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  1. The real problem is that the locale is server-based, not client based. There's nothing we can do about that until the forum software starts supporting a user option here. It's just a common misconception that communities are monolingual.

  2. 16 hours ago, smiley said:

    Isn't there only one interpretation of that though? Can it ever refer to anything but half past midnight?

    There is only 1 official definition of it, but it's still confusing to people who grew up with the 24 clock.

  3. I ran into bad conditions on a translation job once using a platform that shall not be named. The deadline was 2 weeks away, but they had a counter running for each batch that you picked up. If you didn't finish the batch within 4 hours, they'd put it back into "auction", and if somebody else picked it up, you lost your salary for the words already translated in that batch... we completed the job commitment because we had promised the client, and then said goodbye to that platform, never to be graced by us again. The platform states that they "care about translation quality". Aye, right.

  4. 36 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

    The colors are for gameplay purposes. EA's colors are too muted. :P

    These are a bit glaring though. Maybe increase the saturation from EA just enough to make them pop out, but no more. Sort of find the balance between gameplay needs and aesthetic needs.

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  5. Intermediate knowledge should be enough.

    I have a pending patch that changes the syntax though, so you should hold off until that one is in. This will happen soon after the release is out.

    Also, tribes are not fully pluggable as mods yet - that's something I still want to program, but I haven't started on that yet.

    Take a look at  https://www.widelands.org/documentation/map_objects/ and at some files in my branch to get a general idea.

    For the animation system, we have some Blender scripts to export to png hosted on Launchpad. How to use the png files is documented on https://www.widelands.org/documentation/animations/.

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  6. 57 minutes ago, Andrettin said:


    I don't know whether it is still being actively developed, though.

    It is. We're currently in feature freeze for Build 21 :)

    It doesn't have support for research though, which is why I didn't mention it. Research could be sort of built into a scenario via Lua scripting that unlocks buildings, but not as a general gameplay mechanic.

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  7. The gettext file format also allows adding comments for translators, and Transifex will display them if they are present. The system that extracts the strings needs to be configured to extract them though. I don't know what the setup for 0AD is here and whether XML comments are included.

    Transifex also has a glossary function which we can use. It's helpful for vocabulary, but not for keeping consistency of phrases - that's what the translation memory function is for, in combination with a style guide that of course translators would need to be aware of and read.

    Adding comments to the XML files would be preferable to adding them on Transifex, because it makes them independent of the translation platform.

  8. Consistency is always difficult, even if you're the only one translating - especially when there is a history in the project of inconsistent source strings. A wiki page could definitely help to remember what you are going fore when you return to the project after a break, and within the team.

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  9. On Transifex, in "Settings", an admin can set a "Translator Instructions URL" that is global for all languages. I have yet to find where a translator then sees that information - no idea where they're hiding it.

    Then the admin could make an announcement, which will send an e-mail to all translators.

  10. My way around this might be that I created the account 8 years ago... They definitely have nothing from me except for username and e-mail address, and I can't remember them asking for anything else in such a manner that it couldn't be skipped. Even the "Full name" entry is empty on my account, and they don't have a phone number from me either.

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