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  1. Since the structure is on a rock out to sea, I think it might look better if there was just rock and sand and maybe some tiles instead of grass and such.
  2. @ Gameboy: Lag is mostly caused by pathfinding, though the AI does contribute. Also, I wanted to message this to you to keep the thread from getting cluttered, but you can 't use the messaging system for whatever reason. You might be able to get your old account back if you click on the "forgot password" link when you try to sign in. It's also the link below. Let me know if you have any trouble. http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=lostpass @ Mod: Please move the relevent posts the the help and feedback subforum.
  3. I'm thinking it might be better to include a civilization that's not another hellenistic/successor civ. Why not instead do a civ that's much more different from the ones we already have? Perhaps the Kushan Empire, which had contacts with the Han Chinese and Rome overlapped in time with the Maurayans. Or, perhaps it might be best to do the Han. We could build off the existing work of the Rise of the East.
  4. Code first, forgivness later. I say go for it!
  5. Exactly. I should have some free time soon, so you can PM me with the relevant info and I'll add it to the credits/condense the donation section.
  6. There has to be an easier way to get a list of the contributors for the IndieGoGo project than just constanly clicking "Show More Funders"... That makes for very tedious process. Future project: Condense all the donators into one list and remove duplicate entries?
  7. I'm a little confused... Could you clarify " a monitor to detect video games at runtime in a video games."? If you're looking for information on all entities that are in play on a current match, you should poke around in the AI code. IIRC, it's all scripted, but there are functions that can fetch all of the entities and some properties like current/max health, location etc. You can also fetch information about players that way too. Like resource reseverse, popluation, etc.
  8. I'm sure this is a long way down the road, but when (if) user accounts are implimented, they should draw off users off the forum database. That way, everybody on the forum will already have their own account. That's what the guys over at Super Tux Kart are doing. A highlight from the article:
  9. I agree that this is how it should be. Execpt lumber and berry bushes. If there's a empty tree right next to a crowded one, why not harvest from it?
  10. Just doing a marathon Wikipedia session when I ran across this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visha_Kanya Sounds like they could be a pretty cool assasin type unit for the Mauryans. Not quite sure how the mechanics would work.
  11. Holy cow, finding their video archives were a pain. I couldn't find a single link to it anywhere on their main page. Hopefully, we'll see a 0 AD video there soon! http://video.rmll.info/
  12. Anyway way you can record it and put it up on the 0AD youtube for those of us who can't make it?
  13. Sorry, I haven't updated the post in about 3 months now. I've been away on Navy business since the start of January. I'll get back on it, but I'm getting deployed again in about 10 days, and will be away till October. Somebody else needs to take over for me.
  14. Last update in 2010 It's a shame, looks really cool. I'd've bought it.
  15. I think I might get the 4 pack. Getting AoK to play is a bit more work than some of my friends can manage, and it would be nice being able to just download and play it. No messing about with patches/cracks/etc. Plus, my old discs are increasingly un-reliable and the software is showing it's age too.
  16. You can watch the game in progress in that case. I did that to test out AI's. You also share control w/AI 1.
  17. If you're wondering where I got the RL names for my credits, they can be found in either that person's sig, profile page, team profile post, or I asked them.
  18. Egbert already made a high-quality pillar. And anyways, I dont' think the pillars should be included in the Stupa model.
  19. 3rd-6th century is a bit too old I think :/ I'll see what I can see. Turns out, the Peacock was the symbol for the Empire. Maybe we could include that somewhere?
  20. wrt bird bow: Maybe you can take the peacock model, scale it, stick the bird on the front and model off of that. Although, it turns out that Chandragupta (the man who founded the Mauryan Empire) may have been raised by peacock tamers. The Word "Maurya" is very close to the word "Peacock". And Peacocks were the mount of Gods... Maybe the Peacock is a bit too prestigious for the front of a fishing ship
  21. Take a look under your spoiler on the first page Try and work in the bird shaped bow, and colored sails. I'd say player-color sails and railing.
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