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  1. Thank you for your great work. Downloading. I will test the game under mac and will tell here all the thing or bug i detect in the game. Thanks another time.
  2. Please in contributos change my name because there is orthographic error. Jorge Vega Sánchez instead of Jorge Sánchez Thanks
  3. Great Work !! Sounds really good your patch and maybe in alhpa #10 0 ad could have the first oficial mac release. Now a question: In Lion you play 0 ad with sound ??
  4. Great work. All the content in a folder. Works on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 but when you launch the game i can see many lines with errors and the game start to works slowly. Unique great problem, game has no sound(no background music and no sound effect). Detail needed: nice icon. But also great work, it goes on the right way.
  5. You are doing a great work. I suggest Wildfire Games create another pledgie to contribute to paid a couple of developers to adapt knowadays code to create Mac binaries for Snow Leopard and Lion. We are in 8 Alpha version and still without an stable Mac version.
  6. Doesn't work with Snow Leopard 10.6.8, try to create a window but the app closes throwing a window with error messages.
  7. Any improvement to play 0ad under OS X. Any DMG file of Alpha 4 to test it. Thanks for your amazing work.
  8. Good. Work. I tested your lastest release on my MAC with SL 10.6.6. Game works. Sounds doesn't work and there is problems with the mouse when you select a human and want to move to cut a tree. I think Mac release already needs a lot of works. But future is amazing for this game.
  9. MAC (Intel & PowerPC) Leopard and Snow Leopard. Ubuntu Linux too.
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