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  1. As others have said, you can add them to the Roman barracks' XML file using any text editor. The Thorakites and Thureophoros units can be recruited from the "Royal Stoa" building. Just place that in Atlas in a scenario and you can train those units from it. An easy example would be to run the Macedonians sandbox demo scenario.
  2. Eerr, I have both of these as true and they look just fine.
  3. Can just disable the Espionage tech for certain scenarios with a trigger or something.
  4. I think we can go with something like: No unit-producing buildings or soldiers for 2 minutes = defeat. Remaining females and traders go Gaia and are converted to whoever finds them. We can also implement an "espionage" tech that reveals the vision of enemy units and buildings. This can cost 100 Metal for each enemy unit and building, meaning the tech is way too expensive to use right at the beginning or middle of a match, but is cheap enough to use in the end-game when the enemy has a very low number of units.
  5. Any possibility of getting this put in soon? Or will we wait for A17?
  6. http://www.antoine-helbert.com/fr/portfolio/annexe-work/byzance-architecture.html
  7. This is coming along nicely. I like the aspect of the map where there are multiple "attack lanes" between the players. This is good map design. Good map design needs choke points, attack lanes, and sneaks, along with good placement of resources (food close to water and starting CCs, stone and wood a little ways away, metal farther away),and of course eye candy for aesthetics. As far as terrain textures go, mix in some large and medium areas of similar terrains, with areas of very patchy terrains. Especially in the "grassland" areas there can be larger areas of the same terrain, while nearer to the forests things get a lot patchier.
  8. That last guy is throwing a plumbata. We'll definitely include such a weapon.
  9. For 0 A.D. Empires Besieged, I think we should pick a timeframe of 400-600 for the "Eastern Romans." I use "Late Romans" and "Eastern Romans" and "Early Byzantines" interchangeably here because I want to convey a specific idea, that being of a faction that is not the "typical" Hollywood Romans, but that of a later, more Eastern period. Certainly, the "Eastern" Roman Empire was just as "Roman" as the Western half. In fact, the Byzantines called themselves "Romans" and their contemporaries called them "Romans," and they were a direct descended line from the Roman state. But they did have stark differences from what came before, so it would be very cool to have a faction in the game that portrays those evolved differences.
  10. I like the idea of wells being a thing in the game. I've had similar thoughts for the past couple of years, but never wrote them down. My thoughts were that "water" wasn't another resource, but augmented your econ in some way. I settled on 2 possible ideas: Capture a well like you'd capture a sheep (or make it a little harder, like capturing a building or mercenary camp, but the idea is still the same: you task a unit to it) and it would either make your units train faster or make your farms more profitable. Wells are always neutral, but are an unlimited food source to which you can task a unit to bring buckets of water back to your base. It adds to your "food" stockpile just like any other "food" resource.So something like one of the options above.
  11. "Strategic" Campaigns, akin to Total War are more likely than "narrative" campaigns (like seen in Age of Mythology) simply because of the vast amount of work necessary to achieve a good result for a narrative campaign (storyline, writing, scripting, voice acting, etc.). Could have "mini" Strategic Campaigns (Peloponnesian War, Punic Wars, etc.) and a "Grand" Campaign, like you said. And also different victory conditions as you mention. The different victory conditions would allow us to add historical flavor while still not having to go through all the work of making proper narrative campaigns. In the end, we could always give folks the ability to make their own narrative campaigns, and we probably will.
  12. It would if you use the shoulders prop point perhaps.
  13. I think the eyes look okay. It's the head model that's UVed badly that makes it look creepy. I think the gorget/necklace could be a prop model. What do you think? I think it would be a lot more noticeable if it were geometry. Also her body's skin tone needs to match her face or vice versa.
  14. It's a good start. I encourage you to stand at a table and make mock hammering movements to get a feel as to how the body would move in this situation. I think the torso would probably twist more, for instance.
  15. Like all current formations they just disband and fight.
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