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  1. One of us is a bit confused 1-4 is the steps to replicate the bug, the following paragraph is what happened.
  2. Hmmmm... I've attempted to duplicate this bug, and while I couldn't get it to work as advertised, I did discover a few new ones. 1)Save several games, quit to menu, open the Load Game menu 2)In your file manager (as in, NOT in game) locate the save files. 3)Delete said saves using your file manager. 4)In game, attempt to delete the any saved game OTHER THAN the first one on the list Game should crash to desktop with the following error. When I attempted to delete the first game on the list, it mearly warned that the file could not be read, and refreshed the list of saved games. It also happened (produced the same error too) when you do the above steps, but instead of deleting an already deleted game, you try and load it up. I used to most recent SVN autobuild. Win 7, on the off chance that makes a difference.
  3. Perhaps we could use the latest Pledgie Drive funds to secure a mentor. We could pay one of the dev's to take some time off to do some work and mentor a student, it'd be like getting two for the price of one! Sadly though, life rarely works out that well. Still, I think it's something worth considering.
  4. Which AI? And was the AI controlling Romans or Iberians? I've run across a similar error while working on Rootbot.
  5. .torrent? Or, you could break it into smaller archive files and upload to zippyshare.com. You don't need an account, but file size is limited to 200MB. Actually, now that I think about, would distributing the various alphas as a .torrent be possible? (with the current DL server as a web seed) Seems a good idea all around in terms of bandwidth and speed.
  6. Another update to the common api: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/11121 Perhaps there's some space to simplify your code? The other update is here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/11067
  7. Thinking of using the particle system for boat wake? That would be really cool IMO.
  8. They'll be jealous of everything but the cost of the Army Camp On a related note, we gotta start a balancing thread somewhere.
  9. I wouldn't hold your breath hoping for the android port to be ready for Alpha 9
  10. Oh, so they have >_< I gotta start using the search function
  11. What about "Imperium"? Or "Imperator", from which the word Emperor is derived? How's that for Roman!
  12. Thanks! Now I feel like a darn idiot I made sure to double check caps in the files, I just forgot about caps in the file names >_< Squashed more bugs, now I have to bring it up to date with the API changes since RootBot was made. Looks like adding territory support to the common API broke RootBot... [EDIT] Excellent! RootBot is building and training again! Occasionally it throws warnings, I'll have to figure those out. After that, I plan on: Build special buildings for Celt, Cart, Pers, Iber and Rome (already builds them for Hele) Verify it actually does train war elephants, war dogs, etc (the code is in, but since it doesn't make the right buildings, there's no way to be sure...) Quit hunting those darn fish! Let Rootbot know when it's at MaxPopCap I've attached the updated RootBot files to my previous post.
  13. Woots! Got Rootbot working again! I've uploaded my modified code below! Features *Originally created by a team of students *Builds and uses siege units, champion units, and elephants! *Support for all six Civs *Elephants! *Only builds houses if current population limit is less than maximum population limit Changelog from previous release *Can now detect if it doesn't start with any builders, and then train them. *Fixed a slew of naming issues *Fixed compatibility with updated common API *Support for Rome, Carthage, and Persia added. *Builds special buildings for all civs now. *slightly faster economy (due to reduced initial defense spending) *Only builds houses if current population limit is less than maximum population limit *Fixed wonky build angles rootbot.zip
  14. Patch created for the scout_tower -> defense_tower issues, adds Rome support to Jubot. Ticket 1152
  15. Somebody's gonna need to update Jubot wrt the scout tower rename to defense tower. If I did my homework correctly, the only file that needs changed is http://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/ai/jubot/economy.js
  16. Well, you could do a full-body version plus background (on a different layer) and make it into the cart. start screen. (We could use some more o them start screens ) Then just redo the shoulders for the unit portrait.
  17. According to Wikipedia, he lost his right eye while crossing the alps due to pink eye. It might look a bit bad having one red eye, but showing his blindness would actually be pretty cool. As an aside, who drew the pic of Cyrus the Great? Was it Lana?
  18. It's in player.js line 14 ( http://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/simulation/components/Player.js ) The current limit is 300.
  19. But you did contribute right? That's enough to make the list! More names added, woxy pulled.
  20. Aren't we using one of woxy's pics as a texture? Doesn't that require credit? As for the others, I've updated the names. Thanks Wijitmaker and Ykkrosh! (I'll see what I can do about the flashing arrow ) Oh, and I'm only keeping track of the retired Dept. Heads. Not keeping track of the retired contributors.
  21. Jeru: Thanks for the input, I've updated the credits. I'm not sure how to Philip's contribution. I'll think of something. Mythos: Kimball's listing is a bit of an odd-ball. See his take on his own listing.
