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  1. www.bladesbybrown.com I found this to be the best LOTR sword retailer. They are the only site that i have seen so far that sell the Elven Swords
  2. The only difference betweem Narsil and Anduril "Flame of the West" (as far as i know) is that is was named anduril after the reforging. And im voting The Elven Swords
  3. Even though it is not on the list im going solo and voting for the Elven Last Alliance swords in the movies...Don't really know why but that is the best sword in th emovie in my opinion.
  4. I voted extreme sports because I rollerblade.Not surfing or skateboarding.
  5. I want in on that bet. Currency betting im guessing. And welcome to the forums
  6. I say the more the better. Then you can get better feedback and discussions going
  7. I have a long list that I will not finish completely: 1. When you tell people you hate something and they purposely do it to annoy you 2. When people dont let you on the highway/freeway 3. Science and Math 4. The smell of mayonaise 5. Chewing with your mouth open 6. Ignorance 7. Aetheists 8. Ipods 9. People that drive in the exit lane but dont exit 10. Having a twin
  8. I said CSI and this is a little USA oriented isnt it?
  9. If you dont mind me asking, how much did that set you back?
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