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  1. There should be rigorous debate. If you look back in trac at some of the least popular changes, those were the changes that typically had the least discussion or where dissenting opinions where just outright ignored. Disagree on each version of the community mod being disliked. To be honest, all the versions before 26.6 were pretty widely liked at initial release and those changes are still widely approved of. There are mechanisms to reverse changes. Indeed, we appear to be in the midst of changes with buildingAI and melee rebalance.
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  2. make in-game change list and we gonna get fine..
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  3. Members of Balancing team are a fight between each other about what w and what not to change . No wonder every new 0ad version and evey comunity mod is instantly dissliked by both newbs and pros
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  4. Not that hard, but a little still. For all templates with the garrison component, for all actors of those templates if there is no garrisoned variant then you have a missing flag. Then for all the dae files referenced in that actor you need to ensure they have a prop-garrisonedYYY else the model needs to be adjusted. Something like that <node id="prop-box_02" name="prop-box_02" type="NODE"> <matrix sid="transform">-1.62921e-7 -1 0 -0.8 1 -1.62921e-7 0 -0.08623493 0 0 1 3.79285e-4 0 0 0 1</matrix> </node> https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/art/meshes/props/box_pile_01.dae#L71 Else you can convince someone to rewrite the system so that the prop point(s) is/are set in the templates instead and convince that person to extract all the data from those nodes and put them in the templates instead. This way adding a flag will be easier for you (Also you can change the civ depending on the owner )
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  5. @hamdich I think they are instantly disliked just because of human discomfort with change. For instance, some players told me the game was broken because I made cavalry archers OP in 26.6 (I made them much weaker).
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