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  1. Personally, I think all merc camps should have the same /basic/ shape, just styled according to biome/culture.
  2. Initially we can use 1 model and then start to differentiate them as we go along.
  3. I can see why you'd want this from a semi-realistic point of view. But from a gameplay point of view, I think it would be better to keep the buildings as separate as possible. As focused in their tasks and uses as we can.
  4. My game was based on the rise of the Greek city-states. The "mint" was based on the Athenian coinage mint in the Athenian agora.
  5. In my hypothetical RTS game design, a 'Mint' was a buildable structure that gave a trickle of coinage income.
  6. I think the "new" sails could be lighter, less leathery color. The sails were made of linen and were likely bleached for an impressive appearance (at least in state naval vessels such as this).
  7. In some ways I think updating AOM would be easier than updating AOK. Also, a lot more opportunity, because of the file formats and 3D engine, for upgrades to the engine and improvements to graphics.
  8. Perhaps think about possible units we could include in a "Mercenary Camp" system, where all players, regardless of civ, can capture a Gaia "Mercenary Camp" and then train specific units from it. Here's how I have proposed it works: We can have multiple mercenary camps in Atlas, each one having slightly different mercenaries available from it based on culture or biome (say, "Middle Eastern", "Anatolian", "Italian", "North African", or whatever) with around 2 units available based on this culture, and then the Merc Camp would also have 2 or so units available based on the owning civ (say, Cretan Toxotes and Thracian Peltasts for Athenian ownership, "Samnite Swordsman" and "Celtic Auxiliary Cavalry" for Roman owners). So, up to 4 units available from the Merc Camp; 2 based on the map or maptype and 2 based on the owner of the camp. With that in mind, what kind of "Merc" units would you choose for the Persians? Maybe Sacae (Sythian) Horse Archer and Cardaces Hoplite and perhaps Indian War Elephant? This way we can give the Persians some extra strong units, but only if they can manage to capture the strategically important Mercenary Camps? These mercs would have benefits (they cost no population room and they are trained at 'Elite' levels), but a few minor drawbacks (they keep "loot" to themselves, so the player doesn't get any of the "Loot" they get from kills, and you can only train a limited number of each).
  9. The rear sail makes it look really heavy. Maybe just remove that one and keep the others.
  10. Bottom left and bottom right versions from this reference:
  11. Very cool blog. To put my thoughts down "on paper," I am now thinking we should make the "Military Settlement" system a "Successor" trait and give it to both the Ptolemies and Seleucids. We can use the Mercenary Camp as a capturable Gaia structure for the training of mercenaries in a new "mercenary" system for the game. That would mean the Ptolemies and Seleucids both need a "Military Settlement" structure, each with the same basic layout but unique Egyptian and Seleucid details.
  12. Was thinking one click for unlocking, two clicks for locking?
  13. There's not much difference at the moment. "Violent" is basically just like Aggressive, except your units are supposed to pursue the enemy even if they move outside of vision range. I'm not even sure if that's working properly (or if we even want that kind of stance).
  14. When you zoom out "too far" the map starts to recede behind the skybox. Thing is, for large maps you need to zoom out that far to get a good map preview image.
  15. The word "prodromos" simply means "scout", literally "forerunner." It is not a title specific to Thessalians.
  16. btw -- I wish we could get rid of the blackness that reflects in the ocean when we zoom out for screenshots. Also, need to do something to prevent the map from disappearing behind the skybox.
  17. Your article counts the Thessalians as "heavy cavalry" and also quotes a number of Thracian "prodromoi" or scout/skirmish cav. I think The way I've designed it is correct. Thessalian Lancers as Cavalry Spearmen, and Odrysian (Thracian) cavalry as Cavalry Skirmishers.
  18. Welcome! RTS games I've played (mostly in this order, lol): Dune 2000 Command&Conquer Command&Conquer: Red Alert Command&Conquer: Tiberium Sun Command&Conquer: Generals Age of Empires Age of Empires: Rise of Rome Starcraft Age of Empires II: Age of Kings Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Rise of Nations 0 A.D. - Empires Ascendant Rise&Fall: Civilizations At War Battle for Middle Earth 2 Rome:Total War Age of Empires 3 Age of Empires 3: The War Chiefs Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties Rome:Total War 2
  19. I've increased their armor a little bit to compensate. The real strength of the Gaesata is in raiding and quick strikes. They are quicker than other champion spearmen for this purposes. They also are good against even ranged cavalry since they can catch them easier than more heavily armored spearmen. You just need to use them differently than other spearmen. They were never meant to be front-line meat shield-style troops.
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