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    • @Flavius Aetius Interesting... I'm curious about the Yuezhi and how they relate to the other steppe people. Also about the relation between the Xiongnu and the later Mongols. Have you seen the mod Terra Magna which already features a playable Xiongnu civ. 
    • That's one pretty ship! Looks really great... Thank you! That's one less thing to think about for the Kushites  
    • Ho boy, So as an actual Hun Historian let's clear up a few things: 1. The Xiongnu and the Huns were the same people. The word has a Yeniseian and Old Turkic mixed origin as it relates to both the ruling dynasty of the Xiongnu (a Yeniseian people) and the Old Turkic name for the Ongi River in Mongolia. We don't know what it means other than that it was a dynastic name. Xiongnu is pronounced "Hongna" and was transmitted over the Himalayas or via sea trade to India and transliterated into Sanskrit, before coming up from India into Sogdian, and then spreading into Bactrian Greek as Ounna, where it became Ounnoi in Roman Greek (Romeika), and then Hunni in Latin. 2. The Huns themselves are directly related. Huns can be identified by the Haplogroup Q-M242. Some of you here might know that's weird because Q-M242 is Native American DNA. It's also Yeniseian DNA, with the Kettic people having the highest concentration at 99%, and high concentrations east into Beringia, where the Yeniseians and the Dene people separated about 18,000 years ago. However, the majority of the Huns that entered Europe were not Yeniseian although most had some percentage of Yeniseian DNA and ancestry. They also no longer spoke Yeniseian (Xiongnu), but now spoke Oghuric Turkic, with many Yeniseian loanwords, and this was the language the Romans identified as Hunnic and the people the Romans called Hunnic. They were the same identity as Xiongnu, but with many changes since the days of Modun Chanyu in the 3rd century BC. 3. If you're considering Steppe Nomad factions, then they should be: Scythians (who are related to the Karluk people) Sarmatians/Alans (Also Indo-Iranian nomads like the Scythians) Xiongnu/Huns (The same people, effectively. The last of the Yeniseian nomads and the first of the Turkic-speaking nomads). 4. If you have questions I can probably answer any of them about the Huns and I know a lot about the Alans too (Scythian is a bit beyond my usual area but I know more than most). I haven't bothered to read all of this thread but feel free to ask.
    • I tried to use the mauryan worker elephant and 8 citizen soldiers to form a woodcutting task force on a map with single trees evenly spaced (sahel kind of map). I selected the soldiers and rightclicked on a tree. Then I selected the elephant and G-rightclicked on one of the soldiers. It sort of worked; the elepant followed the workers to the tree, and when it was depleted, to the next tree. However, there were 2 issues: 1. The elephant does not go close enough to the tree, so the soldiers have to carry the wood needlessly far. (If the soldier that the elephant is set to follow happens to go to the far side of the tree to find a place to chop, that will make the elephant go closer.) 2. Eventually the soldiers will disagree which tree to chop next. They will diverge and those that do not agree with the one that has the elephant following him will have to walk furter and further. Any ideas how to make this smarter? Following someone closer is perhaps just a matter of changing a magic number somewhere. Telling a soldier to follow another soldier that is chopping wood just makes the first soldier stand nearby and watch. Maybe follow should be interpreted as "follow and do whatever he does". When selecting the next tree, maybe take the distance to the nearest dropsite into consideration? (Now it just seems to select the closest tree from where the soldier was standing when he chopped the previous tree.)
    • @stanislas69 Because reShade is open source, I think the 0 A.D. development team can incorporate its anti-aliasing SMAA code into the 0 A.D.