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  1. Hmmm.... You would also want your animal spawning rate equation to take into account the carrying capacity of the map (the max number of animals the map can support) otherwise, you may end up with a map choked to death with animals. (medium sized map can totally support 2^256 deer.) Not only is it unrealistic, it would also cause our game performance to degrade over time. If I can find some old notebooks of mine, I can write up some nifty equations for rate of population growth with the following properties. If the population is ever above the carrying capacity, the population starves till it falls below capacity. (eg, what happens to the lions when people kill half the deer population.) The population grows fastest when it is far below capacity (more resources per member of the population) and slowest when it nears capacity (fewer resources per population) *optional* When the population falls below some critical value, there are no longer enough members to restore the population, it will eventually go extinct. Determining the carrying capacity at any give time would be easy enough I think. For herbivores, we just take the grazing area and multiply it by some constant (1 acre can support 10 deer. If we have 30 acres, our carrying capacity is 300 deer.) Thus when a player builds buildings, he decreases space and lowers carry capacity. Carrying capacity for predators would be easy too, just relate it to the number of prey items avaliable. So when the prey population decreases, the predator population will fall till there are enough prey to support it. With four equation\s, I think we could make a very lifelike predator/prey model emerge in the game.
  2. For what it's worth, I like the current wall system. If you use the keys to rotate the building instead of the mouse, you can do really precise formations. As an added bonus, you also get to use directional walls like the Celt walls. I wouldn't mind if the system has to go though. If it did, I would prefer a drag n drop style wall system.
  3. The AoK system didn't auto re-seed indefinently. You had to tell it like "re-seed the next three farms that expire." It was perfect, with one execption. It would re-seed farms no matter where they were. A few times, a farm waaaayyy out in the boonies would get re-seeded and I didn't want it too. Instead of having the re-seed button on the farmstead, (like AoK) it should be on each farm. "re-seed THIS farm when it expires" vs "re-seed ANY farm that expires"
  4. I worry that a system like that would actually increase the micro. I don't want to have my farmer just twiddling his thumbs while waiting for the farm to be re-plantable. I'd probably re-assign them to some other job, then have to swap them back to farming. That sounds like it would make for bad gameplay, and gameplay trumps realism. instead, just increase the amount of time that re-seeding takes. If you want some added realism, you can make animations for the farmer doing chores other harvesting. Such as watering the crops/feeding the animals/etc.
  5. "G" should be the default hotkey for garrison, instead of whatever it does now. Related, garrison should have a hotkey
  6. Well, I did a complete over-haul of the main page and added a few pages and links to the latest version. http://0ad.wikia.com/wiki/0_A.D._Wiki Only problem is I have no idea what to do with those empty spaces on the main page :/ Also, there's a gap on the links at the top right. Any ideas what should go in those?
  7. I never knew 0ad had a wikia wiki... It only has two pages and hasn't been updated since Alpha 3. Think we should try and put some work into it? http://0ad.wikia.com/wiki/0_A.D,
  8. Do it like AOK. Farms start out fairly poor (low food/cost ratio), but sink some research into it and they get better. Also, a button on the farmstead to automatically reseed farms would be great. It wasn't a toggle switch. Rather, you "pre-purchased" a number of farms and when one would expire, on of your pre-purchased farms would automatically be planted.
  9. Installed the windows version. Works fine. Though it does claim to be r09529 in game...
  10. Is the windows installer out? I wanna get some serious play time in before the rapture and there's only two days left!... Of course, considering my religious leanings, I'll have plenty of play time after the rapture too :/
  11. How about: (Do we have any resource drop off points? OR Can we make resource drop off points?) AND (Do we have any units that can gather resources? OR Can we make units that can gather resources?) If we return 0, then we can no longer gather resources (either no-where to drop them off or no-one to drop them off) and we should surrender. (Can we build any buildings? OR Do we have any buildings that can train units?) If we return 0, then we can no longer replace units or buildings and we should surrender. I think these terms would cover 99% of scenarios where we would want to surrender. They could either be written into a library shared by all AI, or coded into the game as lose conditions. Alternatively, these conditions could trigger Ai to make an all-out attempt to capture either a resource drop-site or a civ-center/barracks/fortress/etc. And if that fails, then we surrender. (When we have no units that can capture buildings AND we can't make units that can capture.)
  12. Personally, if I found an unfinished temple out in the wilderness, I'd try and repair it It would be pretty cool IMO to have unfinished buildings scattered very rarely. Like Gaia-owned capture-able buildings.
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