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  1. Friday night release, maybe ???
  2. Amazing work with the new Sound system. Anxious to test it in the XI Alpha.
  3. Another that could help to translate the game into spanish (Spain).
  4. Look great. Could be a part for an improved download page.
  5. I think they should introduce before Japan or Scandinavian faction than Lusitans. There are some much factions and son much artwork to be done to create a new faction. But would be a great idea create a pledgie to accumulate money to add new faction and accelerate the creation process.
  6. (Spanish) Si, es una idea que siempre eche de menos cuando juegue al AoE y que me gustaría mucho ver en 0 ad. Que gusto ver españoles comentando en este foro. ¿De donde sois? Yo de Zaragoza, España. (English) Totally agree with the idea.
  7. I agree The Crokked Philosopher's ideas. Yeah, that's are options I play in Command & Conquer and Starcraft. The option will be not have the option to create a great amount of spies, the spy/sabotage and more only could be done with one man/woman. Only when this spy is dead you could create another.
  8. 0 ad part1 is milestone for Beta 1 or if a new milestone for alpha 12 ???? Looks great. P.D. Looking the table, whats the meaning of WIP ??? Ok, it's Work In Progress.
  9. That's a great idea for me. Some sliding panels would be great. A good combination of fix panel and sliding ones i think could be the best solution. A good tech tree sounds great.
  10. +1. That's would be very useful info. Good idea. In which game the miniMAP is on the right side ???? Or are you lefty ???
  11. Thank you for your great effort. My 2008 MBP doesn't allow me to compile this huge project. One simple question: Did you made newer compilation than v11843 ??? Incluiding new sound system or it's to early to talk about sound in Mac version ??? Play the game on mac without sound it's to weird.
  12. I like the original mockup because the info it's very clear. I would change the minimap to the left size and the tools to the right side. Talking about the shapes and contours of the GUI, it's so square for me, could be some round parts to let see more map parts. The división between taps for tech, training and the other thing (i can't see what it's is) it's a good option to organize all the stuff. Nowadays GUI it's so square too, looks like a square and rectangles. I think the base it's good but need to be polish. Will be good to split today GUI in miniMAP (right) and tools (left) with a clear space between them. Nice to see the developer team thinks GUI needs improvements.
  13. The problem with lag and high CPU load it's the pathfinding algorithm and because the game it isn't split in threads to use the power of two, four or more cores than nowadays computers have. But before split game parts into threads it's importante focus on implement new things and new features on the game.
  14. Sorry, an stupid question, this new sound system will work on OS X ???? OS X version still haven't sound and music. Thanks for your great work.
  15. Happen everytimes i try to play the game. For me the game never goes laggy. I don't know how to reproduce it because always works like i said.
  16. Continue this topic with the bugs i found playing this amazing game. First of all, I play the mac version, nowadays without sound. That's not a bug beacause i know the team is working on a new sound system. Bug list: - When you start a game with single player (against IA bot) i can't change my civ. I think i'm stupid not discovering how to do it and i think it's posible but it's not so clear how to do it. - When you are playing the menu button doesn't work, or the menu button work when you click it ten times. - In the game. When you are under attack, your workers cannot go into your buildings. In AO you can play a bell and all your workers you to your town hall. For 0 AD i think you must put a bell action and the works could go to any of your buildings, not only the town hall. - There is no Barrack building to train your soldiers. Train it in the town hall it's so weird. - Train cavalry in your town hall is not an option, It only must be in the stable. - The requirements for units and buildings need hignlight, is written with the same colour and the same font size than the other info. Must be in the first line, another info is secundary i think. - When you move your troops there isn't a destiny's mark when you click its destination if it isn't an enemy. Will be great see a mark when you move and see this mark when you select your moving troops. An Extra will be see the path they are following. - Workers must be women and men. If you only put women, the game will be so sexist. You can put some different characteristics between them. More effort and storage for women and more health and fighting damage for men. Thank you for create this great game.
  17. The game works fine in OS X 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro 4.1 with Core 2 Duo 2.5 Ghz and 4 Gb Ram. CPU load it's about 50-60% when game is running, lower than in alpha 9. Problem: In game problem with the MENU button, when you put your cursor over the button you can see the animation but when you click sometimes doesn't happen.
  18. Nice to ear about new sound system. I will re-donate some money if you need to contract a developer for the new sound system. Great work. The game development go in the right direction.
  19. That's a stupid thing. The icon is beautiful like its today with transparency.
  20. Game works fine on my MBP 4,1 from 2008 with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and 4Gb of RAM. 80% of CPU used during game execution. Game runs fluently, no sound (normal i know developers are changing the sound system to put it right with OpenAL), no apuses and the games menu runs smoothly and right.
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