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  1. The logic behind the idea to have the market get 100% of the resources was in real life, a merchant wouldn't bring value to his faction until he actually returned his home market. When he goes to a foreign market, his goods arrive in that market, but nothing just magically appears in his own. In addition, this allows you to have your trader trade between two allied markets (and none of your own) without you magically gaining resources. Besides, I can't think of a single other game (including the AoE series) where your traders give you wealth when they arrive at a foreign market.
  2. There was some discussion on just this topic a while ago here. If The consensus was that whoever owned the market/dock that a trader arrived at would get all the goods. This is to add another dimension to alliances. Looks like your patch should easily be able to do that with a few simple tweeks. I like it You should make the changes and attach it to a ticket on Trac
  3. They want it scalable DOWN to that I think. So like, 1800x2720.
  4. Nah, just have Horde factions get units that cost 1 or 2 pop at most, and make other civ's have 3 or 4 pop units.
  5. I fully support the idea of an in game copyright notice, and I would like to see one in the installer too. But the absolute last thing I want to see is a DRM war.
  6. Would it be possilbe to make it a dual-language wiki? There's already a somewhat well developed wiki at http://0ad.wikia.com/wiki/0_A.D._Wiki . It would be nice if we could get the two of them together.
  7. gudo


    I think we should just make an additional .txt file with a list of all the 3rd party art, their author, and the source. See: The following files are used with permission from their respective authors. ====== Files: textures/skins/props/helmet/rome_wolfskin_a.png textures/skins/props/helmet/rome_wolfskin_b.png textures/skins/props/helmet/rome_wolfskin_c.png Author: Woxys. See http://woxys.deviantart.com Source: [URL of the orignial files] ====== Files: textures/structures/nifty_new_hele_texture Author: A wiki contributor Source: www.wikipedia.org/hele_stuff Eh, the code thing doesn't look too nice. I'll submit a patch.... Because overkill! [EDIT] How do you attach files now? I can't seem to find it
  8. gudo


    Sorry, I forgot an "s." This is the proper Woxys. (edited in the original post)
  9. gudo


