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Cool! I Have Reached <variable> Rep!

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Since rep is back and we are starting to use it, I got the okay from Tim to re-create this thread . (y)

For this don't post every time you get a new rep +.

Only post when you reach one of the following levels:

Neutral -- 0

Notable -- 5

Respectable -- 10

Commendable -- 20

Splendid -- 30

Admirable -- 40

Distinguished -- 50

Illustrious -- 60

Spectacular -- 70

Glorious -- 80

Renowned -- 90

Beyond Repute -- 100

Marvellous -- 110

Tremendous -- 120

Sensational -- 130

Extraordinary -- 140

And if you pass Unequaled we'll have to start brain storming for new names. :)

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Oh yes! I have 3 rep. Lol. Tim will probably be the first one to reach unequal! He did it last time. lol. :D

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