescued by the lifeguard. Yes, it was a rip current because i have felt tons of currents but nothing came close to that one. It was really powerful. One of the reasons i swam so much and still do is because my mom can't swim and therefore forced me to go into the water when i was young so that i wouldn't have a fear of the water like she does. My favorite place to swim though would be like Hawaii. My dad and i totally free-dived like 30-40 feet in crystal clear water and got like 4 feet from a sea turtle. I even went all out and chased a white tip reef shark to get a pic. I was like 6-8 feet from it. It was xtreme.
  19. Nope. I don't start till this Thurday. September 2nd.
  20. I have 173. Auron, you have 17 as of me looking at it by the way.
  21. That is exactly what i intend to do. I have a nice big patio in my backyard and it gets nice and hot there even during the winter. So that is what i will do. I will have to stand over him though since we have birds of prey, coyotes, etc.
  22. Nah, he/she is ok (For now i will assume that he is a male). The lizard loves its cage. I know that a person would be board out of their mind, but he really enjoys sunning himself on that log. What i do is i usually just let him sit on me while i am on the computer. That is what i am doing right now as a matter of fact. He has fallen asleep right no my chest. He has these little claws so he hangs onto my shirt with no problem. You don't need to give him that much attention on account that he is a lizard, but he does enjoy being taken out of his cage daily which isn't hard since i just take him out and set him on me while i am using the computer. Oh, and the lizard is fine. Doing great. I never knew a little guy like that could eat 10 crickets easy in one sitting :0. To top that off, he eats twice a day!
  23. Yes. I totally got a Bearded Dragon last Saturday. It is a baby no more than a month and a half old. Here are some pics below. http://img41.exs.cx/img41/8163/DSCN6734.jpg That is him/her in my hand. http://img41.exs.cx/img41/3940/DSCN6738.jpg This is him sleeping in the corner of his cage. I would totally have a cramp. http://img46.exs.cx/img46/1720/DSCN6742.jpg Here he/she is in his/her cage. Hmm, roomy. What do you think?
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