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  1. Yes, it will be a great battle of the 133t 1'5, but don't try guys, you are wasting your time. You will be defeated, just like every obstacle that has come our way.
  2. Hey Tim. Just put some of that stuff on your nails. It's a clear nail polish that goes on your nails and it tastes awful. So bad in fact that the taste stays in your mouth for a while. It doesn't really wash off, it is kind of like a clear nail polish. That will make you stop. Also, i noticed the Google ads for this page. Maybe you can look at them for some ideas. The ads are on nail biting.
  3. hmm. I will have to ask him about that Tim. I would say around $1200 plus shipping. Bobby and i were talking about making computers and selling them for twice as much as we paid for them.
  4. Today, CheeZy and i finished building his new computer. I won't give the specs because i don't want to mess anything up, but i can tell you that it is real nice and that CheeZy has been waiting for this day for a long time. He had worked on his motherboard and chassis. He screwed the motherboard on and had mounted the CPU fan. Today we finished it. I went over to his house and we worked on it for about 6-7 hours. It was exciting and we encountered problems along the way. One was that we thought that it had an integrated display, but it didn't, so we just pulled the graphics card out of his old computer. We partitioned the hard drive into two parts and we installed the OS. It was great until we forgot that the Windows XP Pro version that we had was old and when it connected to the internet, the computer got the MSBlaster worm instantly. We spent about 2 hours on the computer removing it while trying to prevent it from getting it again. We finally suceeded after starting the computer up in Safe Mode many times and by managing to get the updates, install antivirus software, and the like. The point being that he has a new computer and it is b1+(h1ng. (Mind you he had a pentium 3 600Mhz, about 324MB of RAM, and a 20GB hard drive)
  5. What thing are you currently working on. It can be a thing that you are currently doing now, from making a graphic to playing a game. It can be someting that is ongoing, like working on a project at work or school. You can also talk about what you are currently doing in your life for fun. As for me, i have been trying to learn how to make songs. I also have this science packet due this Friday.
  6. Getting to know different people and different cultures. Being able to see other peoples' views on things like world events. I also get a better understanding of the world.
  7. WOW great job Curufinwe. They look very nice. Should come in handy for 0A.D.
  8. They look lovely, i mean it looks lovely.
  9. @ Black Night: twee U.K. too sweet or nice: dainty or pretty in an overdone and affected way
  10. HECK NO. That would be so annoying. I can stand adds on P2P programs, let alone a video game. It would drive me nuts!
  11. I love it, it would be funny if i went to the UK and said, "I have a stain in my paints." That's great. Don't know why pants though. In Spanish, pants are known as los pantalones. Which is the same as pants. Interesting. I found this one: "all mouth and (no) trousers" It means something like don't bother to listen to him. Say that in the US and people will laugh. Not sure if you guys use it though.
  12. There are many different dialects of English. There is US English, UK English, Australian English, etc. What are some words and differences that you know? I speak US English and some of the things that are different for me are: In UK English they spell things differently, like color is colour. Some words that are different are: lorry- truck chips - fries crisps - chips pram (didn't know about this until Tim mentioned it) - baby carriage What are some words that are different that you know?
  13. Picking my name was easy. I couldn't think of anything, so i just used my real first name. How about that. I used other names when i play online, but they are a bit inapropriate for the forums.
  14. Hmmmm. No, i really can't think of anything that i've had to resist. I can just sort of do what i want and not worry about it.
  15. Anime. What's that? I obviously have very bad taste.
  16. In a way, murder is commonly betrayal. Betrayal can be a whole number of things and murder is commonly one of them.
  17. Betrayal. Betrayal is by far the worst and most unforgiveable thing. When you trust someone with all your heart and then they backstab you. They intentionally lead you into a trap. I think that it is by far the worst.
  18. I have a younger sister. She is completely the opposite of me. Though she loves me very much and i the same, sometimes she can be very immature and annoying. Then i simply wish that she would simply go "PMS" somewhere else.
  19. Next one has PG-13 rating. A man who sticks penis in peanut butter is !@#$ing nuts. A man who is standing in road is going to get tired. A dog that chases a car is going to get exhausted. (Bad grammar on purpose, it has to be said that way for the effect)
  20. Welcome. Try to do some foruming if you have a chance.
  21. Yes, that is right Zezar, tabernacle was just spamming and making no sense like he always did before he was banned.
  22. Seeing friends would be about the only positive experience. I see CheeZy, King Tutankhamun, and chichigrande everyday at school.
  23. People can be incredibly stupid. I hope that they don't pay for it.
  24. That isn't a word though, it is more a phrase. One word: Antidisestablishmentarianism Go here for some definitions. There are many. This is an urban dictionary, that is, user submitted definitions, but they look ok. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?...ishmentarianism Here is another, may find more useful: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/define.asp...92861&dict=CALD
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