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  1. what polycount do u use now....what does the engine handle now......( i know it maybe changes in the future) but it would be really nice if u just said the polycount that is now....
  2. whats the polycount ?? what polycount du u use on houses and buildings ?
  3. TNX ! ya....25,000 is pretty hi....but they are still looking good
  4. As u know im a modeler....not a good one but gets better for every day... And i like to watch other gams/mods model.... Was infiltrating the hole WFG site for renders...found 4 i think...they look darn good BTW there stood hi-poly...but how hi ? and have u more renders of ur work soo i can see....maybe a model wire ? Hope its ok i ask WFG for this....
  5. Hi ! Just got over this page and registred.....Im from Norway.. Has been gaming sice the age of 2....Dont know what to say about me really... But ur work seems pretty cool ! Just to say something so am i working on a MOD to Half-Life2... It is caled Navy Seals :: Preemtive Operations... I am a 3D Artist at the mod... If u want to have a look u can see Here And like snowboarding....Thats the most of me..lol...not much but....
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