    Hmmm... Well, I know we pulled some textures from [http://woxys.deviantart.com/gallery/]Woxys. See changeset 10877
  10. IIRC, that's because all of the hardware needed to be radiation hardened. Instead of using normal RAMM for instance, it uses specialized magnetic core memory. (Stuff looks so cool.) Since this stuff is a very specialized product, there's not much incentive for a company to improve on it's design. Therefore, none of the stunning advancements in miniaturization that consumer electronics have had. It's a similar story for the rest of the computer hardware in there.
  11. The big problem with getting back HD video (which we are going to get, eventually) is the bandwidth. HD images and video have a TON of information, and the earth is very very far away. Considering the limited size and power available for radio equipment, sometimes I'm surprised we get anything back at all! The data is sent in binary, which is all 1s or 0s. Suppose the rover wanted to say "cat," it would send back "011000110110000101110100." The odds of one of those digits being received as the other is actually pretty high, so the rover sends everything in multiples. So instead of sending the above example, the rover would send "000011111111000000000000111111111110000111111110000000000000000111100001111111111110000111100000000" We just quadrupled our message size. Now if we get back a 0010, we know it's supposed to a 0. Consider the size of HD files, then remember we have to multiply it (not sure if it's quadruple, it's just what I'm using in my example. I think it's larger actually.) and THEN consider the limited power and size of the radio equipment and you can see why it'll take a long time to get back HD video. We gots TONS of data moving through a tiny interplanetary pipe And just because the process isn't slow enough, sometimes entire packets are lost (instead of bits being flipped.) so each packet is further buffered with enough information to rebuild parts of other packets. In the end, the file we get at the end of the pipe is much smaller than the data that was transmitted. Oh yeah, and let's not forget that like all planets, Mars rotates. This means that for days at a time, Curiosity is on the far side of the planet and we have no direct radio communication with it. We do have orbitals that help with this, but using them adds more time and overhead to the communications.
  12. Ah. I didn't realize that Docks don't have to be in your territory.
  13. Submit a patch that adds "IsWaterObject" class or something to the relevant objects (it is a useful distinction IMO) and then code around that.
  14. Any chance of getting the start point for each player close enough to the water that they could build a dock from the get go?
  15. As we all know, development of 0 AD has focused more on features than on balance. Features are much more interesting and challenging to implement after all. However, after playing many games, I've come up with a list of balance changes that I think will improve gameplay. Below is all my propsed changes and the reasoning behind them. I've also included a .patch as an attachment so they can easily be incorporated. Reduce the cost of Houses Houses are way to expensive. For most of the Civs, houses cost 150 wood. This really slows down the early stages of the game. Make Docks a Village phase structure Having the Dock be a town phase structure slows down the village phase of the game and reduces possible opening strategies. To boot, on Island maps, where there's only so much wood to go around, the sheer cost of building your first dock means you'll be stuck on your starting island for a long, long time. Depending on the civ you play, it costs 1300 or 1550 wood just to build the structure. (Carthage gets it slightly better.) The sheer cost means you'll have to be frugal with making units that cost wood and farms to get food meaning island maps progress at a snails pace. With Docks as village age structures, it increases the number of possible opening strategies. For instance, instead of building farmstead and farms, you could instead build docks and fishing ships. This is especially appealing on island maps in terms of space required. Naturally, the patch makes warships and merchant ships into town and city phase units. Improve the accuracy of Basic Ranged units Basic ranged units are are painfully inaccurate. Watch a Javelinist try to hunt a stationary animal and you'll see what I mean. "Spread" is a variable that determines how accurate a unit is. The difference in spread between basic (no promotions) and advanced (1 promotion) is HUGE while the difference between advanced and elite is much smaller. The patch improves the accuracy of basic ranged units without changing the accuracy of advanced, elite, champion, or hero ranged units. A detailed list of changes is below.
  16. @JuliusColtranePille plumo is right. There was some discussion and it was decided that the Lobby Server would be pushed back to A12. While the patch already has basic functionality, there's a still a ton of work left to be done on it. For example: Edge cases need testing, it remains to be seen if the patch will fail to compile on Mac/'Nix, there's security to be considered, the interface could use a look over, and there's no server to host the lobby. This will all get sorted out, just not in time for A11. The ticket for this item is #1504.
  17. "Bombsaway" spawns the WWII fighter planes at your civ center It's a shame to have such a cool unit and never use it.
  18. EasterEgg.zip And have nice holidays(for those who have this luck)! Nice. Hehe, I'm suprised I didn't notice it
  19. See the associated trac ticket: #1555
  20. Somewhat off topic, while the Byzantines certainly carried the proverbial Roman torch, they certainly didn't illuminate the world. Edward Gibbon said in the 3rd volume of his The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire: It wasn't for a few centuries, when Muslim scholars translated and transmitted old Greek and Roman works back into europe that the lights began to come back on. There's a reason why we use "Arabic" numerals and don't call algebra by it's Greek name. Did you know that two thirds of named stars have Arabic names? Of course, the other foot has since fallen on the Muslim world, and they've yet to recover.
  21. How about something used more often? I'm thinking either defense tower or house (would need a few of these).
  22. Nah, we don't want anything to get confused with the garrison flag.
  23. Fedora install instructions: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/LatestReleaseLinux#Fedora 0 AD isn't currently translated to Spanish.
  24. Well, they way I look at it, when a trader arrives at a market, they offload stuff (market owner gets resources) and load up stuff (head back to your market.) You won't actually gain any resources till your trader returns with the stuff they got while away. So yes, they do make money selling in a foreign market, but it doesn't wind up in your war-chest till they bring it back home
  25. Well, I think it's time to take a closer look at the trading mechanic. The current system is set up so that whenever a trading cart makes a stop, the cart owner gets the resources regardless of who owns the market. This seems a bit odd, I wouldn't expect my traders to generate resources when they arrive at a foreign city, but I would expect them to generate resources when they get back. It also allows for some weird behavior. Cheifly, you can set up a trade route to go between two allied markets (and never stop at any of yours) and still gain resources. This seems counter intuitive. I suggest the system be changed so that the market owner gains resources when a trading cart stops there. This will provide an incentive for allies to build markets even if they don't plan on trading. It will also put a stop to the counter-intuitive and strange behavior I outlined above. This was brefily discussed in ticket 1546. Here's the relevent bits: The cart does give advantage to it's owner. The owner gets free resources when the cart returns, and a stronger ally to boot. The way we would make trading with an ally better than building a market next to his in this case would be to have international trade be worth double domestic trade. Then, you still get the same resources in the same time, it's just in one lump sum instead of two. (Also, the "break even distance" or the distance where trading is as fast as gathering is pretty darn long right now. This would help bring it down to a more reasonable length.)As a tanget, in another thread, Mythos says that late game trading should be better than gathering so you can free up more population to do the fighting. I agree. There should be some city phase tech that improves the efficiency of traders.
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