  22. Dept. Heads Current feneur - Erik Johansson - Project Lead OmriLahav - Omri Lahav - Music Enrique - Enrique Keykens - Art Retired Mythos_Ruler - Michael D. Hafer - Project Lead Janwas - Jan Wassenberg - Programming Acumen - Stuart Walpole - Programming Manager, Co-Lead Designer, and Team Editor Kimball - Rob Kimball - Art lostchocolatelab - Damian Kastbauer - Sound Manager Phoenix-TheRealDeal - Ken Wood - Design Department, Co-Lead Designer Vaevictis_Music - Boris Hansen - Sound, Music Wijitmaker - Jason Bishop - 0 A.D. Founder, Chief, Co-Lead Designer, Art Dept Lead Raj - Raj Sharma - Programming Manager h20 - Daniel Wilhelm - Programming Manager ryan827 Ryan Davies - Sound Dak Lozar - Dave Loeser - Programming Manager janwas - Jan Wassenberg - Programming Manager In Memoriam Phoenix-TheRealDeal - Ken Wood - Design Department, Co-Lead Designer Dak Lozar - Dave Loeser - Programming Manager ------------- Programming Lead Programmer: Ykkrosh - Philip Taylor 01d55 Acumen - Stuart Walpole Adrian Fatol AI-Amsterdam Alan - Alan Kemp aBothe - Alexander Bothe alpha123 - Peter P. Cannici Aurium - Aurélio Heckert badmadblacksad - Martin F Bajter bb - Bouke Jansen Ben - Ben Vinegar Bird Blue - Richard Welsh bmwiedemann - boeseRaupe - Michael Kluge bog_dan_ro - BogDan Vatra Bonk - Christopher Ebbert Caius - Lars Kemmann Calefaction - Matt Holmes Calvinh - Carl-Johan Höiby Cédric Houbart Chakakhan - Kenny Long Cracker78 - Chad Heim Crynux cwprogger Dak Lozar - Dave Loeser dan - Dan Strandberg Daniel Trevitz DanCar - Daniel Cardenas Dave - David Protasowski dax - Dacian Fiordean deebee - Deepak Anthony Deiz Dietger dumbo dvangennip - Doménique Echelon9 - Rhys Kidd eihrul - Lee Salzman elexis - Alexander Heinsius EmjeR - Matthijs de Rijk EMontana ericb evanssthomas - Evans Thomas Evulant - Alexander S. fabio - Fabio Pedretti falsevision fcxSanya - Alexander Olkhovskiy FeXoR - Florian Finke Fire Giant - Malte Schwarzkopf freenity - Anton Galitch gbish - Grant Bishop (aka Iny) Gee - Gustav Larsson gerbilOFdoom godlikeldh greybeard - Joe Cocovich grillaz Samuel Guarnieri Haommin h20 - Daniel Wilhelm historic_bruno - Ben Brian idanwin infyquest - Vijay Kiran Kamuju IronNerd - Matthew McMullan Itms - Nicolas Auvray Jaison - Marco tom Suden jammus Jgwman Josh - Joshua J. Bakita jP_wanN - Jonas Platte Jubalbarca - James Baillie JubJub - Sebastian Vetter kabzerek - Grzegorz Kabza Kai - Kai Chen Kareem Ergawy kevmo - Kevin Caffrey kezz - Graeme Kerry kingadami kingbasil - Giannis Fafalios lafferjm leper - Georg Kilzer livingaftermidnight - Will Dull Louhike lsdh madmax - Abhijit Nandy madpilot - Guido Falsi m0l0t0ph - Christoph Gielisch markcho MarkT - Mark Thompson Markus Matei - Matei Zaharia MattDoerksen - Matt Doerksen mattlott - Matt Lott maveric Micnasty - Travis Gorkin mimo mk12 - Mitchell Kember Molotov - Dario Alvarez mpmoreti - Marcos Paulo Moreti mreiland - Michael Reiland myconid nd3c3nt - Gavin Fowler niektb - Niek ten Brinke njm NoMonkey - John Mena notpete - Rich Cross Ols - Oliver Whiteman olsner - Simon Brenner otero Nick Owens Palaxin - David A. Freitag Paul Withers pcpa PendingChaos PeteVasi - Pete Vasiliauskas Polakrity Poya - Poya Manouchehri Quentin Pradet prefect - Nicolai Hähnle pstumpf - Pascal Stumpf André Puel Prodigal Son pyrolink - Andrew Decker quantumstate - Jonathan Waller QuickShot - Walter Krawec quonter qwertz Radagast Raj - Raj Sharma RedFox - Jorma Rebane RefinedCode Riemer Rolf Sievers s0600204 - Matthew Norwood SafaAlfulaij sanderd17 - Sander Deryckere sathyam - Sathyam Vellal sbte - Sven Baars scroogie - André Gemünd scythetwirler - Casey X. serveurix Shane Silk silure Simikolon - Yannick & Simon Spahbod - Omid Davoodi stanislas69 - Stanislas Dolcini Stefan stilz - Sławomir Zborowski stwf - Steven Fuchs t4nk004 tbm tau Teiresias thamlett - Timothy Hamlett thedrunkyak - Dan Fuhr TrinityDeath - Jethro Lu triumvir - Corin Schedler trompetin17 - Juan Guillermo vladislavbelov - Vladislav Belov vts - Jeroen DR WhiteTreePaladin - Brian Ashley wraitii - Lancelot de Ferrière le Vayer Xentelian - Mark Strawson Xienen - Dayle Flowers xtizer - Matt Green yashi - Yasushi Shoji Ykkrosh - Philip Taylor Yves Zeusthor - Jeffrey Tavares zoot zsol - Zsolt Dollenstein Zyi - Charles De Meulenaer AI gudo historic_bruno - Ben Brian infyquest - Vijay Kiran Kamuju Jubalbarca - James Baillie mimo quantumstate - Jonathan Waller wraitii - Lancelot de Ferrière le Vayer Ykkrosh - Philip Taylor ------------- Art and Sound Mapping Aeros - Bobby Ognyanov (aka CheeZy) Ben - Ben Vinegar - RMS FeXoR - Florian Finke - RMS howlingflute - RMS mmayfield45 Mythos_Ruler - Michael D. Hafer niektb - Niek ten Brinke Pureon SMST Spahbod - Omid Davoodi - RMS wraitii - Lancelot de Ferrière le Vayer - RMS Yodaspirine Art - 2D Annatar - Kenneth Branch b.w.keough - Brendan Keough Brownboot - Allen White Centurion_13 - Shan Coster Childhood Trauma - Praveen Pillai dashinvaine - Gordon Napier Dnas - David Benjamin Fire Giant - Malte Schwarzkopf Hyborian - Shan Sherrill irishstag - Ryan Karsten lanoocha - Lana Lion.Kanzen - Marcio Duron LordGood - Johnathan B. Good Mythos_Ruler - Michael D. Hafer Pureon raulfabi Scorpion Ra - Aaron Robinson Shield Bearer - Amish Coelho Wijitmaker - Jason Bishop Art - 3D Athos Brightgalrs - Robert D. Schultz Eggbird - Egbert Tigelaar EmjeR - Matthijs de Rijk Enrique - Enrique Keykens Espolio Historicity - Shane Gen.Kenobi - Daniel Schubert LordGood - Johnathan B. Good Micket Mythos_Ruler - Michael D. Hafer necro - Thomas Eichler Pacman - Johannes(John) Saarniit paperkat - William Pryn privateer - Jeff Groves Pureon Quacker - Jordan Quackenbush Saurabh - Saurabh Torne Scorpion Ra - Aaron Robinson Shield Bearer - Amish Coelho stanislas69 - Stanislas Dolcini Strannik Zaggy1024 - Gregory Bertilson Wijitmaker - Jason Bishop Sound carsten - Carsten Rojahn dungeonsound615 - Mike Stanton DynamiteSoundBytes - Nolan, Tony, and Lucas EvanBogunia - Evan Bogunia khegarty - Kaitlynn Hegarty LAVS lostchocolatelab - Damian Kastbauer MattSherman - Matt Sherman mclellandp - Pat Mclelland PhoenixDog - Shawn Anthony Poxleitner Pureon ryan827 - Ryan Davies Sam Assoum - Sam Assoum Wyrmwood - Ron Lacy Music Dept. Head:OmriLahav - Omri Lahav Dariusofwest - Allan Brown Vaevictis_Music - Boris Hansen ------------- History Dept. Head:Shogun 144 - Joshua Gilbert fede_histpop - Federico Odorizzi I_Would_Say - Nathan Benjamin Paal_101 - Paul Basar Saqqara - Ashley King Shogun 144 - Joshua Gilbert Sting - Borislav Chernev Thorfinn the Shallow Minded ------------ Community and Management Black OP - Randy Sage bstempi - Brian Stempin chichigrande - Matthew Rogers CodeOptimist - Nathanael Barbettini DarkAngelBGE - Tim Koschuetzki darkfires - Jonathan Wright (aka lethalhunter) fabio - Fabio Pedretti formlesstree4 - Adam Sears MishFTW - A. Mishra gudo - For compiling credits! Jeru - Aviv Sharon jshores - Jason Shores Kimball - Rob Kimball King Tutankhamun - Desmond Talkington Morgan - Morgan Ramsay Red_08 - Joshua Barker Rodrigo - Klass Van Waesberghe Sam - Sam Carlton (aka Ph4ntom) Sunshine - Belle Green Yiuel - Ugo Lachapelle Linux Packagers ricotz (Ubuntu) - Rico Tzschichholz Donators Pledgie Drive 1 Pledgie Drive 2 IndieGoGO 2013 campaign More than 1000 donators (!), including:
  23. Below is the credits for 0 AD that I've managed to compile so far. If you have contributed, please check the list for your name and let me know if I've missed your contribution or posted you in the wrong section! Just PM me, or post in this thread. Please note that the credit list is a work in progress. Many people have contributed, and their contributions were all documented in many different places. So far, I've sorted through: 1450 commits. ALL of the Team Profiles ALL of the contributors.txt NONE of the tickets NONE of the Concept Artists EDIT (by Itms): I've resumed gudo's work, so I'm the person you should PM if you want to.
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